1. Victory

    Does Phone Ring When You Start An Activity?

    I have noticed that on many occasions, within 10 seconds of starting an important activity, or a task, or sitting down at the computer to do something I had not been able to do until that point on that day, my phone will ring or I will receive a text message. I do not receive too many calls or...
  2. S

    Time To Pause And Ask A Question Of Relativity

    A Question. And something to think about that we all see, and use, yet take for granted every single day of our lives: Is time only relative to the distance that it travels? Or is it only relative to the point (the moment in time) at which it is observed? For instance; think of a clock face...
  3. A

    Time, Temporality & Perceptions Thereof: What Are They?

    ....Time is relative. That is to say, a second to your good self, may seem to be ten seconds to me ( unless time is being measured of course, stop watch or what not !!! ) If you watched me sleeping for an hour, I may wake up thinking I've only slept for ten minutes. Again, unless the time span...