time slip

  1. M

    Time Slip At A Football Game

    I distinctly remember a supernatural incident that happened to me many years ago. It happened on 16th October 1982. In those days I worked as a stage manager for the Welsh theatre company, Theatr Clwyd. We were doing a production of She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith at the Grand Theatre...
  2. Human_84

    Time Slips: Physical Locations & Boundaries

    Amidst all the discussion and extrapolation ..., had anyone realized that during these supposed "time slips" one doesn't ever escape until one crosses a sort of invisible but very physical line separating the time slip experience with the "real" world? The two couples at the inn had an entire...
  3. A

    Four Famous Time-Slips Explained By Physics

    Dear Friends I’m very pleased to inform those who are interested in time-slips, that I just published here https://www.academia.edu/35526326/Are_Perceptions_of_TimeSlips_Explainable_by_Quantum_Mechanics_as_Random_Time-Solitons_a new study, in which I deeply analyzed – as a physicist – 4 of the...
  4. A

    Time Or Dimensional Slips

    Does anybody know if there is any truth in the concept of time-slips? where people have claimed to have found themselves unexpectedly living in a period of the past for a few hours. There is a really popular story from the last 70s about two british couples who drive through france to spain...
  5. liveinabin

    Time Slip??? (Side Effects of Memory Loss / Disruption)

    I heard a programme on Radio 4 on sunday about memory loss. They were talking to two women whose husbands had both suffered from memory loss. One man had forgot most of his life but also had only a 30 second or so short term memory. The other mans story though was (I'm my opinion) the most...