sleep deprivation

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    Sleep Deprivation

    No sleep means no new brain cells Missing out on sleep may cause the brain to stop producing new cells, a study has suggested. The work on rats, by a team from Princeton University found a lack of sleep affected the hippocampus, a brain region involved in forming memories. The research...
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    Sleep Deprivation Survey (Poll)

    Ok, what are your experiences of sleep and sleep deprivation. What's the longest anyone here has slept for? What's the longest you've gone without sleep for? What symptoms of sleep deprivation have you experienced? Have any of you experienced sleep paralysis, reccurring dreams, sleep...
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    Sleep Deprivation: A Modern Plague?

    The more we do the less we sleep. In the modern world the presures of work and leasure are squeasing out sleep. If you need proof you only have to look at the times some of us are awake and posting to the message boards. We deprive ourselves of sleep willingly and often look on time asleep...