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Gone But Not Forgotten
Aug 18, 2002
Sting and Trudie 'saw ghosts'

Sting claims he has seen ghosts and has admitted being "absolutely terrified".

He told the New York Post he and wife Trudie Styler saw the ghosts of a woman and a child in their bedroom.

Sting said: "It was quite something. My wife saw it, too. At first I thought it was her with one of the kids until I reached over and I realised she was still in bed with me.

"I was absolutely terrified. I now believe those things are out there, but I have no explanation for them."

He says he believes in life after death and that there is a purpose to life, but adds: "I envy people who have an absolute certainty about it. I also worry about them."

The 52-year-old singer said: "I never thought I'd make it to this grand age. I feel healthy. I've been obsessed with death for most of my life, as I think we all are. Lately, I've lost my fear of it."

Sting performs at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom on Tuesday to promote his latest album Sacred Love.

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And the interview:


I suppose that is what you get for all that Tantric sex or at least for boasting about it whenever you can ;)

I think ghosts are such that ppl don't believe in them until they have a personal experience. I never believed in them until my brother moved into a house which was haunted.
On the topic of famous ppl admitting to having seen ghosts, there's a very scary story in the extras on the DVD for The Haunting. Roy Dotrice tells of a spirit that pinned him down and he felt like he was suffocating. Creepy stuff! :eek:
Sting is much more scary than death.

But far less interesting.
Surprised he's capable of noticing anything else in his bedroom if all the stories about his hours-long tantric shagging sessions are true. Maybe the ghosts just wanted to tell him to pack it in so they could get some peace...

Ok, I'll get me coat.
Hmm - he sees a woman and a child, eh? Perhaps he has some sort of large mirror in his bedroom...? ;)
Not sure if there's already a similar thread? Mods, feel free to bump.

(Also the word 'celebrity' might be deemed inapproprite for some of the old hams and hacks that I can imagine manifesting themselves on this type of thread, but then I suppose some of us almost always find the link between the word celebrity and the inividuals it's applied to rather tenuous).

I recently read David Seabrook's, All the Devils Are Here - a rather strange, rambling, arch (and highly recommended) book about Kent which covers everything from Dadd to Dickens, Haw-Haw to Mosley and The 39 Steps to The Waste Land.

Denizen of Deal and enthusiastic friend of Dorothy, Charles Hawtrey gets a mention. As does the suggestion that he might be haunting his old, and now Blue-Plaqued (which must have made some of the blue-rinses blue in the face), house.
The current owners, Peter and Barbra Stevens, agreed. 'I think we've got ghosts in the house. We went away to France and when we returned bottles of wine we had left in boxes in the cellar were all laid out in neat rows. My husband was also inexplicably locked in a cupboard...

I can imagine the poor drunken sot's shade staringly longingly at rows of booze - but, Charles Hawtrey, locking someone in the closet? Or do ghosts have a sense of irony?
FT dropped a cheeky fact into the "Ghostwatch" column a year or two ago - that Cary Grant haunts the Rottingdean Club (in Rottingdean just outside Brighton).

But it was just mentioned in passing and I haven't found any other reference to it, or a reason as to why he would want to haunt the place.

I haven't looked that hard though.
Marilyn Monroe is supposed to haunt several places one of which is th Hollywood Rooservelt Hotel where she was a frequent visiter.Its said her reflection can be seen in a full length mirror which used to be in her regular suite if you look into it......a definate improvement for most of us i'd think particularly early in the morning.
Sid James is said to haunt a dressing room at the Sunderland Empire, where he met his end in 1976.

Les Dawson was given the dressing room when touring there in the 1980's and witnessed something so upsetting that he refused to stay there again or say what he saw.

There doesn't seem to be very much on the net about this, although I heard the story from someone who's relation worked at the Empire at the time. I don't know whether it's credible let alone true but it makes for a nice storey nonetheless
CarlosTheDJ said:
FT dropped a cheeky fact into the "Ghostwatch" column a year or two ago - that Cary Grant haunts the Rottingdean Club (in Rottingdean just outside Brighton).

But it was just mentioned in passing and I haven't found any other reference to it, or a reason as to why he would want to haunt the place.

I haven't looked that hard though.

Cary Grant

Location: Brighton - Rottingdean Club
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 1987 onwards
Further Comments: In life, Cary is said to have made several bids on this club, as he fell head over heels* in love with it.

From Paranormaldatabase.com :)

*heals in original but it annoyed me!
orgazoid said:
Sid James is said to haunt a dressing room at the Sunderland Empire, where he met his end in 1976.

An interwebby search later and I found quite a bit about this story including the legendary phone call to his manager which apparently went...

"Sid James has just died on stage in Sunderland."

"Don't worry, everybody dies in Sunderland!"


Though the same wording and phrasing seems to follow the story as posted by orgazoid. "After one experience during an engagement there, the comedian Les Dawson refused to play the venue again. He never revealed why and would not talk on the subject." which makes me doubt the story's validity, sounds too much like a "luvvies' ghost story.

This article from the Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England), April 26, 2006 seems to deny the story though.

Spirit of Sid said to haunt theatre

Byline: By Ray Marshall

He was one of Britain's favourite actors, who put the chuckle into the Carry Ons.

And it was 30 years ago today that Sid James collapsed and died on stage at the Sunderland Empire on the opening night of The Mating Season.

During the performance Sid suddenly stopped acting, although most of the audience hadn't realised, and Audrey Jeans, his co-star, started fluffing her lines and ad-libbing.

Sid took a few steps backwards and collapsed on to a couch behind him.

Audrey shouted into the wings "close the curtains", which promptly came down.

Naturally, most of the audience thought it was part of the act and there was much laughter going on.

Theatre manager Mel James had just returned to his office from seeing the play get under way.

"I was standing on the side of the stage, just before the curtain went up," said Les. "Ironically, Sid introduced himself to myself and another member of staff, as if we didn't recognise him. He looked great, the show started and his co-star went on and then he made his entrance, went through a door, down a couple of steps on to the set.

"It was a box set so I then went to my office which was in the corner of the stage.

"The next thing I knew was when the wardrobe assistant, Helen Lamb, came banging on my door saying, `You'd better come quick, there's something wrong'.

"I ran back on to the stage, which was only a couple of feet away. I looked through a crack in the scenery and saw Sid slumped on a settee and Audrey said, `I don't know if he's trying to corpse me, or what'.

"I immediately went up to the tab perch, which is 12ft up in the air, and brought the tab in. "To this day I don't know how I got back down because I was first to him on the stage. I saw the state of him and decided to go to the audience and ask for a doctor. I shouted for someone to call an ambulance.

"When I went on stage, of course, the audience thought it was part of the show and went into hysterics.

"But I kept on asking for a doctor and eventually a doctor did come and his words to me were `I don't know if I've been had, or what, but you look concerned'.

"By the time he got on stage the ambulance people were there and they said there's nothing we can do for him.

"The doctor said `I'll tell you when we'll stop', and they whipped him straight off to hospital. An hour of so later we found out he had definitely passed away and, unfortunately there was no understudy for him. The set stood exactly as it was until the Thursday when we took it down and packed it on to a wagon to go away."

Sid James, 62, had died of a heart attack.

It is said his spirit never left the Empire and it is claimed many stars who have appeared since have admitted to either seeing or hearing the ghost of Sid James.

The story goes that Les Dawson refused to return to the Empire in the year before he died, claiming what he saw in the dressing room used by Sid gave him the worst experience of his life but Melvyn, now technical manager, said it was rubbish.

Of the Les Dawson story Melvyn said: "I never heard him mention anything at all. "Every night Les used to come and sit on the bottom of the stairs to the old dressing room block and have a chat and didn't mention anything at all. We've never seen or felt anything and I was here for every one of Les's shows and he didn't mention anything to me."

Sid James, a South African, was known as the man with the world's dirtiest laugh.

Born Sidney Joel Cohen, he came to Britain in 1946, after serving in the South African army He had been a diamond cutter, a hairdresser and, some say, a fairground boxer.

After working in rep he appeared in his first film, Night Beat, in 1947. Many followed, including The Lavender Hill Mob with Alec Guinness.

In 1954 he began an extremely successful partnership with Tony Hancock, both on radio and TV.

Their classic partnership ended when Hancock realised that Sid had became his equal and they were recognised as a double act. Sid then became a leading member of the great Carry On team, eventually making 19 of those cult comedy films.

He was due to start a new series of the popular TV comedy series Bless This House, with Diana Coupland, when he died.

A couple of other web pages mention that Barbara Windsor refused to play the Sunderland Empire. I don't know if she saw Sid but he was famously obsessed with her to the point her husband Ronnie Knight put an axe through his door.

mooks out
Another version of the same story, equally hazy on particulars, as a bump:


YESTERDAY marked the 30th anniversary of the passing of actor Sid James, who died suddenly while appearing at the Sunderland Empire Theatre. Sid exited the stage in a way he never would have expected.

However, as a fellow thespian remarked: "It was probably the way he would have wanted to go – doing what he loved best."

Sid may have left this life for whatever lies beyond, but there have been persistent rumours that he may not have fully left the theatre.

Last week I interviewed Melvyn James – a spooky coincidence with the surname there, perhaps – who was stage manager at the Empire then and now serves as technical manager.

What, I asked him, was the real truth behind the rumours that Sid’s ghost had been seen in the theatre since his untimely demise?

First Melvyn told me what really happened when Sid died, as distorted accounts have been bandied around in the Press ever since.

"Sid was at the side of stage chatting just as the curtain was about to go up.

"He looked fine. It was the opening night of The Mating Game and he introduced himself to everyone; not that he needed to – who could mistake Sid James?

"Anyway, I was in my office when the wardrobe mistress called and asked me to make my way up.

"There was something wrong with Sid. He’d slumped down on a sofa on the stage and then flopped back-over.


"I made my way onto the stage and as soon as I saw him I knew it was very serious.

"His lips were turning blue and his eyes had rolled back in his head."

Melvyn James made an appeal to the audience, shouting, "Is there a doctor in the house?"

Horribly, the crowd thought that this was simply a light-hearted diversion from the script and roared with laughter. Eventually a doctor did come forward and an ambulance was called, but it was too late.

Rumours persist that a number of celebrities have seen Sid’s ghost in what used to be his dressing room.

What about the tale that Les Dawson had bumped into the by then other-worldly Mr James?

"I’ve heard the stories," replies Melvyn. "But if Les did see anything, he never mentioned it when he was here.

"Maybe he related something later, but I saw him regularly and he never made any such claims."

And Barbara Windsor?

"It’s true that Barbara hasn’t appeared here since Sid’s death," said Melvyn. "But I really don’t know why."

"Perhaps Babs just can’t bear to work the same stage on which her good friend died."

The Les Dawson story may well have some substance to it.

Les was supposed to have seen Sid’s ghost at the Empire in 1989.

He didn’t die till 1993 and therefore had a number of years to scotch the story if it was untrue. He never did.

Contrary to a number of fanciful meanderings in the Press, Melvyn James doesn’t seem convinced that the Sunderland Empire is really haunted.

He doesn’t talk like a sceptic, mind you – more of an agnostic.

Maybe he’ll bump into Sid one day, who knows.

Next week I’ll tell you what happened when the theatre’s Press & marketing co-ordinator, Joanne Wilkins, took me on a tour of some of the theatre’s darkest recesses.

It’s a good job I had my camera with me... to be continued.

http://www.shieldsgazette.com/CustomPag ... ionID=6150
Celebrity Ghost Stories

Anybody catch this on the bio channel? It does what it says on the tin,celebs most of them i have never heard of,telling of events that happened to them.
It ranged from Joan collins telling a tale i thought was rubbish,(and i am sure in my distant youth that she told a tall tale on strange but true as well) to an interesting ghost girl/imaginary friend story that happened to a baywatch bimbo, to a very convincing crying women that was seen by an actor who i never heard off .
It has the normal stupid re-enactments and has annoying flashy bits to show how spooky things are,but on the whole i enjoyed it.
titch said:
It ranged from Joan collins telling a tale i thought was rubbish,(and i am sure in my distant youth that she told a tall tale on strange but true as well)

I remember this too, was it something about making an offering to a painting at a house in Venice? So the person in the picture (or rather its ghost) stopped bothering them?
I cant really remember the strange but true 1,but it appears they where both set in Venice,so i assume it is the same story.
I enjoyed Celeb Ghost Story. Some of them were pretty spooky, although not so sure about the re-enactments either with the Most Haunted style wobbly bits either.

There's another series too called 'My Ghost Story' by the same people, which is just non-celebs doing the same thing. Some of these are really fishy, but a few are excellent.

There's a few decent ghosty programs coming out of the US at the moment. Really enjoying the latest series of Ghost Hunters too.
I saw it a few times I think! There was one with the "pretty" one from golden girls (american sitcome)! And I think there was the woman from rossane (another sitcome)...
Cher: Sonny's Ghost Screws With Me

Cher believes in life after ... death -- claiming ex-husband Sonny Bono's ghost not only lingers around ... but still pulls pranks on her!

When asked about her thoughts on ghosts during a recent AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit ... Cher confessed she's a hardcore believer -- 'cause Sonny still messes with her from beyond.

"I actually think that Sonny makes a light go on (in the house)" Cher revealed, adding, "I have a beautiful chandelier that he makes the light go on when it is impossible, there is no power on."

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/09/29/cher-sonn ... eddit-ama/
Rather awful use of 'Staying Alive' in this article.

'I have seen my brothers' ghosts': The last surviving Bee Gee Barry, 70, opens up about losing his siblings and bandmates Robin and Maurice

The last surviving Bee Gee believes his brothers may be stayin’ alive, after experiencing life-after-death visions of them.

In a moving interview with The Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine today, Barry Gibb says he and his wife, Linda, have seen deceased bandmate Robin as well as younger brother Andy – and found the manifestations disturbing.

Father-of-five Barry, 70, says: ‘It’s not fun because you’re not quite sure what it was about. If it was real. I saw Robin and my wife saw Andy. Maybe it’s a memory producing itself outside your conscious mind or maybe its real.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbi...y-70-opens-losing-siblings.html#ixzz4JHbwdlcM
I was thinking of putting this in Suggestions For a Good Read but seeing as I haven't read it, here might be a better place.


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 19.24.13jpg.jpg
Jenny Randles put out a book of Celebrity Encounters with the Paranormal.

A customer writes:
"Absolute hogwash and pseudoscience of the worst kind; hackneyed old stories about stretched coincidences and hoary old tales about so-called celebs (many of whom I had never heard of)."


I have it somewhere. I can only recall the strange tale about Julie Christie, which stated that a young girl had perished in a pool at her holiday home in circumstances very similar to the start of Don't Look Now. :eek:
Les Dawson's encounter with the ghost of Sid James
Posted by: sjhstrangetales on: February 13, 2015

Sid James, of the rugged, beaten-up face (said to have been a legacy from his days as a boxer), and the legendary filthy laugh, was one of the best loved actors to ever appear in British film. Although South African by birth, he seemed to embody the classic cheeky chappie British working-class lad, giving out bawdy chuckles as he ogled the ladies, and always up for a flutter on the horses. He’d had a hugely successful career in the long-running Carry On films, as well as appearing as sidekick to Tony Hancock in the 1950s.

Sid though had been plagued by ill-health for years. He had suffered a heart-attack in the late 1960s, and had had to pull out of Carry On Follow That Camel(American comedian Phil Silvers was drafted in to replace him), and in another he had to spend most of the film as a hospital patient in bed. His punishing work-schedule can’t have helped matters, but Sid flatly refused to turn down any job offers. He had a gambling addiction which constantly ate away at his funds, and he could be notoriously mean with money.

Full version here https://sjhstrangetales.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/the-ghost-of-sid-james/