sleep paralysis

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    Adventures In Sleep Paralysis

    First post...please be gentle A few years back I was suffering from a bout of depression. My doctor decided to change the medication I was on for something “newer”. A few days later my next door neighbour (lovely but very religious in the speaking in tongues and falling down with the holy...
  2. J

    Sleep Paralysis: Abductions, Demons, Spirits or Crazy?

    I have experienced what in most scientific communities is considered an event that happens and is caused by the brain during times of coming out of your beta/alpha/delta stages of sleep into consciousness again. To those of whom have experienced this, it is quite unbecoming and definitely not...
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    'Flying' in your sleep may be a paralysis ... leep06.xml maximus otter
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    Sleep Paralysis In a Dream Within A Dream

    thought i'd put this in here as i couldn't find a thread for nested dreams/dreams within dreams (merge away if there is one) and it's odd enough i didn't think it would sit well in either the 'vanilla' dreams or sp threads. Last night i was having a dream where i was in a cinema, don't recall...
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    From Fango: Official site:
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    I have just read with interest several postings on here about sleep paralysis, and people describing their experiences with it. This is most interesting, because I have had sleep paralysis several times in my life, since childhood. Let me elucidate... During childhood, I often used to dream...
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    Sleep Paralysis Or Ghostly Apparition?

    ack in Christmas 2001, on the night of 27th/28th December, I had been watching the TV and had fallen asleep on the lounge sofa, however, my wife being sensible had gone to bed long before. I eventually awoke early in the morning, around 05:00 with a stiff neck, and decided that I had better go...
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    Classic Archive Merged: Sleep Paralysis?

    Maryanna Axson In Savannah, Georgia (USA) sometime around February of 2001, a friend of mine and I had been out dancing and I was spending the night at her house (as was our usual custom on Thursday nights). I had spent the night countless other times (both before and since) and have never...