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another boat story... We decided one day to get ourselves organised and get outa bed and into collage on time for a change, so we lashed out and bought an alarm clock. We woke the next day to the horrible clang it made and stummbled out of bed and into the fresh air. Thats when we felt very very ill... swollen in the head, short of breath, confused, thumping head ache and throwing up........ a few weeks erlier i had fitted a big coal burning stove and its chimney had blocked in the night poisoning us with cabon monoxide... we stumbled to the quey and a friend stoped to give us a lift but prity quickly decided to take us to the hospital instead as we looked quite strangely red and ill!............ That alarm clock saved our lives...............................
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A scientist died from carbon monoxide poisoning as he stirred home-made marmalade over a stove, it has emerged.

Biochemist and former teacher Keith Turnbull, 61, collapsed in his isolated home by the Pennine Way just before Christmas as he made a large batch of the preserve, his brother said yesterday.

His dog Cleugh also died in the accident in the kitchen of his home near Walk, Northumberland.

An inquest in Hexham last week recorded a verdict of accidental death.

His brother Roy, also a former chemistry teacher, said carbon monoxide levels increased in the room as the gas stove was not burning efficiently. He said his brother would have been unaware of what was happening.

source - The Newcastle Journal

scary scary killer preserves
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Must have been a huge amount of marmalade to kill them! Doesn't he have any ventilation in his kitchen at all?
Spooky angel said:
Must have been a huge amount of marmalade

Sorry to spoil the image, but it wasn't the marmalade that killed them, it was the stove.
Ah, but "Scientist and Dog Killed by Stove" isn't nearly as good, and certainly not as Fortean, as "Scientist and Dog Killed by Marmalade" :D.

Now that's the kind of headline we need more of!
Rotten squid gas may have killed 3 crewmembers on ill-fated ship

HAMADA, Shimane -- Three crewmembers found dead on a South Korean freighter that washed ashore in Shimane Prefecture on Sunday may have died after inhaling toxic gas generated from rotten squid organs, local Japan Coast Guard (JCG) officials said.

The Hamada Coast Guard Office is questioning the captain of the freighter who survived.

The vessel left a South Korean port last Saturday on a trial operation and ended up running into a breakwater in a fishing port in Ota, Shimane Prefecture, on Sunday, after apparently drifting into the Sea of Japan, according to JCG officials.

Three crewmembers were found dead in two storage rooms of the freighter and its skipper was unconscious in one of the rooms. The three are believed to have died at around 2 p.m. on Saturday. JCG officers found rotten internal squid organs in storage rooms where the three men were found dead.

Investigators suspect that the three crewmembers died from either an oxygen shortage or inhalation of carbon monoxide that had been generated from the rotten squid organs. The coast guard office said carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide were detected in the cabin. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan, April 14, 2004)
I didn't pay much attention to this story when it was reported on the local news, but thinking about it carbon monoxide poisoning doesn't seem very likely...

Gas leak puts 16 people in hospital

Sixteen people -- including two paramedics -- needed hospital treatment after being overcome by fumes leaking from the basement of a Banbury bank.
Emergency services were called on Wednesday after people started vomiting and complaining of headaches in the Bridge Street area, near Barclays Bank, around midday.
Paramedics arrived, but two had to be taken to the town's Horton Hospital.
Five other people were taken to hospital at the same time. A further nine patients arrived at the hospital's emergency department throughout the day.
The hospital had prepared to activate its major incident plan in case of a serious chemical or biological outbreak, but firefighters established the fumes were likely to be carbon monoxide.
Results of blood samples taken from those affected will reveal whether the gas, which is invisible and odourless, was responsible.
Horton Hospital director Mike Fleming said: "All patients were admitted quickly, treated and most were well enough to have been sent home.
"Everything has gone extremely well and staff have responded with their usual calm, can-do attitude."
Bridge Street was cordoned off by police for almost four hours. The cause of the leak is still being investigated.
Christine Richies, spokesman for gas safety specialists Transco, said the fumes had not come from the main gas supply or a leaking pipe, but was unable to give further details.
Station officer Bob Burrell said: "The quick action of members of the public in calling the emergency services and the bravery of paramedics prevented this from being much worse than it could have turned out."
Mr Burrell said carbon monoxide could affect people up to 24 hours after exposure.
Anyone suffering from headaches should call NHS Direct on 0845 4647. No-one from Barclays was available to comment.


Hysteria? A feel-good story to let us know that the emergency services can cope?

Hmmmm, I though Carbon Monoxide just made you very, very drowsy.....:snore:
Ditto with Prospect.

I doubt that anyone who's inhaled CO would be able to vomit.
haveing had CO poisoning myself i can acutately describe the symptoms...(thank god we bouth an alarm clock the day before otherwise we woudlnt have woken up)..

Dull throbbing head ache
Greyed out vision
Vomiting on exertion
Slowness of movement
Sevear fetigue
Passing out
Disability to remember things (like your name!)

its prity bad.
Well I stand corrected on the vomiting. :)

I thought that CO poisoning would inhibit all muscle function.

Glad you're still with us SJ.
Mana said:
Well I stand corrected on the vomiting. :)

I thought that CO poisoning would inhibit all muscle function.

Glad you're still with us SJ.

well the wife and i certainly threw up when we moved for about an hour after we got into fresh air. (blocked chimney on a boat)
Exposure to CO in an enclosed place over a fairly prolonged period of time would cause those symptoms, yes... but most of the people taken to hospital in Banbury were taken ill suddenly while walking down the street!

I'm tempted to blame hysteria but middle-class English people don't do that kind of thing, certainly not in the Cotswolds ;)

Incidently, there doesn't seem to have been any follow-up to the story. No confirmation of the cause, no naming of victims.

All very odd :confused:

you can buy little carbon monoxide detectors now, they have a little circle on them that is supposed to change colour if there is a significant amount of CO present. we got ours from aldi.

[living in dodgy rented accomodation, the sort of place that actually has slugs crawling around indoors at night, we made sure we got some pretty soon after we moved in.]
But the slugs could have acted like a canary in a mine... could have saved a few bob watching if the slugs dropped off the walls ;)
What carbon monoxide would be doing coming out of a bank basement, I have no idea. :confused:

When we had the big ice storm a few years ago, a couple of people died from using camp stoves indoors.

Do they not panic over indoor CO in Britain? Over here, and in the US, it's a concern, particularly with gas furnaces. Mind you, my sister's CO alarm goes off every time the neighbour idles his car too long. :rolleyes:
i woudl sa CO reverts quickly to CO2 in open air...but Co bonds to blood cells that usualy carry oxygen and make it unable to carry oxgen around...its ansty thing one feels like death for hours while your body cleans up the blood.
Squirrel Kills Two in Ohio

Squirrel Causes Monoxide Deaths

A man and a woman died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a house where a dead squirrel was found in the chimney, preventing the odorless gas from escaping, authorities said.

The bodies of Dolores Brajdic, 70, and Ronald Jones, 74, were found by a relative on Saturday at Brajdic's home in this Cleveland suburb.

They had gone to Florida in September to spend the winter and returned for a wedding, police Lt. Bill Gutowski said.

Firefighters found a dead squirrel stuck in the chimney and the thermostat was set to 52 degrees, which could have caused the furnace to start, filling the house with the gas before they arrived, Gutowski said.

There were no carbon monoxide detectors in the house, police said.
Whacko Jacko and now this - might be time to ban this dangerous book!!

Man guilty of killing kids with grill

Updated: 03/30/2005 08:24:59 AM

NORWALK, Calif. (AP) - A jury Tuesday convicted a man of killing five of his children by lighting a charcoal grill inside his home and closing all the doors and windows.

Adair Javier Garcia, 33, showed no emotion when the verdicts were read. He could get the death penalty. The trial's penalty phase was scheduled to begin Monday.

The five children, ages 2 to 10, were asphyxiated in their sleep in 2002 as carbon monoxide built up inside the family's Pico Rivera home. Garcia and his then-9-year-old daughter survived.

Prosecutors said Garcia sought revenge against his wife, who had recently left him.

Police initially thought the grill was used to heat the house but became suspicious when they found several working space heaters in the home.

During the trial, prosecutors presented a video of Garcia saying goodbye to his wife.

"I love you. I'm of sound mind and I know what I'm doing," Garcia said to the video camera. "I just want to let you know this is the only option available. You've broken me. You don't care, so I don't care. ... What I'm about to commit is the most cowardly, selfish act possible."

Prosecutors said Garcia had the children say goodbye to their mother in another taped segment.

The defense argued Garcia was "a man overwhelmed" and could not have committed premeditated murder. A psychiatrist testified he suffered from depression and was under the delusion he and his family could fly to Peter Pan's Neverland.

But prosecutors argued that Garcia's actions showed premeditation.

Embedded link is dead. The MIA webpage (quoted in full above) can be accessed via the Wayback Machine:
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Japan 'suicide pacts' claim nine
Police in Japan have found the bodies of nine people in what they suspect were two group suicides.
The asphyxiated bodies of five men and a woman were found in a car at Chichibu, near Tokyo, while three more bodies were found near Hirosaki.

Police are investigating whether the Chichibu six met via the internet.

Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, and internet pacts are thought to appeal to those who are scared to die alone.

Police were reportedly alerted to the Chichibu incident by a passer-by on Friday.

When they got the forested site, they found the bodies of six people - reported to be in their 20s - inside a people carrier vehicle.

Chichubu police spokesman Ichiro Fukumoto told the AP news agency that at least three charcoal stoves were found in the car, and the windows were sealed with tape.

The stoves - which generate the poisonous gas carbon monoxide - were reportedly still smoking when the bodies were found.

Police are still investigating how the six met, but their apparent method of suicide appeared to be very similar to several other group suicides which were arranged over the internet.

Internet vigilance

A separate group of bodies - those of a young man and two women - were found earlier this week near Hirosaki, in Aomori prefecture.

The bodies were discovered on Wednesday, in a sealed car in the foothills of a mountain, though the deaths were only reported on Friday.

In this case, the three people had first met at a hospital, and had recently been telling people that they wanted to die, police told Kyodo news agency.

The number of Japanese committing suicide has been rising steadily in recent years - more than 34,000 Japanese took their own lives in 2003, according to the National Police Agency.

The number of people killing themselves in suicide pacts made over the internet - while still small - has been rising sharply.

Police said last month that 91 people had died in the pacts in 2005, compared with 55 in 2004 and 34 in 2003, when the records started.

Alarm at the rise has led to increased vigilance by internet service providers, who now report suspected suicide pacts to the authorities.
Story from BBC NEWS: ... 792104.stm
Published: 2006/03/10 08:40:42 GMT
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On a bus on the A30 yesterday, I noticed a lot of ambulances and police cars heading west with 'blues & twos' going. It seems this was the problem:

'Gas poisoning' at Connor Downs food plant

Seventeen people were taken to hospital in a suspected carbon monoxide poisoning incident at a food-processing plant in Cornwall.
People working in the vegetable packing area at Riviera Produce at Connor Downs began to complain of "feeling unwell" at about noon.
Two ambulance staff were among the casualties.

A fleet of ambulances took the casualties to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.
Their condition was not thought to be life-threatening.

The company said the poisoning might be linked to a forklift truck at the plant.
Managing director David Simmons said tests were being carried out on the truck but the cause was not yet known.

Inhaling carbon monoxide, which is colourless and odourless, reduces the blood's ability to carry oxygen and can be fatal.
Symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting and confusion.
Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used a gas detector at the plant, which has been evacuated.

About 40 people are normally employed at Riviera Produce, which prepares and packs cabbages and cauliflowers for supermarkets across the country.

My return journey, an hour or so later, actually went through Connor Downs, but by then the emergency services had gone.

I often find myself on the fringe of something newsworthy, but it doesn't always seem to reach the media. For example, a few weeks back I spotted a burnt out van and a car sitting next to each other on the side of Hayle Harbour, but I never found any mention of the incident on the 'net.
Married woman, her mechanic die during barter sex in her garage

Updated 9:12 PM; Posted 5:12 PM

A man returned to his Newark home Monday night to find his wife and the mechanic she was having sex with dead after they were overcome by carbon monoxide in the couple's garage, a police department source told NJ Advance Media.

The 39-year-old woman was apparently paying for work on her car by having sex with the 56-year-old mechanic, the source said.

The woman's husband, Kahali Johnson, told ABC that he found his wife, Tameka Hargrave, after he smelled a strong odor of gas in his apartment and went to investigate the source.
The 39-year-old woman was apparently paying for work on her car by having sex with the 56-year-old mechanic, the source said.

How does anyone know that when both parties are dead?
(Though I'm reading this at work and haven't clicked the link so maybe there's a legal contract with a sex clause that I've missed.)
How does anyone know that when both parties are dead?
(Though I'm reading this at work and haven't clicked the link so maybe there's a legal contract with a sex clause that I've missed.)

This is a plot from one of those US crime dramas, where the husband knew they were at it and poisoned them with carbon monoxide, by running a hose from the tailpipe of another car parked outside the garage. Then, after he was sure they were done for, going in and switching on the engine of the car in the garage. Columbo would have figured it out.
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Carbon monoxide poisoning was finally determined to be the root cause of the mystery sleeping illness that forced the Kazakh Village of Kalachi to be evacuated some years ago.

Kalachi: Kazakh Village Plagued by Mystery Sleeping Illness
Link is obsolete. The current link is:
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