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Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Compendium Thread


Justified & Ancient
Jan 15, 2017
Does anyone else just hate the background music in almost all professionally made videos?

Yes. Mainly because it adds little in the way of relevancy.

If there is a documentary about American cars in the 1920's, and it's accompanied by low volume Jazz, then that is relevant.

But too many modern youtube documentaries about all sorts of subjects have high volume techno, which makes it hard to concentrate.

As I get older my Aspergers' symptoms intensify.

I am finding it harder than before to get the tube (the underground system in London) because of the different simultaneous mobile phone conversations, simultaneous with people listening music on their phone loudspeakers.

Today a teenager was talking to what I presume was her friend, doing her best to sound "cool" but adopting a low disinterested tone.
Really annoying.


Apr 2, 2019
@Victory @Endlessly Amazed @staticgirl

'Plinky plonky' - Yes that's the best description!
Even just last night I started to watch Alice Roberts (archaeologist) on a 'Tudor' episode. and had to turn it off due to this ridiculousness.
And yet again last night.
I wanted to watch a nature programme called 'secrets of the forest' but lasted all of 20 minutes due to the constant, drippy background music.


Privateer in the service of Princess Frideswide
Jan 19, 2014
I can't say I'd noticed annoying music very often in the backgrounds of documentaries. I think I know what you mean, it just doesn't annoy me. However, I noticed a few years back that the TNG era Star Trek shows (TNG, DS9, Voyager) seem to have near constant music in the background, and I suddenly found it so distracting I couldn't concentrate on the show. Once I'd noticed it, it's all I could notice. I'm over it now, and can't even remember how much music goes on in Picard, for example.