1. lordmongrove

    Uncanny (BBC Programme / Podcast)

    New wireless series, Uncanny, this episode features the brilliant Peter Laws.
  2. GerdaWordyer

    I Miss Art Bell

    The "After Dark" radio show seems to have devolved into a conspiracy loons arena. But I was hoping that since it's October they would have more spooky topics, but so far, no ghostie or EVP shows. It seems to have a more political righty bent too. And it's loaded with those Carnvora infomercials...
  3. F

    BBC Radio Programme On Charles Fort

    Tomorrow night (Thur 21st Dec) I'm giving an interview on BBC Radio Wales' "Adam and Mal Show" about Charles Fort; probably discussing his life, work and relevence today. The show starts at 8pm, and I'm on around 8.15. You can listen to the show online (whether you're in the UK or not) at...
  4. O

    Vintage / Old Time Radio (Programs; Collecting; Etc.)

    From my collecting and archiving of recorded broadcasts from the "Golden Age" of radio, the 1920s through the late 1950s. Mostly American but some BBC stuff too. I started at age 18 in the early 1960s but the OTR avocation didn't become popular until around 15 years ago.
  5. A

    Charles Fort & Cordelia Stevens

    I am researching a radio play based on Charles Fort's time in London. The premise of the story is that while Fort was doing research at the British Library, he became involved with a librarian called Cordelia Stevens who claimed to be hearing ghostly voices in her apartment. I would be...
  6. A

    The Woman In Black On Radio 4

    That wonderful ghost story The Woman In Black is on Radio 4 at 2.30 pm today (Saturday). and you can listen to it on the Internet for the next week.
  7. G

    Shortwave Number Stations

    has anyone ever heard a number station broadcasting? in case you're wondering what a number station is, here is a link: