1. milk23

    Mental Issues & Tea Consumption: Tea As Medicine / Placebo?

    Of the three individuals I have known closely in my life to have suffered from actual mental disorders (ranging from mild to full sectioning) they have all shared an almost maniacal consumption of tea. I first noticed this when a new friend to me brought cup after cup of tea in huge mugs...
  2. O

    The Tea Thread

    Multiple vintage threads about tea have now been consolidated into this single compendium thread. This thread's contents aren't particularly 'Fortean', but they do concern Food & Drink. Doing a title search on 'tea' may or may not lead you to this thread (owing to the short search term)...
  3. A


    I was chatting to a Mormon this morning (not dificult i know) anyway i managed to find out that he knew nothing of the "problems" in Salt Lake city despite being for there what with the odd car bomb and recent Mormon masacre int the 1800's discoveries... i wasnt trying to upset him just wanting...