1. definitelymaybe

    "Emily": Marooned Extraterrestrial Creates Artwork At Area 51

    Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Read the full article here... Enjoy....... https://www.ufocasebook.com/2021/extraterrestrial-created-works-of-art-at-area-51.html Huge metallic flying saucer hovering..... A plume of thick black smoke was bellowing out from the back...
  2. definitelymaybe

    'Emily' — 1960s Report Of Alien Abduction With Photographs

    This is Emily's latest offering... Or as I prefer to describe it, her latest piece of Art. If you are reading this Emily? I just wanted to say that I get it (unlike a lot of other people). It was Picasso who said "GOOD artists copy, but GREAT artists steal". Anyway here is the link below...
  3. definitelymaybe

    " Emily " - Government Experiments With UFOs Aliens & Animals

    WARNING! The photographs on this page may be unsettling to some, as they show living, deformed animals. Caution before you proceed. Just read this, the latest offering from Emily. Very interesting, strange and bizarre. One day he and his team had a meeting with a trusted contact of theirs...
  4. definitelymaybe

    " Emily " - The Men In Black

    Just read this great story, very interesting, a good topic for a debate about these strange characters and their activities. I left the bottom section out as it's posted on the other link as an update, see...
  5. Tempest63

    UFO Over India

    Locals fear a UFO seen over India may be an out of control Chinese Longmarch 5B rocket which is falling at 4 miles per second. It is reported that it could fall on a number of cities https://apple.news/A9JShppoaTMmkh00ip7czQw
  6. definitelymaybe

    Photograph Of UFOS Taken During Rendlesham Forest Incident Finally Made Public

  7. Vardoger

    UFO Supposedly Crashed In Brazil

    A lot of reports about a UFO crashing and several UFO witness reports in Brazil. Most info is on social media. https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/pkyy5g/ufo-over-mage-brazil-sparks-social-media-panic-and-conspiracies
  8. C

    Latin American UFO (-Related) Cults & Sects

    I was having a conversation with Professor Lupercio (Mayor of Olinda) and decided to ask him about UFO sects in the military dictactorship time in Brazil. He said he had no idea about how much, or how they work, but he said he was presented a IML document about a man named Luciano Batista...