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    The Hiper Bompreço Self-Immolator

    This urban legend is local to me. As a resident of Olinda, everytime I read it I get more intrigued and sad. Information: The Hiper Bompreço self-immolator was an entity seen by several witnesses on August 20, 2019. A redditor named "PedroFindAGrave" posted a message into the...
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    The Original 'Whale Tumour' Story?

    OK- I have heard this given as an alternative name for ULs, sometimes with the elaboration that it dates from WW2 (I think...), but I've never heard the actual tale. Does anyone know it?
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    Don't Touch That Dial...Or Else (TV-Related Urban Legends)

    I'm currently very interested in Television related ULs. No, not the scandal ridden versions (involving lifts and female newscasters generally) that nearly got the TV Cream list shut down earlier this year, but something a little more esoteric. I'm after odd stories relating to the mechanics...