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Jul 19, 2004
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Thanks, but ... I'm old enough to remember the Swann / Sherman interplanetary remote viewing stories from back then. It took some online digging to remind myself of the details and the controversies over whether they'd demonstrated anything interesting.


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Feb 1, 2019
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I'm not sure if what I'm about to tell you was astral projection or obe because it didn't happen to me, but once I'd learned of these things, many years later, it is possibly what happened. At the time, I was familiar with the idea of ghosts.

My youngest brother is 6 years younger than I and when this happened, I had to have been 7-8 years old as he was walking at the time. My one sister and I shared a bed and my little brother would often get up from his bed in the morning and come into our room to snuggle into bed with us. I don't know if my sister was awake at the time, she would have been 4-5 years old.

My shared bed was against a wall (my sister's side) and my side had a window at the head of the bed about maybe 3 feet away from the bed. One morning I awoke. It was probably just early morning because the room was not in shadow, but it was not bright light. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw my little brother standing, dressed in his pj's, beside the bed looking down at me. I thought that he wanted to climb into bed with us and I didn't want to wake my sister. I whispered his name to ask him if he wanted in. As soon as I said his name, he faded before my eyes! I ducked under the covers and stayed there until I could no longer breathe. When I came aboveboard, he wasn't there.

Now, I often wonder if it was him astral projecting or having an obe. It was not me having sleep paralysis as I have also experienced this, although first one about 10 years later. With sleep paralysis, I can't move; in this one instance, I ducked under the covers immediately and was definitely awake..


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Oct 17, 2017
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i've read & heard that astral projection can be dangerous ? , there is an eckankar office in downtown moline & i've sometimes thought to wander in out of curiosity but i never have . they teach " soul travel " which unlike astral projection which is taught by other spiritual traditions , soul travel is not limited to the astral plane it allows you to go further & explore any of the god worlds . i've always wondered about groups like eckankar & other so called religious / spiritual groups & what & why they believe the things that they do .
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Nov 25, 2013
In World War 2 allied pilots, operating from the UK, called these "foo fighters"
There are different kinds.
View attachment 16725
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This one is recharfing on a cloud top after leaving tracks of ionized air, 1902:

View attachment 16729

The smaller objects in the Farmington pic:
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And the smaller objects mentioned in this excellent article by Zigel:,4541412
Notice the "stars" just like the 1902 crown.



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Oct 30, 2016
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In another thread I mentioned a man who wrote metaphysical books under the pen name of "Ophiel." I met him years ago and can affirm he was a down to earth, modest kind of person. In his books he related a lot of very odd experiences, and his writing style is unique. One of his books was on Astral Projection. His take on it was that you simply develop your conscious mind in a part of your being that already exists on the "inner planes", that you develop awareness in this other dimension of yourself, not that you exit your physical body in a spiritual vehicle.

I'm linking some of your experiences to stuff from his book:
The best way I can describe that light is to say it was the colour of that light on Iron Man's chest in the Avengers films, but made up of crystalline shards radiating out from the belly button.
To help in performing a meditation/prayer kind of exercise, he recommends memorizing the color the wavering quality of burning alcohol, brandy or whisky. "Don't waste the whisky or burn the house down!" he cautions. Check it out, Kryptonite, and let us know if that's the color you saw!

Years later and still mindful of his experience, I attempted projection and was at the point of transferring consciousness when a loud voice boomed in my head " NO !! ".
Hypnogogic noise and/or anxiety about losing control?
Another quote from "Ophiel"you might find interesting : "As you make your FIRST ENTRANCE into these inner planes via this dream method, a lot of very funny things happen . . . The actual change-birth-over-into-the Etheric is often accompanied by the darndest collection of NOISES THAT YOU EVER HEARD!!!! Bangs. Thumps, Bumps, Rattles, Cracks, Voices calling out names, including your own, end even loud explosions."

Sorry for the lengthy post. I find this stuff fascinating.


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Aug 4, 2002
This is the last of my personal stories of Fortean interest I think. It's a tale of projection my grandparents would tell me years ago when they were alive.

This happened when my grandparents were courting, so around 1938 odd. My grandfather had joined the RAF as an apprentice and was away taking part in his basic training, while my grandmother was living with her father in Eastbourne.

One morning when my grandad woke up his friends in the same room were really worried about him. He'd been moaning and groaning all night and calling out the name Kathleen (my grandmother's name). They all couldn't sleep because of the noise he'd been making. Feeling that something must be wrong, he immediately wrote a letter to my nan asking if everything was okay.

Unknown to him at that point, there was also a letter inbound to him from my nan. She'd been woken in the night by a vision of my grandfather. He appeared sat at the end of her bed, looking perfectly normal but was wearing work overalls with a red mark around his right wrist. He didn't say anything and she kept reaching out to touch him, but he was always seemingly just out of range. She kept lighting matches to see him better, but every time it was light he would vanish only to reappear when the light went out. When she woke up in the morning, she knew it was true as she was in trouble with her father for using so many matches up.

The letters crossed over and each was amazed to get them. Turns out the red mark around my grandad's wrist had been where a button had come off his work overall that day and he'd wrapped some red wire around it to keep it safe.

My grandad had a keen interest in the paranormal after that, and a lifelong interest in astral projection which he never managed again. Such a shame he never saw a copy of FT or he'd have been hooked.

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Aug 10, 2005
I’ve mentioned on this site before I used to do this when I was little but had it educated out of me.

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Mar 9, 2017
Only yesterday my wife’s cousin told us that he’d had an experience of astral projection some years ago. While asleep he woke with a start to discover he was floating a few feet above his bed and looking down at his wife. He thought he was dreaming and ‘decided to wake’ but he remained above the bed and totally awake with his full senses intact. He said he began trying to ‘swim’ back down to the bed but instead edged further away. For a few moments he thought he was dead and began to cry and shout his wife. Though he could hear his voice his wife didn’t stir. He then felt an extremely sharp pain on his forehead and slowly dropped back into his bed. He said it was a terrifying experience but has had no other experience of it since.