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    'Big Bird' (Thunderbird) Sightings

    HELLO! What is the latest that anyone has read or heard about regarding reports or sightings of "BIG BIRDS" (Thunderbirds)??
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    Thunderbird(?) Snatches Boy (Lawndale, Illinois; July 1977)

    {Pterosaurs ... } are not to be confused with the thunderbirds, which have essentially been proven (among cryptozoologist academics) to follow a specific migratory patter throughout the year. They frequent the north-east, especially. They are not pterosaurs, but appear to be surviving remnants...
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    The Legendary Thunderbird Photo

    Thunderbird Photograph - discovered. Ladies. Gentlemen. This is truly a solemn and wonderful occasion for all of us with an interest in cryptozoology. For decades, its existence has been both rumored and doubted. Some people have remembered having seen it. Investigations took place, magazines...