strange deaths

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    Dangerous Vanity: Selfie-Related Deaths & Critical Injuries

    Not often I feel so little sympathy. Idiot.
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    Strange Deaths Books

    Is anyone else buying these? I bought the second volume yesterday, and received some strange looks as I read it on the bus home.
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    Close Calls With Strange Deaths

    Some people come very clsoe to making into the starnge deaths column but they clearly not trying too hard. Anyway............,4057,7610437%5E26462,00.html Jackass wannabes beware - those guys do have advisors and back up when it comes to their...
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    Should There Be A 'Strange Deaths' Section?

    Doesn't it just exploit for entertainment people's horrendous and humiliating demises?
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    Musicians / Actors / Artists Dying During Performances Or Productions

    On a topical note, the late actress/singer Aaliyah hits the cinema screens soon in the US starring as a vampire in Queen of the Damned. This seems to have resonances of Brandon Lee reappearing in The Crow as an undead character out for revenge. I was wondering if there are any other examples of...
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    Strange Deaths

    Strange deaths - by chainsaw thanks Uncle Bulgaria