Well im not sure that would satisfy the researcher...if the typical experiencers of shared dreams are couples and the like, ie typically people in the same house if not bed....you could simply assert the possibility, indeed likelihood of collusion between them. Or at the very least of casual conversation on what they'd just dreamed.

So you would have to isolate the individuals and be there when they wake to get the first account of the dreams yourself. Which would presumably not be all that conducive to triggering this particular phenomenon. On top of that if your suspicion is untruthfulness on the part of the people reporting these experiences you could just as easily accuse them of agreeing beforehand what they were going to *claim* to the experimenter that their dreams were.
You really don't like empirical research do you?
You really don't like empirical research do you?
Don't I? How did you come to that conclusion?:thought:

Surely a key element of the scientific method is to identify flaws in a suggested experiment.

The problem you sought to rectify was that you can't take people's word that they aren't just making stuff up. A genuine problem. But I'm saying your suggested way around that difficulty wouldn't do what you set it up with the intention of doing.

It could perhaps serve to diminish the likelihood of misremembering or altering the account of a dream with repeated retelling. But it wouldn't prevent pure fabrication of the experience itself.
Well im not sure that would satisfy the researcher...if the typical experiencers of shared dreams are couples and the like, ie typically people in the same house if not bed....you could simply assert the possibility, indeed likelihood of collusion between them. Or at the very least of casual conversation on what they'd just dreamed.

So you would have to isolate the individuals and be there when they wake to get the first account of the dreams yourself. Which would presumably not be all that conducive to triggering this particular phenomenon. On top of that if your suspicion is untruthfulness on the part of the people reporting these experiences you could just as easily accuse them of agreeing beforehand what they were going to *claim* to the experimenter that their dreams were.

Couldn't agree more- and therein lies the problem of applying so called "scientific" and evidential methods to esoterica. These cannot rule out or rule in the possibility that the experiencer is simply lying. I suspect that most reported on here don't really care whether their experiences are believed or not. Certainly I don't (although I could probably provide sufficient documentary and witness evidence to prove a case in court in respect of my most important experiences).
As mentioned in another thread ive had a cluster of fortean coincidences and the like in the last 24 hours. One is another apparent example of potential dream telepathy.

I reported another brief dream appearance to the same friend as in post #32 above. I woke at 4.30 (subsequently learning he got out of bed at that same time, still half asleep, to use the loo) and recorded a dream. In the morning i summarised in a message to him the section of dream he appeared in with these words ""On stage. New York maybe. Dance or some other kind of performance/audition/rehearsal. Just for fun. There to support a friend doing it professionally at a different theatre nearby "

After i sent that but before he received it he posted on Facebook a video of himself and his brother at a pop concert in London two years ago on the latter's birthday, his gift to the brother. The video is a 6 minute montage of moving images of the star and dancers on stage and those two in the audience.

The aptness of the dream was clear enough to me. But precognition or telepathy? Well on questioning he had been editing the video yesterday before he posted it today. So we can say for sure it would have existed already in his mind and its reasonable to speculate would have informed HIS dreams in some way at the time i was having mine. Or at least the imagery was in his unconscious mind.

I discussed by whatsapp the thought we ought to try some kind of deliberate conscious telepathy test if we work out what conditions are most conducive to what seems to be happening. Without making any such arrangement, at lunchtime today i lay down and - not trying to do anything psychic - closed my eyes while i was listening to the whole of last night's recording. My mind immediately wandered and I saw something in front of me behind my closed eyelids. Its happened a number of times in recent weeks where before falling asleep i "see" handwritten words appearing in front of my closed eyes for a few moments. Clearly words, separated and definite...but always i can't quite make out what words they are. Whether its slightly out of focus, or perhaps its like dyslexia. Its unusual and momentarily intriguing but no more than that.

Anyway it happened at lunch time today and other unusual elements were involved...it seemed clearer still, longer, and most specifically and uniquely the writing was underlined, as in on what i assumed to be lined paper. That had not been a feature before. Instinctively given the correspondence id been having with said friend and the fact i was listening to recording of the dream, i wondered if i was seeing what he was seeing. So i messaged him....


(What you see is typed not handwritten of course. Its a shopping bill. But he was - seemingly at the time i enquired - writing workings out along the side and more pointedly underlining in straight lines several words and lines )
Ok, this one is almost a home run. Though in the end it appears to be an example of precognition rather than telepathy. A shared dream can't be ruled out however, as the other party may simply not recall their half of it.

Last night a simple dream ( freaked out by a big spider in the house) with a clear and simple cause ( I noticed a spider in the bath yesterday).

But there was one very odd detail that kept my attention when I woke. I had perceived myself to be wearing my friend Y's Captain America dressing gown ( he's a huge marvel fan. He lounges at home in a plush adult navy blue hooded dressing gown with the cap America shield symbol on the back. Note I've never worn it, dreamt of it, nor been in his house since February).

I couldn't fathom this detail. It was definitely myself in the dream, not him. So why did I start to feel I was dressed in his robe?

I messaged him this morning to tell him about the dream and ask if perhaps he'd had reason to think about spiders too ( speculating that such a coincidence may cause "dream telepathy" to occur and so my dream started to turn me into him perhaps). Short answer, no.

3 hours later ( and without him noticing any connection to what id told him about my dream!) he sent me a photo. He'd just been to pick up some face masks from a lady he works with. He'd given her some marvel print material to make them with. To his complete surprise and delight she'd made him more than a mask....


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So ive followed up my conversation with Y and there does indeed appear to at least be hints of dream telepathy tied in with apparent precognition.

Here's the precise words i recorded on a digital recorder when i stirred from the dream. Notes in square brackets:
[ I was cleaning something on the hall landing, there were several spiders uncovered including a very large one] "It seems to shoot out. I'm "oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! where is it? where is it? were is it?" and i run into my room, I think its on the back of my [initially leather in my visual recall, but i don't say this on tape] jacket , of my [tone of sudden realisation] I'm wearing..I'm wearing..I'm wearing Y's Captain America dressing gown! So could I be him in the dream?"

I transcribe that to avoid the appearance of me altering my account to fit new information. Which is this. Y tells me that last night before bed he'd watched several episodes of a japanese anime version of the Avengers on tv, in one episode of which the villainous organisation hydra propel a spider shaped bug/transmitter/whatever onto Captain America's back.

What should i make of this? The correlation is clear. But he watched this a few hours before i had my dream. It's possible it was replayed in his dreams and my initial theory that we were both by chance dreaming of spider imagery caused his dream story to leak into and subvert mine. Or at the very least the image of a spider on Captain America's back was present somewhere in his subconscious mind while i slept.

But how does such a mind to mind link account for the equally apparent/obvious parallel with the future event of him receiving a new marvel dressing gown (and/or me receiving a photo of it)? It's a conundrum im constantly encountering and for ever reaching towards. Any ideas to explain it are necessarily vague. But ive concluded in the past that you primarily precognize things when you encounter something that "reminds" you of the future event. Which in this case might lead to this chain of psychic interactions:

I see a spider in the bath so when i go to sleep i happen to dream of a spider. Someone im close to happens to have a spider related image in their sleeping mind too. This overlap in our unconscious thoughts causes a merging or leaking of imagery from one person's mind (his) to the other (mine). My spider becomes his spider device on captain America's back. This unformed allusion to Captain America and my friend leads my mind by association to draw into its stew of images my upcoming experience of seeing his new marvel dressing gown later that day. My brain has the concept and turns it into the dream image of his existing dressing gown.

Thats very convoluted i know, but its the only way i can think to accommodate both telepathy and precognition into the same experience. Maybe only one of those things was experienced. Or neither. But it definitely looks like both.

Edit: "simpler" variant on the above explanation has occurred to me.
Perhaps it was purely telepathy from my end of things...I was picking up visuals from his mind...but he himself was unconsciously precognizing his new dressing gown at that moment and so that's one of the things I "picked up" .
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Another example of inferred dream telepathy.

I know a couple of people in Sri Lanka - T and V- who each appeared in my dream this morning. In which I was talking to the first on the phone about possible future holidays in a third country where we could meet.

Then the second, V, was in the dream physically in front of me.

The dream was long and detailed enough, and the fact id not dreamt of either of them for a few years, or had much contact, that i woke and recorded the details on the digital recorder, eyes still closed.

When i finished I checked my phone to see the time. And found 6 messages from V sent in the preceding hour..ie while i was dreaming of him.

In addition to the fact he appeared in my dream as he was writing to me, the subject was a belated response to something id sent him last week and forgotten about. Namely to tell me (for a friend) what Thailand was like as a holiday destination.

Possible future holidays in a third country.

(Of course it's still impossible to separate telepathy from precognition. Did I dream of him because he was writing to me while I was dreaming? Or did I do so because I was going to find his messages when I woke up?)
Finally a breakthrough in my years long quest to feel sure a dream was evidence of telepathy and could not be reduced to yet more precognition. ( The distinction is important. Precog says something interesting about time. But unlike telepathy doesn't require the mind to be anywhere but inside your head. If Telepathy is real then the idea that the mind is just the brain and can't survive the death of it is considerably less convincing. ).

Once again as in several recent incidents a friend (Y again on this occasion), sent me a message around 6am , just before my final dreams of the night. He messaged me to say he'd been awake since 5.30 worried about some work thing tomorrow. I glanced at the received message without opening it and went back to sleep.

About 8.45 I made an audio recording of my last remembered dreams. The very last part was confusing...I remembered the key facts of a dream conversation with Y but not the origin, context or plot leading up to it. I express my confusion on this fact on tape :

"There was..um..something about him winning £250,000..where did that come from? ( Ie where did that scene come from)..where did he get £250,000 from? I'm saying that would set him up for life, he could buy a house with that, he..Where did that come from?! ( again, meaning the dream fragment)..was that a dream or just a wandering thought?!"

9am I text him and tell him about it. He rings me. Apparently yesterday his partner had wanted to buy a lottery ticket and Y had said if it won he'd only want £250,000 of it and had thought /said what could be done with that amount etc etc.

I surely cannot put this down to coincidence.

But most importantly for the first time in all my "psychic" dream experiences I can't explain this as potential precognition either. Because although, like the previous recent experiences of this kind, he had and acted on the intention to communicate with me at that seemingly magical time in the morning, he did NOT do so in order to reference those particular thoughts in any way, nor would he ever have mentioned it in conversation if I hadn't told him about the dream. So it *can't*, on this occasion, have been a case of me *foreseeing* what I was going to read or hear after I woke. So it can only have been information/imagery extracted from his unconscious mind to shape my dream. Telepathy.
Except . . . you did read / hear of it after you woke up. Yes, your input led to his communicating this information, but you still learned of it in the future relative to your dream. Which leads to that familiar question, do we really have free will? (Since your actions led to a "preordained" action, so your action must have been "preordained" too.) Or was it telepathy? Either way it's pretty wonderful.

And then again, there's always coincidence . . . gah!!! :headbang:
Finally a concrete conscious experiment...and ( in my judgement) an indisputable hit.

After yesterday it was arranged that next time he woke up early - whenever that may be - Y would deliberately try and telepathically transmit a photographic image to me , and then do so literally for me to find after I woke and see if it matched my dreams.

At 5.32 this morning he did so ( I found it after 7) . I reviewed the audio recording I made at 5:55 of a dream I'd just woken from.

Ostensibly it was unrelated. My dream was about a campaigner bringing in a macabre and surreal punishment for some murderers of a young woman. But the words are very important.

I'll quote the audio:

" Set in *Virginia*"

"two boxes or cases below the ceiling"

"woman being interviewed starts with the good news , that one of the *women victims was pregnant and there's now new life in the world*

A woman has campaigned for a new penalty "in Virginia".

"The killer's punishment is that *some essence of them is in the case* and that they are *eternally looking skyward , living in a box* "

"The minds of these bastards are *staring skyward, inside their box , with their bits and pieces*

Virginia, being contained in a box and looking skyward.

Here's the image Y was at that time trying to insert into my dream....
The Richard Wisemans of the world would point out that the target was an airplane and i did not dream of an airplane. As George Sanders said to Marilyn Monroe in All About Eve..."You have a point. An idiotic one, but a point." Absence of the literal is an argument that can only be raised sincerely by anyone who has never been acquainted with dreaming. But its worth some thinking out loud analysis of this morning's test to justify my perception that it was a reasonably clear success.

It bears repeating that i had no idea the test was being conducted today (it could have been on any random day in future); I had no knowledge what the target would be; and the act of "transmitting" the image to me was occurring either simultaneously with or immediately adjacent to the dream being experienced.

With all that in mind, it strikes me there are 2 strong objective parallels between the target and the dream and two weak but suggestive and corroborative parallels which seem to indicate the mind reaching to make form from concepts. In descending order of note these are:

1) The word Virgin and the word Virginia. This is the single most on the nose example of me dreaming of a word i was being willed to dream about.

2) The concept of "looking skyward". The aptness to the photographic image both literally (the viewpoint) and associatively (the normal location of an aircraft and the appearance in the photo of the sky) doesn't need much elaboration. Its particularly interesting to me that i repeatedly chose the term skyward rather than upward.

On their own i would count that a hit. The remaining two parallel themes on their own, however, would impress no one. But collectively with the above they enhance the conviction that the target image had leaked into my dream.

3) People or some aspect of them being contained in two boxes or cases. The craft in the photo is highly unusual looking and ive not seen one before. On inspection its essentially two airplanes joined at the wing. Its not a great stretch to think of the mind trying to make sense of the unfamiliar notion by coming up with two people-containing boxes. Similarly it will be worth questioning Y about the precise nature and form of the thoughts he was "sending" about it. If the abstract concept of air travel was foremost in his mind the "boxes or cases below the ceiling" could simultaneously reference suitcases in the overhead locker.

4) One of the women victims was pregnant and there was now new life (the inferred image was of the baby being removed from the murdered mother by caesarean). Ostensibly the weakest link to the image but i included it because it again hints at mechanism and process behind the formation of dream imagery from an invading thought. It struck me that as Virginia was the literal representation of the word Virgin, that this was the mind trying to conjure up some visual for the *abstract concept of "virgin". Ie by association with virgin birth etc. Again it will be interesting to quiz Y on what his internal monologue or thought process was when trying to project the information to me.

With all that in mind, it presents some possible options for honing the experiment for greater success. The Virgin/Virginia part might suggest using a clear single but easy to visualise word may be the way to go.
As these tests are ongoing it's important to note failures too.

The following night my brother ( unbeknownst to me) was trying it again with the mental image of a steam iron. Nothing remotely connected appeared in my dream recordings.

Similarly, taking advantage of the time difference, I tried to be the sender in a test with a psychic prone friend in America. But he woke with no dream recall.

This morning a frankly anticipated complication. ..the more people I tell about it the more people decide they're going to try and invade my dream. So two people were making the effort this morning. One I was expecting, a friend in Australia, the other - Y again - I wasn't.

The results in both cases were frustrating. Neither of the target images or thoughts put in a clear and obvious appearance in my dreams. But in each case there was a heavy hint of them in a dream recording made a few hours before either one of them was even trying to "send'. If they are rated as "hits" at all they presumably fall back into the category of precognition which is - for me at this point - of little interest since I need no more examples of it.

Y was concentrating on a painted image of two Vikings fighting each other in the snow, one with axes the other with a mace. A couple of hours earlier I described in passing while recounting a dream that two of the celebrities in it were "having a sword fight" and then a little further on say " there's some kind of battle or challenge going on. "

A hint, an allusion, a suggestion..but a hit? If the dream in question was simultaneous with the act of sending I'd probably say so. But preceding the "send" and out of context it's merely tantalising.

The Australian's effort was even more opaque in it's possible dream manifestation.

He was using simple written words. The two word name Peter Pan.

Again before he did do ( although to be fair he already knew what he was intending to send) I had recorded this intriguingly apt dream description. In it I was reading an article in a newspaper where it says:

"Even the word 'surname' is from an Australian (Aboriginal) word. Sur means name. So it's really Name Name"
I am glad you have started sharing these as I have always been curious about it since having the same dream as my sister .
No recent updates as the next few known attempts were either failures or merely suggestive and teasing. For what its worth these "maybe" cases included:

Brother sending thoughts of Sherlock Homes ("his hat, his curly pipe or his detective work" he said when telling me the next day) on a night in which one dream (seemingly PRIOR to the sending) referenced a tv show with British police in America, going door to door on a missing person case, a lady villain, and Gillian Anderson in disguise as a German doctor (watson perhaps?). Summarised out of context like that the detective connection sounds stronger than it felt. Oh and the same night Stephen Fry put in a spontaneous appearance...it may or may not be relevant that he's deeply connected to Sherlock fandom and is the narrator of the complete audio books. But still, this feels like panning for fragments of gold in a sandy river bed.

Similarly the American one morning was apparently concentrating on projecting to me the compass and square of the Freemasons symbol, while thinking of terms such as freemasons and the all seeing eye. The last dream of that morning was a news report on a social media fad of people posting images of grand old brownstone buildings in various British cities, the places "they were living as their foothold into Society". I'll leave you to tease out the association i potentially see in those terms to the masons. The Stephen Fry flourish in that dream was that one of the buildings shown was identified as Chatham House. Googling when awake reminded me that CH is a think tank, not a masonic organisation or temple. But for whatever its worth there are a few tinfoil hat posts and videos out there that wrongly talk of Chatham House as masonic. Perhaps because there is, coincidentally, a completely unrelated Chatham Masonic Hall in Kent.

Having said all that there were also some spontaneous incidents. I woke last Sunday morning with a dream fragment rather than a full story (much like the £250,000 incident that started this it felt like a separate distinct entity at the end of sleep rather than a proper dream in its own right) in which i reported on tape that G (the friend who was looking at the kate bush album) was changing his name to the nonsense name Redeadly Komply (!). I texted him to tell him when i woke and he replied he was that weekend working out the logistics on rebranding his small business in the new year, and had only told 3 people about it.

On Wednesday i had a striking daytime precognition. Out on my walk i was thinking of a never-met, online contact i'd had no communication with in months and began reliving in my mind an occasion months ago when by chance alone a friend of mine described meeting him. I finished my walk, got home, and received a text from a completely different friend describing having just been in the company of the very same contact, ie at the exact time i was thinking about him/it.
As far as I'm aware no one has been trying to do anything this last week, so there was nothing to report. But last night - unbeknownst to me again - my brother was concentrating on sending me the following image


It's the Liver building at the Pierhead here in Liverpool.

The way he phrased it when informing me just now was "did you dream of the Clock face of the Liver Building at all?" As that was what he was specifically using that image to try and convey to me. Simple answer , I dreamt of no clock faces.

However my dream reording at around 4.50 am tells a different story. It contains the following remarks.

"I'm wandering down to the waterfront, like the Pier Head area. There's a large orange building"
"I go to the front but when I look through the door it's just complete blackness".
Round the back of the building when a ship pulls in I find "opportunities to take great photos" and "great photo opportunities from different angles".

Whatever his specific thoughts and intention the image he was using to focus them was an arty photo of the Pierhead blackly silhouetted against an orange sky. It appears to have been deconstructed in my dream as Pierhead, Orange, Blackness and Great Photo Opportunity.
No experiments since November and I've fallen out of the habit of regularly recording my dreams so even the interesting ones have vanished from all recall by breakfast.

However something which holds the potential to reveal something interesting happened this morning. I had and did record a very incoherent and unstructured dream recollection. That's to say I can't make an intelligible story out of it now, but it involved my deceased brother and then also myself showing an awareness of his/my own approaching death. That is first he and then I , in separate parts of the dream, were leaving messages and photos for people , aware we'd not be around any more. Or something like that.

I commented on tape that I hoped this dream wasn't precognitive!

Well when I woke my best friend rang me ( aside: my primary school best friend had put in an appearance in the dream) , clearly distressed. His baby brother had been in a serious car accident. ( Again in my dream my eldest brother and his son came through my door and I asked them what had happened. I couldn't recall in reference to what , except knew it was something to do with machinery). He's in hospital but happily he's ok.

So far to see a correlation between dream and event is possible but a little opaque ..every detail is clearly different from the one I'm pairing it with. And if we do concede a connection it would only, thus far, be one of precognitive awareness of the phone call. Not the telepathy or clairvoyance at the heart of this thread.

But I share it because of one detail yet to be tested. Obviously because it's across country and theres the pandemic my friend hasn't actually seen his brother. So at the moment of writing isn't in a position to confirm or deny a match to the following ...

I dreamt noticing the stubble on my face was black ( not these days it ain't) and on my right cheek I had 2-3 red lesions/welts/ lumps. I was pondering whether to queue up at the doctor's to get it checked out.

As this now sounds like the kind of injury one might expect to see on someone's who's had a crash, I wait to find out if the patient has such marks. If so that would not be future knowledge but contemporaneous distant knowledge. I shall keep you informed.
Been a while, since the experimenting and even the dream recording faded out of fashion again. But this morning another clear indicator of psychic beachcombing in my sleep, if you will.

My guess/interpretation about a new puppy in the following exchange was based purely on the fact the friend addressed owns a dog (Sam). I had no idea when their birthday was, till i looked it up after waking - its in a couple of weeks.


It would take some effort to suggest this was not a "hit". The two elements i enquired about - birthday and new dog - were, it seems the topic of their thought and conversation in the hours surrounding my dream, unbeknownst to me.

Its worth noting once again though the frustrating lesson. How success or failure - or rather the appearance of it - is determined less by the dream and more by how i summarise/interpret it. If instead of birthday and puppy i had opted to ask about any recent thoughts around cake and pregnancy for example, i'd have been met with bemused silence, if not pity at my absurd delusions about having psychic dreams, and we'd be none the wiser that i was right.
Two anomalous dream experiences in one night.

On the face of it one precognitive , the other telepathic dream sharing.

1) the phone rings . But when I answer it I'm listening to a conversation between Francoise - a lady work colleague of my mate Y, who I don't know but who he always mentions - and Y himself. I panic that I shouldn't be hearing this, they'll think I've hacked into her phone.

Real life: an hour later I'm on phone with Y..a male voice breaks in then a female french sounding voice. Its a work conference call he's checking in on while talking to me. This has never happened before.

2) I dream I'm on a city street with my brother beside me ..he explains he's on his way to sign something at the German consulate ( " it's not Germany, it's the consulate") , something to prove he's read the data. "Something to do with data protection". He's worried he'll be arrested.

Real life : I message him, ask if he's got to go somewhere to sign something? Perhaps with a German connection? He says not so far. But then tells me his own dream from last night ...

He's in the rubble of a bombed out ruined wartime city he feels is Belgium. He sees a pile of books under which is a bundle of documents. He covers them up so the Germans don't see them.
Either there's an "it" that's getting stronger, or I'm just getting better at summarising dreams around key facts that enable recognition of their relevance to the other person. I suspect its the latter.

Gattino - this is a great and fascinating thread.

Thank you so much for it.
I have to say, for all my acceptance of the reality of this stuff both the shoe one and even more so now the accommodation/black man one - both in the same week - did startle even me, as there is no involvement of symbolism or association or trying to explain back stories in order to make any one else see a connection. In fact this morning's has the sheen of something even more profound, given i placed myself in the dream where i really was, in my own bed with my eyes closed, silently eavesdropping on a private conversation on the other side of the planet. (Or at least on the memory of that conversation, perhaps?)

Pause for some analysis.

Claim: when you dream of x, and they are dreaming or daydreaming too at that moment, information is passed between you at the level of some shared unconscious.

The friend in this morning's dream is someone ive not seen in about 20 years, we converse online only occassionally, bordering on rarely. So why him, why last night, and why so much more impressive in accuracy? It would certainly seem to undermine the natural assumption that the greater personal or emotional bond produces the greater or more likely effect. Perhaps psychic events between siblings, parent and child, spouses and best friends only occur more often, and are reported more often, because those people are inevitably thinking of each other more often. Perhaps when you dream about a celebrity or movie star you are just as much picking up on that stranger's private thoughts or activities.. you just have no reason or means to ever find out.

And then, what of the dead? Many report their deceased loved ones visiting them in their dreams. But the rest of us perhaps, like me, see them in our dreams only as stock characters in the story...no reference is made to their deceased state...So is it conceivable that dreaming of my dead relatives i am just as much picking up details of their continuing lives and thoughts in some post mortem realm as i am picking up details of the life and thoughts of a friend in Australia?

Finally, what's the use of it? Or what use could be made of it? I've surely collected enough incidents to convince myself its really happening. And just as much to you as to me. So now what? It's not like it can be used as some superpower...it's not even a practical means for spying on anyone. The only practical application i can hypothesise - assuming the mind to mind process is both universal and a two way street - is to wonder if a person could affect the thoughts or behaviour of another. Could one sit up at night and project images into the presumably sleeping mind of a target causing nightly dreams of sleeping with you, hiring you, loving you? And would those dreams, even if forgotten, affect their waking decisions?

(Horrifying thought. Because if that were possible...someone will have worked it out and is probably doing it by now!)
Another dream, another person, same morning as the one above. I'll summarise this one as the screen conversation would be in too many parts.

Saturday morning messaged friend to report a dream in which he was lying right back and singing "a world war 1 song with another friend" and that he "knew all the words."

He didn't read or reply to this message until Sunday afternoon. Says that he had been in the passenger seat as his partner drove the car, insisting on singing karaoke. My friend says he can't stand his own voice and doesn't like joining in so leans back in the car seat to render invisible the fact that he's only pretending to sing.

Interesting insight into domestic life. But here's the complication. I ask when this happened. Saturday 4pm. But I had reported my dream to him on Saturday morning. ..

I know dream precognition (of one's own experiences) is real. And I now know to my satisfaction dream telepathy is real. But dreaming about someone else's future trivia is still perplexing and doesn't sit right with me. Once again im left to speculate a mechanism that makes sense in an internally logical way but would leave me a prime candidate for a tin foil hat if i tried to argue for it. That i was having a telepathic dream of the friend (ie mining scraps of images from his subconscious) at the time he himself was having a (since forgotten) precognitive dream about his own day.

Who knows.
And again...
As with precognition in dreams in previous years the sheer weight and consistency of the observation of mind to mind entanglement in sleep has established itself for me as a normal universal reality. So im not sure how long i should keep posting these almost daily examples on here. Perhaps im hoping the weight of numbers will serve a purpose to convince an imagined sceptic. But i doubt they will so I'll probably reduce or stop posting these unless something different or spectacular happens. But for now, this morning's nocturnal spying mission. And an amusing postscript where i joked about my "abilities" and appeared to unwittingly prove them at the same time.