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Anyone Seen A Ghost?

Curzone said:
Anyway, one morning we woke up to see my mum, dressed in a long white robe, glide into the room as if she was being pulled along on roller skates. She looked at us, smiled serenely, then hid behind the curtains. She said nothing during the encounter.

I have this strange childhood memory of my mother coming to my bedroom door in a long dress with an elaborate hair-do of Victorian type ringlets (this was the 1970s so such cloths and hair would not have been impossible), she asked me a question along the lines of "how do you like this" to which I replied I didn't and she returned (so I thought) a few minutes later with her normal slacks and jumper and urchin cut, not remembering anything of her first appearance. I don't think she did a quick change unless she used to keep a hairdresser stashed in the wardrobe! She did have a wig but it wasn't anything like the odd style she came in with.

Odd really. I sometimes wonder if I saw "a ghost" which I mistook for my mother. I didn't feel scared at the time.

I am sat alone in the house reading other peoples ghost stories and I have just jumped out of my skin (not literaly, that would be messy) as something just went crash behind me....

looking out of the window I now realise it was some one posting a leaflet through the letter box!

oooh my first post! *ahem*
i aint seen a ghost but i have felt there presense.
but my mum said she was sitting in bed reading a book and out no where her cupbord started shaking viontly. and i would of been shitting myself if that happened to me but my mum just went back to reading her book! lol. also she said the ghost might of been a transvestite ghost trying to get her knickers!! lol bless that mother of mine!
Saw one today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd forgotten this until now!

At 2pm today in my home town I was in the car, BF driving, when I noticed a lad of about 14 walking towards us on the pavement.

Thin, but healthy-looking, blond, hooped-pattern t-shirt, chinos or similar trousers, carrying jacket over left shoulder.

Then pop! He was gone, before my eyes. No gateway, alley, door to bolt into, and anyway he didn't even turn and I didn't blink, just- gone.
I'm delighted, not having seen anything like this for a while.

(We were incidentally travelling slowly as a police car was parked a little distance back, near a car which had obviously had a front-end collision!)
I dont know whether you can call it a ghost that I have encountered.

But many years ago I sadly lost a son....he was 3mths old(a cot death)...life goes on. A year or so later I *dreamt* that I was talking to 2 men and one of them was holding my son I asked to hold him and was told "no,we have only come back to show you his o.k" he went on to say that if I did hold my son I would find it to difficult to hand him back.

These two men I felt I should of known....but to this day I'm really not sure on who they were.

Was this my subconscious trying to make things easy for me.....or did I actually encounter a ghost.
It is almost certainly your son as links between family are very strong. The two men could have been members of your family too which is why they felt familiar to you. It was to show you that he was safe and on the other side and to help your mourning. On a lighter note, my mother, who was a very strong woman always said she would come back and be around for us after she died. We could often smell her perfume "June" and a year after she died I was sleeping and I suddenly heard her voice shouting my name. I jumped up and ran round thinking she was warning me, I checked the fire in the kitchen (an old range) I checked both my children - fast alseep. Uneasily, I went back to sleep. In the morning I rang my neice and told her,
"you realise it was the aniversery of her death yesterday, don't you" she said. I had forgotten, mum was obviously annoyed. I block out most spiritual things but mum still manages to let me know either via someone else or in some way that she is still around when I am upset or troubled. By the way, you psychics in England, hasn't this last full moon been powerful!! Have you felt it? What's happening?
rosemary kind said:
By the way, you psychics in England, hasn't this last full moon been powerful!! Have you felt it? What's happening?
Could you expand on this? What did you feel?

And why England in particular? The Moon would be full over half the Earth at a time (and almost full over the other half, either a few hours earlier or later).
sorry, half the world then, its pressure, lots of pressure. Not able to sleep. Feeling things (spooks) trying to get in. I resist psychic contact but these last few days it feels as there were so many, I wondered if there was something going on. Is it just here? perhaps this place and time was important or have other people felt it generally. A full moon seems to strengthen psychic activity.
Well, I'll continue with more on our ghost experiences..

Another time my fiancee and I were staying at her parents place.
We were sleeping in the same room (my Fiancee's old bedroom).
We were both sleeping in her old double bed and our 1 year old child (at the time) was sleeping in a cot about 2 metres to the right of our bed.
The bedroom is quite long and wide, goes back about 10 metres and is about 5 metres wide, we were sleeping at one end of the bedroom, next to the door which goes out to a landing and a set of stairs down.

Anyway, I woke up at some extremely early hour of the morning and my Fiancee was still asleep.
I could feel something in the room and looked to the right.

This time I could see what looked like the same female figure, she looked quite young, with the same light coloured hair and wearing a white shift again..

She sort of appeared out from the back of the room and there was sort of faint, red light pulsating from the back of the room (there's was no lamps on in the bedroom, but there was moonlight coming in from the windows and there's a floodlight (not red) outside which has motion sensors on it (it wasn't on at the time).

Then she started walking towards me, and finally she walked in between me and our child sleeping in his cot.
At this point our baby started moving around in his cot and moaning a bit.

The woman just looked at me, I didn't feel she was bad or anything, but I was naturally pretty concerned that this was happening.

The room was still very dark too, even with the red light, which I could see, but it didn't really illuminate the room, although I could fairly clearly see the woman.
I didn't say anything , as I was pretty scared.

So, the next thing I did was shake my fiancee awake.
She woke up pretty quickly and I said there was something in the room. (at this point I wasn't looking at the woman).

She said she couldn't see anything and then said , "turn on the bedside lamp", when I turned around again, (waking her up and the conversation took maybe about 10 - 15 seconds, probably less) the woman wasn't there....neither was the red light.
Anyway, I flipped the switch on the bedside lamp and the bulb blew!.
We we both pretty scare at this point.
The next thing my fiancee said was, "Switch on the main light".

Of course I had to get out of bed to do this and I was pretty concerned, but, anyway, I steeled myself and stood up, walked beside the wall and felt around on the wall for the switch.
After about 5-6 seconds, I found it and prayed that it would work (even tho I'm not religious ;))...
I flipped the main switch and the main light .....and it worked!...
I went back to bed and discussed the whole event with my Fiancee in whispers, as our kid had stopped making noises and gone and we didn't want to wake him up.

Again, we didn't get much sleep that night.

We went home the next day and discussed it at home as well.
I've had experiences with ghosts and stuff in the past, so I had an idea on what to do about it and told her as such.
Now we had a plan.

But that's another story...:)
Interesting story Danskmacabre. What happend next? What was this plan of yours? Was it ever be put into effect and did it work? I'm interested so do please tell :)

Niles "fascinated" Calder
childs dream or visitation?

A strange thing happened to my daughter a few days ago.We were discussing angels and i asked my daughter if she had ever seen an angel?and her reply was quite astounding.She said that she saw an angel a few days ago in her bedroom and when i asked her if it was a boy or a girl angel she relied that it was grandad.Now her grandad(my wifes father) died just over a year ago and the kids never came to his funeral,as it was over 200 miles away.At 1st i thought she was just humouring me so knowing what he was buried in,i asked her what was grandad wearing wearing?to which she replied imediatley blue knitted cardigan,grey trousers and a white shirt,which very spookily was spot on!So then she was asked what shoes was grandad wearing?(now he wasn't wearing shoes he was wearing slippers)and she replied "don't be so silly,he was wearing his slippers not his shoes"which to be quite honest took me by complete surprise.Just as i was getting over the shock she said" and he's comming back in 3 weeks to see me again"well the 3 weeks is not quite here yet,but if there is anyone out there who has a similar experience or might be able to shed some light on the matter please let me know.Many thanks.:)
Darth Mcnasty-

I'd take note of when EXACTLY the 3 weeks will be up, and then- what? Keep your daughter at home? I don't know, but the whole story reminds me of too many ULs for comfort.

(I am naturally worried by angels as I was brought up to believe that they are actually dead people. Your daughter's tale has of course confirmed this for me.)

Johnnyboy - your comment about having a ghost blow in your right ear. This exact same thing happened to me while working at the post office in Crawley. I was standing with my back to a wall with some heavy plastic doors nearby and lots of activity going on around me (people sorting, moving parcels etc) when suddenly this 'something' blew in my ear. It wasn't a breeze and there definitely wasn't anyone next to me. In fact i remember looking quickly around and checking to see who did it - but there was absolutely no-one. I later found (and this is predictable, I'm afraid) that a man was crushed to death by a huge parcel-moving thing falling from a lorry and onto the platform - just outside where I was standing. Corny, I admit, but true (and at the time very very scary!).

when the 3 weeks is up,i will let you know what happens :)...looking forward to it( i think):)
For the befuddled, Darth's previous post on this subject (apparent angel visitor) is here

Interesting story, Darth - keep us posted.


mejane thanx for helping the befuddled with my incompetence,one day i will figure out how to use this message board properly lol,incidentally the 3 weeks ends on this forthcomming tuesday!!!:rolleyes: :confused: :p
Hi Darth.
I hope I didn't worry you about your daughter.
Little kids do prattle on and they often come out with things they've heard adults say.
Your daughter might have heard a neighbour explaining to the milkman that she will need more milk soon as her son's coming back in three weeks. And three weeks is an eternity to her!

I must admit that I'm superstitious about angels, having been taught that they are dead people revisiting!

There are ULs around about angels visiting children and promising to come back FOR THEM. I'm sure this isn't the case here.
I've told part of this story elsewhere on the boards, but...

I was staying the night at my sister and bro-in-law's new farm.
(New in the sense that they had just bought it a few weeks previously.)
During the night, I felt the dog laying on my feet, so I
kicked a bit (it didn't hurt, it was just annoying!) When
the dog didn't move, I sat up to yell at it...
there at foot of the bed sat a very sad-faced woman (she
reminded me of an Edward Gorey character.) Staring intently
at me... like she was trying to see who I was.
As I slipped my feet out from under her (no sign of the dog!)
she looked me in the eye, stood up and backed
away into the wall. (No floating, but a very "natural" motion.)

I sat there for a minute or two trying to digest what had happened... then fear kicked in! I immediately checked the
LED clock -- 3:30 am (of course!) Then I flipped on the bedside lamp and read until dawn.
I never spent another night there... and knowing how afraid
of this my sister would be, I decided not to say anything.

A few weeks later, she called to say that some strange things were happening... lights going on and off, whistling from the empty basement and books falling off the shelves. At that point I had to tell her why I left so abruptly on my previous trip.

They did do some investigating and actually found out
why this woman was hanging around... but they never
did anything about it, as far as I know!

For What its Worth --
Any more?

TV - would you be able to tell us more about this story - i.e. why the ghost was there? Good story, by the way. Excellent.
- Tony
I agree with tony, please don't leave us hanging...I haven't heard the end of danzmacabre's story yet either....rosemary
to finish my story

Thanks for the interest!

I actually contributed this part of the story to a different thread
discussing Automatic Writing.

My sister is difficult to figure out, in that she is a very gifted dowser (if anyone in the community needs a new well, she is the one they call,) has a rapport with animals and can, quite successfully, do automatic writing -- basically holding a pen and letting "whatever decides to answer" write on the paper.
But she is also terribly frightened by any
mention of the paranormal!
I've never figured out why.

Rather than being frightened by my revelation of
"you have a ghost in your house", she became intrigued and did some automatic writing. The first thing that appeared was the
name "May" or "Mayme" (the writing comes in a continuous line, so it is hard to make out.) After asking "what do you want",
there came the words "tell Matt", "cat", "woodshed" and "burn".
They knew that Matt was the old guy they had bought the farm from, but had no idea what the rest meant. To make a long story short, by asking questions, it appears that the woman was a sister to this Matt. He appeared to have "killed her cat in the woodshed".
(I took a more Freudian interpretation to this...
but let it go at that.)
She wanted the woodshed burnt down, and said she would
leave when that was done.

The first thing they did was visit some of the neighbors.
"Oh, yeah... there was a daughter -- her name was Mavis."
"Matt was a real S.O.B. to her... he was always fixing junk cars
and one day one of the batteries blew up and burned her good."
(Of course my bro-in-law was running a reconditioned car battery
business out of the barn -- one of the places where the lights
constantly turned on and off!)

Mavis had died in the early 1960's from cancer.

Her brother was a big, blond Finnish man... and I guess she was looking at me so intently, because that was my general description, too.
The only other guy with those features who stayed overnight
in that house woke up to the experience of something on his
chest not letting him breathe. At that point, he did not know
the story of the house.

My sister and her husband owned the house for less than a year,
but only one couple who were over-night guests saw "the woman in a housecoat" walking around their basement guest room at night.
They knew the story, and apparently Mavis left them alone!

When they moved away, (and after much debate) the woodshed was still there, and as far as anyone knows, so is Mavis.

Sorry this was so long!
Thanks, good one.

This house I live in is on the edge of a forest, we rescue horses and ponies and we have a cobbled yard, one of the barns is thatched and an old saxon road runs nearby and next to the house, there used to be a saxon barn, which has now fallen down. Some of the horses need overnight care and I'm often wandering about at night in the yard. I keep seeing flashes of light, like torchlight and perhaps sometimes it is deer poachers, but I rarely hear anything. Even deer poachers would have a job getting about in the thick undergrowth without making a sound. However the other night, there were lots of little sparkly lights by the stone byre quite close and they couldn't have been torches. The yard has good lighting, but there are shadowy bits. I know people see blue lights and things but these are like electricity, flashing on and off. Incidently, we are also quite near a plague buriel ground. Any ideas?

Marion said:
Could they be glow worms ? ( not disappointing - seeing them is just as cool as seeing a ghost ! ) They flash.

Do we have glow worms in England and do they live in forests? Just curious:)
So, any news....................?
I hope not.......................................
Could be, I suppose, we've got bats, hornets, owls and just about every other type of flying thing, I didn't think about glow worms, I'll ask the neighbours. That's great.... thanks, rosemary
Well here is another *story*. True it is

When I was young and I mean very young, may be about 5 - 6yrs old . May be younger.

My family had just moved into this house, we had the top floor of an old house in London.

The place was haunted. The first night I was there I slept in a *cot* and a young boy came into the bedroom dressed in a kilt and playing the bag pipes. At the time I was that young I decribed him as 'A boy in a dress'. It was my Dad that told my mother what I had saw.

In the same place. I remember seeing a man standing at the top of the attic stairs telling every one to stay away. What I did'nt know at the time was the old man had falling down the stairs and died.
More hospital ghosts.....


Yesterday I was chatting to colleagues over a brew and people began talking about 'things' they'd seen in various wards. Two were amazed to find that they'd had exactly the same experience, a year apart, neither having talked about it before for fear of ridicule.

There seem to be plenty of spooky goings-on on the medical wards. One particular acute medical department was, I'm told, visited by a procession of disembodied heads which floated around the dayroom one Christmas day, in broad daylight!