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Anyone Seen A Ghost?

I've heard a ghost myself. I've lived in haunted places and know lots of things happen to my sensitive family - I have the sensitivity of a paper bag, it seems:D - but my only PERSONAL experience is in a toilet. Typical, eh? Not only am I insensitive, I'm prosaic also.

My Sister-in-Law's house up North was haunted by rustling sounds, people standing in doorways watching them sleep, invisible watchers from the hallway - there seemed to be a presence on the stairs which links into another thread on this site - rattling door knobs etc. but it freaked me out when we had our son's fifth birthday party round at her house and there were about ten of us - all hardened sceptics from my husbands side of the family (mine are all experiencers but they were all down South at the time) and everyone was downstairs. I walked past my Mother-in-law to go to the loo upstairs and felt quite happy -forgetting all about the haunted stuff as how can you be spooked at your kids party? - and pushed and locked shut the loo door when almost immediately I'd whipped my jeans down a huge pounding came of the door about eye-level as if someone was on the other side pounding with a raised fist! It was really loud and I was startled and then angry because it shocked me so much and I thought it was an inappropriate prank (everybody should be allowed to wee in peace) and shouted "Allright allright, I'll be out in a minute'' as I dragged my jeans back up (still pounding on the door) and flushed the loo and unlocked and opened the door.

No one there.

Looked all around the top floor convinced someone was hiding upstairs but could find no one and the stairs were right by the door so I would have seen them going down the stairs because the pounding was still there as I unlocked the door and no one ran away. I went down the stairs and my M-i-L was still at the bottom of the stairs and I asked her if anyone had come downstairs and she said no, and I asked her if she saw anyone go up the stairs after me, and she said no, and then I called out to everybody in the room to make sure they were still there (I didn't want to leave where I stood in case - irrationally - someone might be able to sneak back downstairs without me seeing them) and told them what had happened and no one believed me except my S and B-I-L who said it sometimes happened when you locked the door instead of just closing it! A couple of months before the exact same thing had happened to one of their friends who thought they'd been pulling his leg and when he found out that other people had had wierd things happen to them he left the house and has refused to return to date! Now the others may have played a joke on me but my Mother in Law wouldn't have done as she's a Yorkshire woman and has got no truck with crap like that, etc.

Can I just also say that what I found inexplicable was the fact that my Mother in law stood at the bottom of the stairs with me in the loo at the very top of the same open-plan stair well couldn't hear the pounding OR me shouting allright allright etc. and I shouted very loudly indeed to be heard over how loud the pounding was - If it was banging water pipes (why do sceptics come up with feeble explanations like this?) why couldn't she hear it or me?

Lots of other great stuff with unplugged stereos springing to life at 3.00am at full blast and waking up to find all door and windows wide open and the house being full of flies all the time and brown woman shaped sillohettes appearing after a touch on the shoulder, etc, but that's all second hand and an earlier thread specified first hand stuff. Sorry I've only got the boring stuff.

What I can say though, is that my mum always taught me not to be afraid of stuff like that(yeah right:confused: ) so the last time I was there my S-i-L went upstairs to do something and I talked to 'it' and said that although she'd died they weren't pulling the house to pieces when they were doing it up they were preserving it, she wouldn't want the house to go to wrack and ruin, etc. and that they were a good couple who loved her house and could she leave them alone please and pass on and guess what?

Yup. They weren't bothered again and that was two and a half years ago. Talking to em can work. As long as your prepared for a steamy ear, it seems!:D
I also have another story if anyone's interested? I take that as a yes? It's second hand though, sorry.

My mum (Kiwi ex-pat) is always seeing wierd stuff (my nan is psychic and one time helped the police in New Zealand find the killer of a woman and her little girl) so doesn't worry about it too much. She's made a pact with my Nan that when she dies she'll tug my mum's hair three times (we live so far away my mum doesn't want to find out a day later) which freaks me out no end:eek: Anyway she went to stay with some friends in an old converted childrens home (Victorian) and went to bed feeling quite relaxed. The first night she said she could hear children whispering to her and small hands stroking her hair. It was strange but she wasn't worried. She told her friends what had happened and they confirmed that the house was haunted by many children but they didn't know anything more than that. The second night my mum said she was lying on her side and felt a cold 'penny' slip diagonally down her spine (as if she were upright and something dropped down her back) and recognised it immediately as an old trick that children used to play on people and thought that it was funny. The rest of the night she could hear whispering and jostling sounds and felt little hands poking her belly and arms and legs and others stroking her hair as if the 'children' were examining a curious 'find'. Her friends told her that the children never bothered them but seemed to bother some of their guests and hoped she didn't mind and that the children didn't like anyone who'd had a drink and tended to leave them alone. So the third and last night of her stay she had a fair few gins before going to bed as she was exhausted and needed the sleep. Needless to say they didn't bother her again and when she came home and told us all about it - thinking we'd all go 'ah, bless em' instead of listening in slowly mounting terror - she was amazed that we all freaked and couldn't sleep for MONTHS! Of course she was a nurse! Nothing fazes 'em!
My mum says most nurses she's met believe in something as so many strange things happen. She's smelled the 'angel's scent' of Violets when someone's passed away and actually seen people walking about that she's laid out hours before...water off a ducks back,see?

Also my Auntie Stella who was very beautiful and lived in Australia was always terrified of a dark-haired woman in a white shift that she was certain followed her around and we shared our fears and made eachother swear that we would NEVER appear to eachother in an attempt to comfort the other after our deaths. She died over five years ago of cancer and was so terrified at the prospect that it distressed everyone there - My dad, her favourite brother, was with her when she died and the last thing they talked about was my son Jack and her wish that she might have seen him before she died, so my dad described him and how lovely he was and showed her photos, and she passed away shortly afterward. From the dates and the time-difference it was the same time that my Son came toddling into my bedroom - something he NEVER did or has done since as he sleeps like a LOG - telling me there was a lady in his bedroom. I didn't go and investigate because I thought of her immediately and knew she wouldn't show herself to me so I just dragged him into bed with me and slept until my parents told me the news the next day. I find it very comforting to know that despite her terror of dying she was able to come and visit my son and seems to be doing fine where she is.

But can I just say DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN about the woman pulling her own tongue out? No way do i think that she could have done that to herself no matter how senile or whatever she may have been...?!!!!

No way.

That is SERIOUSLY f*cked up and has gotten me very very upset. No Way!:eek: :(
Chant: Some more classic tales for a fantastic thread! Cheers.

siriuss the sceptic who loves ghost stories
My boyfriend tells me that in the 80's, before I knew him, he went on a school trip to France. About 30 pupils sat in a field, listening to the teachers give a talk. My b/f became aware of a lady walking across the field about 100-150 yards away. He said <<aware>> in that he didn't look directly at her but like you sit on train reading a paper, you're still <<aware>> that someone walks past you.
At some point the lady just vanished. It really brought him to attention, especially as a couple of other pupils shouted: "Did you see that?" etc etc
After a little stir of confusion it appeared that neither the teachers nor 27-odd of the schoolkids saw anything. But the 3 who did were convinced the woman vanished. My bf says the woman wore red but as he ever really studied her, couldn't say what kind of garments they were. One other boy reckoned they were normal modern clothing.
Having never knowingly seen a ghost myself, I asked him if the sighting freaked him out. My bf, who is rather bored by ghost talk at the best of times, just shrugged and said "Once you've seen one, you accept it. What else can you do?"
I just had some pics of York developed and.....look in the lower right hand corner!!! There appears to be an apparition of an entity, seemingly male and pretty unhappy, and apparently modern wearing a T shirt!!!!
Could this be a ghost of a tourist, or simply a local person pissed off with American visitors filling the pubs up with their loud mouths and whimpy drinking habits??
Any suggestions? *Note.........the apparition doesn't occupy any space that a solid person does.*

Oh aye!
Si thi.
*Should this have gone to the ghost photo's threads?*
No, it's not a double exposure, honest!
It's not. I guarentee that much.
Maybe it's the "clone tool" on PS6?
Bah! I wanted more humorous response, and maybe even some tool claiming it's genuine "Cos they know!"
Cough....getting right back, er... I had it tested by Kodak, and 3 specialists concluded that it wasn't a fake as the woman and the child's pushchair are obscuring the *apparition* and a double exposure would have bled over any dark areas, where there were light colours in the super emposed image/s.
The specialists names were withheld by Kodak laboritories for some reason or other blah blah.
Should I send it to some crap newspaper so they can exaggerate the whole thing, resulting it ending up in various ghost books etc in the future, all quoting the false details, and that.?
Si thi!:mad: :blah: :hmph: :eek!!!!: No,
I know it's a stupid thing to say in light of SOME genuine looking photos but I have a problem with non-material entities showing up on film. I don't actually understand how that can be so when the sighting of ghosts appears to be so subjective. The photo above looks like a reflected image with dark objects coincidentally being where the objects in the background happen to be thus allowing them to show through over the 'ghostly image'. The fact that you're taking the piss yourself wouldn't incline anyone to believe you even if you swore that you didn't take it through a window! The ones that DO make me thoughtful are the sillohuette ones because it seems more in keeping with what spirits are supposed to be - something that isn't there but can affect our dimension. :confused:
I actually did state that the pic' was a joke in that I did it in about one minute in Adobe PS6, using the "clone tool"! I simply typed in "Haunted York" at Google and picked a random photo' and put a pic of me frowning comedically in it on about 30% pressure etc, and zoomed in on the figures benieth so I could go around them.
Show me any alledged "Ghost photograph" that stands up to scrutiny, and I'll eat my Aunty Anne's dog's arse for breakfast!
I'm interested in the phenomena, but find any "evidence" for it's validity etc weak and silly.
We could go on forever with the 'Fors' and the 'Againsts', and listen to the many (convenient) excuses, but that would be mainly futile. The fact is, after thousands of years, progression and technology, the paranormal is still where it has and always will be.... in the realms of fantasy and anecdotal effort. Let's not get philosophical and hypothetical , that's where we get "convenient excuses" from!
WHere are the houses haunted by cavemen? Hippies? Ravers? Dinosaurs? Wasps etc..... fish and fowl? Why would clothes and sounds survive total disintigration through death? How could thousands of memories and a personality which is completely reliant on the physical brain, continue after that brain is dead and indeed, rotten and extinct?
Common sense, never mind physics, biology and psychology should tell one to beware tales and 'evidence' of spectral entities, (especially the ones from television and American books/sites etc. And as for spiritualism/ts..............let it exist without profit or donation, see how it lives on and praise the Fox sisters for their practical jokes way back in the nineteenth Century!
I'm off to read Richard Dawkins lates book now tha norrz!
Si thi :blah:
Ah, c'mon, everyone. I think we all know it was a bit of fun...:D
Let's just accept it as such!
I wrote an account of Ghostly goings on in my Fiancé's parents some time ago. The last posting I did was on page 8.
Anyway, for those who still remember, here's the last bit..

Well, as I said in the last post regarding this, my Fiancé found out about some "Exorcists" from some friends of ours.
We were somewhat wary, as the field of the occult is filled with weirdos and con artists trying to scam people of their money.

Anyway, we called them and spoke to them (it was two women).
They told us that they would do it for free, all we had to do was pay for their petrol money, which was fair enough, so it only cost us a couple of hundred kroner (about $30 USD).

We rang my fiancé's parents, but in the middle of the conversation, as we were gonna tell them about the exorcists, the phone suddenly went dead, our phone was fine and we tried to ring back, but the line to their number was just dead.
We tried ringing another number, which was fine.
So, we rang back the next day and it worked, they told us the phone just went dead on their side too and they couldn't get through to us, but other numbers would work.
Odd, but in the end, they agreed it would be OK for the Exorcists to come over.
Even though they said they didn't really believe in that sort of thing, they did say weird theings were happening, like sudden temperature drops in their bedroom in the middle of the night, so much so, that when they turned the bedside lamp on, they could see their breath steaming.
One other thing they told us at this point was quite a few months ago her mother found her meat cleaver in her closet in the bedroom just, it was supposed to be in the kitchen, but there it was in the closet, she swore blind she didn't put it there, which I can understand.

So, we made the appointment with the exorcists for the next weekend and we drove down to her parents.
The exorcists would turn up in the afternoon sometime.
I then went around the whole house myself to get a feeling for the whole place.

As I had said earlier, I can pick up these sorts of things fairly easily, as I have experienced this sort of thing quite a bit in teh past, in fact I have had more extreme experiences than this in Australia on my Fathers farm.
As it turned out, there was several spots in my Fiancé's room which felt really weird, the back of the room, just over the bed and behind the back of the room, which was an old storage area not being used anymore.
We went out the back and I could feel more weirdness in the storage room.
I went into her parents room, and it didn't feel that bad to me, but the room attached to her parents room felt really bad and the stairwell going up to my fiancé's room was the worst of all.
I could feel this really bad aggression coming from there, but funnily enough, it felt more like a male presence than a female presence.

So, finally the Exorcists turned up, they were 2 middle aged women who looked pretty normal.

I told them the whole story and I took them all over the house showing them all the spots where I could feel something.
They said they could also feel what they called "Energy Columns" in each area, but especially the Stairwell next to my Fiancé's room.

We sort of left them to it for a bit and got something to eat, also they said they wanted to look around by themselves for a bit.

They came back and said the following.
There were at least 2 presences in the house.
One female and one male.
The female was probably married to the male when they were alive and the male for some reason was a very dark (in nature) person, his darkness carried on after he died in the house.
They also said that my fiancé's mother (was for many years had and has psycholigical issues) was acting like a magnet for the negative influences in the house.
They also said, the female figure was trying to protect our child from the male figure, but was not powerful enough resist it, thus the crying over our bed and the standing between the baby and us.
The dark figure in life had somehow dominated the female figure.

They went back off by themselves again around the house to remove the ghosts, I don't know what they did, as they wanted to be alone.

about an hour later, they came back and told us that they had "cleaned out" my fiancé's room, but said they couldn't do much about her parents room, as her mother was somehow the source of the troubles in that side of the house.

Well, for us, my fiancé's room was fine and we experienced no more troubles in there and I felt nothing in the storeromm behind her bedroom either.
I never went up to her parents side of the house again.

So, that was it, of course there's a possibility that the Exorcists made it all up based on what I told them, but as I said earlier, I've felt this sort of thing a lot in the past, and I couldn't feel anything there anymore.
But........why didn't you just get some video evidence of the activities while it was around? If I experienced poltergeist or haunting activities, I'd definately record it and send the damning evidence for public scrutiny.
If ghosts etc were to really exist, shouldn't someone harness/exploit this *energy*? (And why haven't they? Think of the consequences to science and belief!!)
I tend to believe that some people believe in fairies and Santa Claus, others believe in anything in black and white. You know, more people dismiss Darwinism than the supernatural? Crazy!
Apologies for the self opinionatedness, (As is with spiritualists time and time again quoting crap anecdotes as fact and never supposition(!)....)
What evolutionary sense would the afterlife make? Are we supposed to be in a pre- pupae state as living humans?
*Quote* "Human evolution can be seen as infantilism. We are apes that became sexually mature while still morphologically juvanile. If humans could live for 200 years, would we finally 'grow up', drop on all fours and develop huge prognathous chimpanzee-like jaws?"
Julian Huxley pioneered the idea of neoteny and did amazing research on axolotls, injecting hormones to make them turn into salamanders never seen before! *They are sexually mature tadpoles which, through evolution, have cut off the adult stage*
There we go "Naked apes"........
The quote was from "A Devil's Chaplain" (Richard Dawkins)
There really is no need for "primative brain subjectivity" as an enxplanation for man's belief in the "unknown".
Si thi mert :)
spillage said:
But........why didn't you just get some video evidence of the activities while it was around? If I experienced poltergeist or haunting activities, I'd definately record it and send the damning evidence for public scrutiny.

Well, we don't have a video recorder and if we did, things happen at the oddest/unpredictable times.

Imagine trying to fire up a Vidcam in the middle of the night, I have enough trouble finding the alarm clock when it goes off..:D
Ghost dog! Ghost dog! TODAY!!

Just had this email from the BF at work-

'We have a lift access door in our office that is only used by us once in a while when we have deliveries etc.

There is a double door to the lift

This afternoon no one was using the lift and wet dog pad prints
appeared on the carpeted floor from the lift to the back wall !!

no one except us has a key to the lift door !!!!

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllp we're haunted by a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cool hey

I'm not sure if this counts as a ghost story, but a year or so ago, I woke up at daybreak to see a little head on my pillow:eek:. I don't recall any more detail about (whether it had a body attached to it for example) because I immediately swatted at it and it vanished. When my hand came into contact with it I got a static shock.

Normally, I would put seeing a face on my pillow off as dream spilling over into consciousness, but are subconscious mental images projected onto reality supposed to give you an electric shock when you touch them?
Bannik said:
I woke up at daybreak to see a little head on my pillow:eek:. I don't recall any more detail about (whether it had a body attached to it for example) because I immediately swatted at it and it vanished. When my hand came into contact with it I got a static shock.

how big was the head, I mean was it a child or adult head and was it the sise you'd expect a head of an individule of that age to be? was it faceing you?

was the little head about doll sise and do you have kids/siblings/a spouse/flatmates that might either put it there as a joke or leave a dolls head on your pillow? It is possible to get a static shock from dolls hair, I think, if nylon were used for the hair... might have even been a recording style ghost of a dolls head (presuming that if recording ghosts are recordings of someones observations (which would explane why you may see the back of a recording 'ghost' when the ghost itself would not have been concios what this looked like)).
Please understand, I wasn't looking at it for more than a second, if that, before I swiped at it. It wasn't solid as my hand passed through it, at which point it vanished and, simultaneously, I felt the shock. Assuming the size of the body was proportional to the size of the head, it would have been about a foot or so high, but nobody in my house owns a doll that size and even if they did nobody in my family would have sunk to such pathetic depths (trust me on that one-we lead busy lives and value eachother's rest time) as to pull such a stunt.
The only doll in my household has white (Caucasian) skin. This being's head, as far as I can recall was red-orange and bald (the doll has hair). If it were a doll, there was enough light in the room, and I was awake enough, that I would have been able to tell - I would have heard it hit the ground when I hit it. I also would have felt it. The only thing I felt was the shock which was strong enough to make me grab my hand.

Lord_Flashheart said:
... might have even been a recording style ghost of a dolls head (presuming that if recording ghosts are recordings of someones observations (which would explane why you may see the back of a recording 'ghost' when the ghost itself would not have been concios what this looked like)).

Interesting theory, but this would have had to have been one ghastly looking doll.

I have awoken from sleep to find something looking at me before this. I've learned that the best thing to do is to just ignore them and go back to sleep. they just get bored and leave;) I just found the idea of something sharing my bed with me particularly intrusive and deserving of a swipe.:mad:
Bannik said:
Interesting theory, but this would have had to have been one ghastly looking doll.

Nobody in my family ever owned a doll that looked like this.
Re: Ghostly theories?

Orbyn said:
One night in October she was in bed, wearing her eye mask (don't ask) and listening to music on headphones. She'd only been lying down a couple of minutes when she felt something heavy land on the bed. Sitting up, she removed the mask to see a girl, who vaguely resembled Sarah's sisters, sitting on the end of the bed. Presently the girl gave her a "really weird, spooky smile" at which point Sarah screamed for her mother. The girl then slowly "unravelled like an orange peel" from the head down and started to "look a bit like my father" before evaporating completely. Sarah spent the subsequent two months sleeping with the light on.

Does anyone have any theories about what this might have been?
Something similar happened to me a few years ago. I woke up at daybreak (sound familiar?), to someone I didn't know kneeling beside my bed looking at me as if I was some newfound discovery of hers. I gave a "please-don't-hurt-me" type of smile to which she gave an "I-know-something-about-you-that-you-don't" kind of smile in return. Out of terror I tried to convince myself it was "just my sister." Oddly, at that moment, she began to take on the appearance of my little sister. I found this comforting and fell back to sleep.

During my sleep, I had a dream that my sister was dead and I was at her funeral. When I awoke from the dream I felt my sister was gone and it was her spirit I saw by the bedside coming to say goodbye. It was so powerful that I ran to my sister's room to make sure she was still alive. (She was:)). It was as if the dream was an attempt on my subconscious' part to add authenticity to my conclusion that the person I saw was my sister by adding a story (her funeral) behind it.

I can't discard the possibility that it actually was my sister staring at me as I slept because I can't remember if I ever asked her about. It would certainly be out of character for her to do such a thing.

Alright, this felt embarrissingly weird as I wrote it, but Orbyn's post reminded me of it.

Ever had a ghost play a trick on you?

A definite, unmistakable TRICK. To f**k with your mind for the sheer hell of it. Well it happened to me..

I wasn't alone either.. So I wasn't kidding myself..

I might post the experience soon, but it's a little personal..

Anyway, anyone else?

You've whet our appetites now, don't leave us hanging!

I'm not going to go into too much detail, because like I said it's a little personal, but basically it involved certain members of my family visiting a graveyard to bury the ashes of 2 relatives kept in the same urn on the plot of another relative.

My mother asked me to fetch something from her car. She passed me the keys. I put them in my pocket, but still hung around the graveside for a moment. Before I set off I reached for the keys but they had gone. I asked my mother to give me the keys, thinking she'd not yet passed em to me (I'm not normally absent minded I assure you, but what with the current situation, just let it pass, assuming she hadn't handed them to me..) Anyway, she said she thought she'd already passed 'em to me but searched her bag anyway & was suprised to find them in there. I took the keys off her, put them in my pocket & walked towards the car.

Halfway towards the car I reached into my pocket only to find they'd gone. I was bloody certain this time i'd been handed them so started looking around for them. Couldn't find them.

I tell my mother I haven't got the keys. She just looks at me and goes rummaging in her bag. They're in there. We both look at each other in a state of shock. She hands me the keys..

I put them in my pocket & begin walking towards the car. Haven't gone more than a few yards before quickly reaching for them (hey I must be starting to wise up) Guess what.. Disappeared again. Go & tell my mother the keys have disappeared. She looks in her handbag.. Not there this time. Search frantically around for them. Nowhere in sight.

I shout my dad who's by the car that we've lost the keys (This is fair distance away btw) He reaches in his pocket & produces them.. What the..

Oh, & finally as soon as my uncle had emptied the urn the bottom fell out.

Thats very strange, but after the first occurrence, I would have kept the keys in my hand.
Very sppoky. But likewise, I'd have held onto them (but I suppose you might not think of it at the time).

Of course you would :hmph:
Edit: No offence, P.Younger & Jean.. I think i'm rather annoyed with myself for putting them in my pocket on the third occassion.. But the atmosphere did seem a little surreal, almost like I was in a state of shock..

But I wouldn't expect them to just disappear from my coat pocket. I'd like to think trying to be rational & that the occasion was affecting my state of mind.

Anyway, pockets are for putting things in! :)
I went on 'Raven's Quest' at Dover Castle last Friday. It was brilliant and really spooky as you only had the moonlight to see by. I've seen it in the daytime but the tunnels looked amazing and I asked my other half (who works there) if the lighting had changed (it hadn't) because it all seemed to be 'alive' and I know that sounds corny but truly, in the Secret Wartime Tunnels, instead of things looking like props as they looked every other time I've seen them, everything looked like the people could still have been walking about doing their jobs directing Channel crossings in WW2. Everything seemed sort of 'fuzzy'. We went into one of the rooms and the far left light was swinging - only it didn't settle as we stopped for the talk, if anything it got slightly faster. We were all a bit confused but assumed we were being teased. Then in the next room the near right light was swinging! and didn't stop the whole time we walked the length of the long corridor. The tunnels are in Chalk which absorbs vibrations so it wasn't that. Besides, there's nothing above to cause vibration. The other thing was that although the fans were on they are switched off (for noise reasons) as you enter the room and it wouldn't affect only one light and certainly wouldn't increase the swing. Well, apart from being spooked all night it was the one tangible thing that was 'ghostly' so I made him find out the next day and he said, 'Oh, by the way, it was the fans because I went in there this morning and the near right one was swinging so it was the fans. The corridor didn't have any swinging ones though'. I pointed out that it was the wrong light in that room so I've asked him to watch out to see if different lights swing on different days as he's very puzzled as to how they keep swinging (he's an electrician and a health and safety sticker so he worries). I'll let you know if a pattern emerges. Doesn't it seem like a classic, though? Far Left and the Near Right? There was a symmetry about it that smacked of poltergeist. Also, at the end of the night, at about midnight an hour after we'd all gone home and everyone else was waiting for him at the top he went down the site and into the tunnels to lock up and said that for the first time he heard voices but he knew there was no one else even near the tunnel entrance let alone down inside the tunnels with him. He doesn't like to think about it. He has heard voices but because other people are arriving for work or leaving he can assume its them. He used to be such a hard-nosed sceptic that he'd scoff contemptuously about ghost talk but now he just goes quiet since working there.

I find it wierd that some ghostie was poking a light shade and watching thirty pairs of eyes swing back and forth.:D
I've already posted two of my experiences on this thread somewhere but here's another.

I have a great interest in archaeology and ancient history and as a result of this I like to visit ruins and ancient churches. I’ve been perfectly happy wandering alone around secluded country churches and I particularly like to visit Saxon and Norman churches. Over the years I have visited a great many, sometimes I’ve found the atmosphere extremely friendly and pleasant but usually I just regard the church in question as a building of great historical interest, representing an incredible continuity through a thousand years of use. I had never had any unpleasant experiences, nor been nervous about visiting these places on my own. Last Saturday (18 October 2003) I travelled by public transport out to the tiny hamlet of Warnford, on the Meon river in Hampshire.

Warnford church stands on a secluded private estate just off the A32 Portsmouth to Alton road. Warnford itself is a tiny rural hamlet. To get to the church I had to pass through a wrought iron gate onto the estate itself (Warnford Park), then follow the driveway which zig-zagged through the grounds and crossed a bridge over the Meon river. The church itself stands in its rather overgrown graveyard, dominated by the squat, powerful Norman tower. Behind the church are the picturesque ruins of St John’s House, the remains of a Norman manor.
Entering the church the bell tower is to the left and is not accessible to the public, the font is close to the entrance, an original Norman font (dating to around 1130) with lead coating. The nave runs off to the right towards the altar, with the chancel separated by a wooden screen with access to the other side, there are two highly ornate tombs to either side of the altar (William Neale on the left, died in 1601, and the more ornate tomb of his son, Sir Thomas Neale, and wives, on the right). I began by buying the church guide leaflet and looking at the particular details as set out inside. I worked my way from the west (tower) end down to the east (altar) end and everything was normal, just a pleasant country church. However, when I passed the wooden screen and entered the chancel to look at the two tombs the air became very cold and the atmosphere was suddenly filled with an unseen, hostile presence. I felt a little nervous but looked at the tombs and took some photos. The atmosphere seemed to get more and more hostile, but I carried on looking around. My film ran out so I went back to my pack (left near the entrance) to get a new film, and was immediately struck by the change in atmosphere as soon as I left the chancel, I no longer felt the overpowering hostility nor the coldness of the air. I got a new film and returned to the chancel where the bad atmosphere was overpowering. I looked around nervously, there was a definite sense of expectancy in the air. Then I heard three loud, hollow knocks. I searched for their origin but found nothing, and tried to convince myself that it was just due to pigeons in the roof.
After seeing everything I wanted to I left, grabbed my pack and headed out to look around the cemetery and the ruins, I sat down and had some lunch then, overcome by a morbid curiosity, I re-entered the church. Everything seemed fine, I walked up the aisle with almost a feeling of dread and walked up to the altar area, once again walking into an area of cold hostility, and the definite feeling of a malign presence. The feeling was very powerful, and after taking a last look at the ornamented tombs I headed back to the exit. I was at the point of leaving when my mobile rang…it was a friend whom I hadn’t heard from in two years or so, her address book had fallen off the table and opened to my name and she decided it was a sign that she should call me…right when I was feeling particularly freaked out. As I chatted I heard a deep, gruff man’s voice shout something unintelligible from the area of the tomb of Sir Thomas Neale by the altar which startled me somewhat. When the call ended, I headed back to the area where I heard the shout, even more nervous than before and muttering to myself about my duty as a Fortean, but not really expecting to find anything. I crossed into the chancel and…nothing. No coldness, no feeling of hostility. The presence had completely vanished and I found myself in a normal country church. The change in atmosphere was striking. I headed once again for the exit, but stopped to admire the lead-covered font. Without thinking I rapped it with my knuckles…and almost needed a change of underwear when I heard the same distinctive knocking sound as earlier…I rapidly headed for the exit, deciding that my Fortean duty had been fulfilled and it was time to beat a hasty retreat.
Nothing particularly dramatic perhaps, but enough to scare me sh**less and the only time I’ve ever been spooked whilst visiting a church. I even had nightmares about it the following night, a thoroughly unpleasant experience. My brother and my mother want me to go back and take them there but it would be like going back to a place where I was mugged or something and I really have no desire to ever see the place again.