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vanishing people

  1. Yithian

    The Lady Vanishes: Park Crescent, West London (Christmas Eve 1959)

    Not a lot to go on, but the author seems to be Lucian Landau, psychic investigator, medium, dowser and condom pioneer! I'm on a phone at the moment. Can anybody rustle up an image of the location?
  2. BlackPeter

    Seeing A Person Disappear

    Just two days ago had a very odd experience, I was standing outside a charity shop waiting for my partner (she deals in antique bits and pieces so I spend quite a lot of time doing this) in South Molton in Devon there were very few people about as weather was not great. As I was standing there I...
  3. Min Bannister

    People Witnessed Spontaneously Vanishing

    There have been a few stories of people being seen in a field, falling over and vanishing before they hit the ground haven't there? Scarey.:eek: They're meant to have been taken by the fairies I think.
  4. A

    People Who Are Discovered Or Re-Surface After Long Disappearances

    Here’s an old Worcestershire story about an alleged re-appearance (this is the short York-notes style version). Sir John Attwood, a 14th century knight, was captured during the Crusades and imprisoned. Back at home, his wife waited. And waited. And waited. One morning, shortly after she’d...