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the united kingdom

  1. CharmerKamelion

    UFO Over Edinburgh On ITN News? [5 May 2021]

    Hi guys. Did anyone see the ITN News at Ten tonight? That is on Wednesday 5th May. I ask because a few minutes into the programme (just moments after the headlines and title music) they cut away from the newsreader Tom Bradby (live from Edinburgh) to pan across the night sky above Edinburgh and...
  2. Kondoru


    I attend Plymouth Uni these days and the city is kind of growing on me. (Though I do not live there) Anything Foretean? Of course, a city that celebrates Brutalist Archictecture is odd in itself.
  3. M

    Nuclear-Era Civil Defence Measures In The UK

    http://www.cybertrn.demon.co.uk/atomic/index.htm A full transcript for those who haven't seen it before :D Full instructions of what do in a nuclear war situayion, as issued by the thatcher government, plus some other stuff. enjoy.
  4. A

    Which Town/Village Is The Most Haunted In The UK?

    See topic. :)