1. kesavaross

    Pyramids: Why Were They Widespread / Worldwide?

    It's worth remembering also there are numerous other pyramids in many other countries ranging from huge to small. What was their purpose? Was it the same as the ones in Egypt or different?
  2. altered_boy

    Alaska's Underground 'Dark Pyramid'

    Anyone heard of this before? It's the legend of a pyramid underground, like 90 miles west of Denali in Alaska. Its supposed to be 4x the size of Giza, and produces enough electromagnetic energy to power north America if it could be harnessed properly. It's something that has initially been...
  3. EnolaGaia

    Large Ancient 'Pyramid' Structure In Indonesia (Mount Padang)

    This is an odd earthen structure that seems to be artificial, layered, and quite old. This doesn't seem to be just a figment of someone's imagination like the alleged pyramids in Bosnia. It's not symmetrical like Egyptian or Mayan pyramids, but it appears to be deliberately built. FULL STORY...
  4. Kingsize Wombat

    Mystery At Yonaguni: 10,000-Year-Old Pyramid & City Off The Japanese Coast?
  5. Ascalon

    The Great Pyramid Yields Secret Gallery

    Khufu's pyramid has been shown to contain a massive void, the 'size of an airliner', according to researchers.
  6. Jon Russ

    Need Help The Pyramid of Giza

    Hi, I have built a 3D interactive model of the pyramid of Giza, but I really need help for content writing. The model has the correct dimensions and angles etc, but I wanted to make a training video or write content to better explain how the pyramid came to be as it is. Does anyone know someone...
  7. Yithian

    The Pyramid on the Prairie: Nekoma, North Dakota

    Summary: the afterlife of decommissioned military base in the hands of a pacifist religious sect. Fantastic photographs at the link. The pyramid at the end of the world In rural North Dakota, a small county and an insular religious sect are caught in a stand-off over a decaying piece of...
  8. blessmycottonsocks

    Can Mother Nature Produce A Convincing Pyramid?

    Hardly a week goes by without some lurid pseudo-science story about the discovery of ancient pyramids where conventional history tells us they should not exist. From Antarctica ... To Bosnia ... To the Atlantic ocean off The Azores... and even...
  9. FrKadash

    Welsh Pyramid Discovery, 1968

    There was an interesting interview a while back by Richard D. Hall with a man who claimed to have unearthed a strange pyramid whilst working with a labouring crew on road construction in Garndiffaith, Wales back in 1968. The guy seems quite genuine in the video...
  10. Yithian

    Pyramids In The Everglades

    Follow the link for intriguing illustrations.
  11. A

    Pyramids and the Pleiades

    I recently discovered some interesting correlations between major pyramids of Egypt and the star group the Pleiades, the "Seven Hathors" of the ancient Egyptians. Hathor was a goddess of the dead and had statues in Giza, including ones with her and Menkaure together. Here are some images...
  12. I

    Great Pyramid and the Axis of the Earth

    anyone read this superb article on the Graham Hancock website some fascinating geometric stuff concerning the pyramid. have a look.
  13. ramonmercado

    The Ancient Kingdom Of Kush (Sudan) ... -nile.html Link is dead. The first portion of the story (only) can be accessed via the Wayback Machine:
  14. K

    European Pyramids (Including the Bosnian Ones)

    Source 8)
  15. K

    Rock Lake Pyramids (Wisconsin; Native American Structures?) Link is dead. The full article (including notes on the author and the book) can be accessed via the Wayback Machine:
  16. K

    Egyptian Archaeology: Projects, Discoveries & Findings
  17. A

    Italian Pyramids? Link is dead. No archived version found.
  18. A

    The 'Chirping' Pyramid

    'Singing like a canary'
  19. A

    The Pyramids Of Giza

    The Great Pyramid Anyone got any more info on this subject?. I'm not totally clear, but I recall reading something to suggest that a secret door was to be opened to 1998 that would hopefully reveal the hall of records.
  20. A

    Pyramids Around The Pacific

    We have a stepped pyramid at Gympie Qld,with Phonesian urns etc turning up and ancient gold scrapes where gold was extracted.Aboriginal legends tell of white culture heros who mined the gold and were corrupted by it,and disapeared across the seas.Has any one heard of any Pacific Ocean...
  21. U

    Pyramids' Powers (Pyramid Power; Pyramidology)

    I noticed in the latest issue of FT there is an ad for a pyramid kit. I've heard before about various strange powers that pyramids are supposed to have such as sharpening razor blades, keeping things fresh etc. Has anyone here experimented with pyramids? If so, what was the result? Or...
  22. A

    Those Chinese Pyramids

    Didn't know where to put this, but can anyone help with some good archaeological info on the Chinese pyramids (or "mounds" as they are officially described)? The white pyramid is of particular interest, being 1000 feet high, over twice the size of the Great Pyramid at Gizeh, the biggest man made...