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Charles Fort Would Be Pleased


Gone But Not Forgotten
Jan 14, 2004
It appears the Feb. 2007 issue of Fate has a story about a haunted mansion in Menands, NY, the location of Fort's grave. I am going to try to pick up a copy tomorrow.
Maybe it's him ...? There are interesting reports of Fort's experiments with "psychics" during his lifetime; and he appeared to his wife, Anna, after his death.
You've just reminded me of something: apparently robert browning (poet) told a friend he'd try and communicate after death - and did, sending something to do with a version of the pied piper of hamelin. Anyone know anything about this?
News to me, James. Browning is known to have detested mediums and wrote his satirical poem Mr Sludge the Medium to ridicule Home:

"Now, don't, sir! Don't expose me!
Just this once!
This was the first and only time, I'll swear, --"

To be fair, no one succeeded in exposing Home but the lines could fit most mediums.

His wife Elizabeth Barrett Browning had been interested in the craze for spirit writing and so was their sickly son Pen. Browning himself was sceptical to say the least. I suspect the mediums may have had their revenges post mortem by channelling him without his permission. :?: