A Tidal Wave Of Narcissists?


Ephemeral Spectre
Aug 23, 2021
Albuquerque, NM,U.S.A.
Jeez, speaking of narcissists, I just got a call from a ex - neighbor and ex-"friend" after several years, to ask me if I would rent my mobile home, that she trashed, to some guy she knows because his rent went up 80%. The mobile home has not been occupied in more than 15 years, she has a bunch of junk stored there that she has not removed even though I told her many times since 2012 to remove it. Mice have moved in because she stored food and wool clothes, and god only knows what else, but I am supposed to clean it up and rent it out. I told her no, it is not livable and I don't have the time or energy to make it livable so she said well, the guy is 73 and in really good shape, he could clean it up for you. Good Lord! now that is a narcissist. Someone who wants everyone else to solve her and her friends problems. She is so narcissitic she doesn't even relaize I dumped her years ago. I gave up 5 years ago of ever getting her to get up there and get her stuff out.