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I personally hope that you continue to document these experiences, and post them here. You are building a contemporaneous record of anomalous events. The accumulation of evidence may be useful to someone; who I don’t know. Perhaps researchers in the areas of dreams, telepathy, mind-to-mind interactions, etc. I’ve done a quick google search of dream researchers and have come up with these below. Your research may be useful.

Consciousness and Cognition

University level research units:
University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies
University of Virginia Sleep Disorders Center
For balance i should outline some failures, unknown results and borderline ones that raise questions. All from this week.

A dream with a strong emotional content involving my closest friend, who appears frequently in these dreams - both the spontaneous and the experimental ones - His reaction suggested nothing in it meant anything to him

A dream about a friend ive had no personal or online exchange with in literally a few years - it felt like it must be meaningful (he turns up at my front door. When I greet him he opens his mouth but can't speak.). I message him in the morning. The message was read but he never there's no way of knowing if it was a clear hit, a hit he failed to recognise and he thought i was a nut, or a complete miss

An American who, given the time difference insisted i try to influence his dreams as he was about to go to sleep. On this occasion i saw it as an opportunity to test the idea that the catalyst is the subject thinking about the dreamer while they're dreaming. I perform a task - gardening/brushing up blossoms - while maintaining daydreaming thoughts of him, and an occasional internal monologue directed at him throughout. He reported his dreams in full.. nothing he dreamt of related to my immediate activities or anything else likely to be floating around my mind on that day.
This latter exercise was at least useful for suggesting that thinking of the dreamer is probably not the (sole) catalyst for spontaneous cases. Perhaps its about the dreamer chancing to think of the subject instead. It also lead me to notice something for the first time. The nature of the spontaneous cases is I dream of the person whose mind i seem to be extracting information from...yet in the deliberate experimental cases where someone was trying to transmit an image into my dreams, the person involved never featured in the dream. That never dawned on me before! It suggests the two means of influencing a dream are different in nature as well as practice. Once again it might suggest the receiver (me) is the instigator in spontaneous cases while its the other party in deliberate cases.

Other random realisations: Since "telepathy" has been the main subject of enquiry and interest, ive not noticed any personal examples of precognition occurring in my dreams. For years they were my primary contribution to these boards. The fact that they're no longer apparent while telepathic exchange is appears to undermine my expressed conviction that precognition is happening in everyone's dreams all of the time if they'd only look and pay attention. Now im beginning to wonder if the nature of dreams is to be whatever you come to expect them to be. If you expect dreams to be about metaphor and symbolism then yours will be. If you think dreams are precognitive they will conform to your belief. If you consider lucidity to be inevitable, it becomes standard. And once you've had a few examples of telepathy and accept its normal, that's exactly what they provide in ever greater numbers.

Then we come to today's example. This raises many questions. The lady addressed in the following exchange is a friend of a friend. I've only met her twice. 7 years ago. She's on my facebook, but ive never had reason to message her privately before now. So question one is why i should dream of her and why any form of unconscious entanglement should or could exist between us. With her initial reply it was tantalising, and placed side by side with the question looks like it qualifies as a hit. Though the "last week" bothered me in accepting it as such. Time is clearly very malleable in all of this but surely there has to be a time limit otherwise we could accept incidents that happened10 years ago or 10 years hence. Still the bf incident could still have been passing her thoughts in the last 24 hours or in her sleep. But then, extraordinary twist, a much more direct "hit" occurred. It happened before my dream but her knowledge of it occurred after. Once more suggesting information about her father may have been lurking in her subconscious, whether telepathically or clairvoyantly it was already there for me to retrieve. But if this was what the dream referred to, what do we do with the boyfriend and the brambles in her initial response? Do they have any relevance at all?
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Gattino – Well of course you will have failures. Your reporting those is part of being honest, both with yourself and others. I think you have a real talent for this – a talent which I don’t have. I like the way you set up provisional hypotheses and then evaluate based on the evidence. It seems to me that your dreams are directed and specific; not random. Really, I hope you can find someone to put all this amazing research of yours to use. Even if you don’t, I hope you continue to post here. Very thought-provoking.
A minor addendum to the last posting re the arm scratches. I asked her about the conversation with her parents. I think i was trying to establish if she, influenced by what i had told her, had gone asking about any arm scratches when she heard about the fall thus giving greater than it deserved significance to a trivial detail of his injury. Her reply would suggest not.
So is it conceivable that dreaming of my dead relatives i am just as much picking up details of their continuing lives and thoughts in some post mortem realm as i am picking up details of the life and thoughts of a friend in Australia?

Finally, what's the use of it? Or what use could be made of it? I've surely collected enough incidents to convince myself its really happening. And just as much to you as to me. So now what? It's not like it can be used as some's not even a practical means for spying on anyone.
While reading these descriptions of your experiences, I was reminded of something I recently learned regarding trees and how they communicate and help each other through fungal networks connected to their root systems. (Post regarding "FINDING THE MOTHER TREE: Discovering Wisdom in the Forest") In one of those lateral, idea-linking thought processes, I got a flash of how we might all be connected like this to each other to a greater or lessor degree, via an evolving network of something we can't measure yet, which is like a living thing in symbiotic relation with us, or created by us somehow. More like a dynamic living system than a New-Agey abstract structure.
A mind twisting postscript to the scratched arm dream.

One week ago I reported it to the woman i don't know well but understood it to be about - her name is Deborah.

At the same time, something dawned on me that made me report it to one other person. My mate W had been in the dream, as it was he who asked me if i had a plaster for her. In real life W does not know the aforementioned Deborah, but i recalled he himself has a close friend called Debbie. Just in case mine had merely been a dream substitution for his I messaged him about the dream and asked if SHE had any deep arm scratches, perhaps (i speculated) from a cat.

Before he could read it Deborah got back to me and had a dubious followed by a very impressive matching event to the dream. Case closed. I told W about it. He is one of those polite disbelievers who asks me tentatively is it not just all a coincidence.. after all how common is to get scratches on your arm. He'd had some himself recently from gardening. A fair point - they are common. But a specific person having them at a specific moment is hardly predictable let alone inevitable. And with Deborah's response about her father seeming to be a clear hit i considered it case closed.

Today, one week on, W has just sent me a photo of his Debbie. Cat injury. How on earth to disentangle this?:pop:

A slight variant, but an intriguing one.

The last couple of weeks my diminishing attempts to tell anyone ive dreamt of them has resulted in no recognised matches to reality.

Yesterday however a waking set of coincidences i reported on the coincidence thread but may be relevant here for speculation on the web of associations in a shared unconscious realm which i frequently suggest on here. Maybe i'll get back to that later.

This morning, this... I woke at 8am and checked my phone. My mate Y, who hasn't called me since last week, had sent a text message at 7.30am asking if i was awake. The clear implication - that he was and was impatient to ring me. It's therefore highly suggestive that somewhere in that 30 minute gap (i believed it to be within 10 minutes before i opened my eyes) I had a most unusual dreaming/waking/hypnopompic (?) sensation. It's hard to express but i felt my shoulder being shaken as if by someone trying to wake me up. I say hard to express because it was neither a scene inside a dream nor was it a physical sensation of someone literally in the room. Rather it was like an overlayed impression of my shoulder being vigorously shaken. The mental construct in my mind is of my invisible so called "astral/spiritual" shoulder being shaken rather than my flesh and bone one. That's the best way i can convey the idea.

Given this - the obvious inference that his willing me to wake up had caused the odd experience - when i confirmed i was now awake and he rang me I decided to tell him what i had otherwise been dreaming about even though i didn't recall him being in the dream. He's a big Marvel fan and my dream was full of Marvel/Avengers characters. What he had been doing into the early hours, meanwhile, was playing the Avengers computer/video game with his visiting younger brother. As i recalled for him the snippets of plot i could retrieve of my dream he interrupted each one to link it to the action and plot of the game.

(Since he wasn't himself - as far as i was able to recall - a character in the dream it may undermine my previous conclusion that the person dreamt of does appear when the catalyst for the "connection" is the dreamer, but doesn't when its a deliberate attempt by the other person to affect the dream. Although...maybe his thinking of me and willing me to be awake serves the same purpose of making him the catalyst. )
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[This post has been rewritten for greater clarity]

A new twist in my dreams that at least seems to point further to the idea of a shared unconscious in the sleeping state. It took a long while for what had happened and its potential significance to sink in.

I was away in Cornwall over the weekend with friends Y and John. Friday morning...
1) I had a dream about some financial problem.. a woman from the fraud squad or office was encouraging me to say what it was. I was insisting they needn't be involved as it didn't involve a crime. She insisted. So - and this is the interesting bit - I told John the secret so he could confirm to them no crime was involved. He didn't hear me first time so i whisper what happened directly into his ear.
2) In the morning John reports to me, unsolicited, a strange dream HE had had, about being surrounded by a group of men demanding money with menaces.
3) Within half an hour of reporting these dreams to each other i receive a phone call from, the American Airbnb guest who was still staying at mine while i was away, reporting what's happening at home with a group of 3 men at the doorstep fraudulently demanding money for allegedly doing the guttering. They only left when i told him to call the police. Though in the end no crime was committed.

Placed in sequence as a single story it looks for all the world like i've not only foreseen the coming event (which i'm quite used to) but, more dramatically, told John about it inside "dreamland" and, as a consequence, he had also dreamt about it.

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An intriguing addition to the Cornwall dream.

One of my regular Airbnb guests is a man who stops at mine as a journey break on his frequent trips between Scotland and the south of England. My tales of dreams - and my conviction that anybody paying attention to their own would witness the same thing - have triggered his interest in the subject, so he's started recording his dreams and telling people when he dreams of them, with - he reports - suggestive or tantalising results in some cases.

Anyhow, i messaged him yesterday to tell him about the whole dodgy tradesmen/telling john inside the dream/demanding money sequence outlined above.
This caused him to look back at his own dream diary where he found one that stood out. It was recorded at 4am on the night of the 3rd/4th - same date as my and John's dreams - He claims to recall his dream being dark and sufficiently threatening to wake him up with a jolt. His notes read "Strange(rs), plumbers(?), gear, people moving at *'s"
[I've replaced my name with an * there.]

In short given the timing, threatening feeling and reference to strangers/plumbers at mine, it looks like thats a third person who picked up on the same ..well...unconscious premonition i guess.
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Minor one, but the thing of interest here is i've never personally met this person, and he lives in Sri Lanka...again underlining that emotional as well as physical closeness are not necessary factors at all. I did however have reason to mention or draw attention to him the day or so beforehand which would explain why he was added to the rollcall of potential dream characters. Again this would add to my general hypothesis that the in most cases the general mechanism is "dream...something in dream reminds you of someone...they become part of the story...when they do a bridge is opened between their unconscious and yours...imagery from theirs may leak into the plot of your dream".

I had woke around 6.30am and messaged him to report his first dream appearance, involving carpentry or building a house - planks or beams of wood were involved. Did it mean anything? He replied enigmatically "some thoughts and some fantasy mixed up together" and thanked me for the message! Which was frustrating. I then went back to sleep and he reappeared at a certain point. So i woke after 8am and messaged him again.

I could have kept this one short, but his additional observation (he's not someone im in regular contact with so the fact i was in his thoughts is more notable) adds another potentially useful datapoint for establishing a set of rules for this stuff.

An interesting aside on the above exchange, which may give credence to my suspicion that many "misses" may in fact be hits that have gone unrecognised.

Even though I explicitly said "red Indian" and "Tonto" in my message recounting the dream, the friend in question somehow never absorbed that detail . It was only when I spelled it out to him on the phone that the significance of the woman in the real encounter being native american sank in. From his side he had only been accepting a match to the general synopsis of engaging with a woman on the bus. The "bullseye" part of it went unnoticed even when written in black and white ( or orange and white in this case).

So how many times, I wonder, when I report a dream and get a blank response or denial of relevance has it merely been a failure in communication/comprehension /attention rather than an actual "miss"?
Two reports - and two confirmations - stemming from the same dream. There's a lot to unpack with these ones as they contain further corroboration for the "misses are unrecognised hits" hypothesis plus the rather more muddied waters notion of a web of interconnected minds rather than mere one to one in many cases.

First part of the dream, and an exchange with my brother. Note than in my initial summary, concentrating on details in the dream that couldn't possibly match reality but which i hoped he would make sense of, the compulsion to look for the literal on his part marked it out as a complete dud. But when i redirected him to the essential essence of the plot my new wording revealed a strong "hit" after all.


In addition, it belatedly occurs to me there may be typical dream world play going on here. Broughton and Edinburgh?

Regardless, the same dream continued with a strange activity and a new character, a friend called John.


Finally when i told my brother, from the first report above, of this secondary exchange, he replied "funnily enough i was thinking last night whether something needed to be soldered again!"

In this again i see hints of a process...its not the first time a third party has seen a personal connection between their thoughts and dreams and a seemingly complete dream connection ive had with someone else. A chain of association appears to be at work. Could dreaming of my brother's family have lead to a leakage into my mind of his thoughts about soldering, which in turn redirect the phantom tendrils of my unconscious towards John, who is very much a handyman and, it seems, had had similar thoughts in his head?

Go too far into these observations and you go down the rabbit hole, so ill stick in general to looking only for direct one on one connections. Interesting nonetheless.

I'm inevitably totally blasé about this stuff now. That it is an ordinary, regular part of every day dreaming is no more than a statement of easy to test for yourself fact .

What remains of fascination is that if you look up the subject - inevitably Wikipedia is the world's go to unreliable source - you will be told with utter authority that it's a unproven/disproven/debunked pseudoscientific delusion.

Which at this point is as peculiar to me as reading there's no such thing as a nose.
A variation on the theme.

As my friend Y is subject of many of the more striking spontaneous dream matches and the deliberate dream experiments, I took the opportunity when visiting him last week in the south of England to try waking telepathy tests.

One would sit eyes closed and say what the mind's eye showed while the other was looking at a randomly selected photo online

We only did so on one occasion - with me as the receiver once and him twice ( notably my efforts involved vague perceptions of abstract shapes, whereas when he was the one with his eyes closed he was coming out with clear solid forms and colours). The results each time were credibly successful.

Anyway a week on and I'm now back home and we decided to do it over the phone.

In the following screen capture the words are me repeating back to him for the record what he had said, before then showing him the target image.
Two recent ones. The second is again highly suggestive of the idea that many - perhaps most - "misses" (when the recipient doesn't respond or responds by saying no, they can't think what the dream could possibly resemble) are unnoticed/unrecongised/unacknowledged hits.


This one has a couple of intriguing addenda, again suggesting a web more than a bridge. What's not included in the above exchange as summarised is that another friend, "A", appeared at the beginning of this dream and came on the trip (till my subconscious replaced him with others). Well as is my wont i sent the above screen captured conversation to a number of individuals i like to inflict them on.

I went to send it a friend, Stephen. but noticed he was already typing something to me, so held back and waited. His message popped up. It began "I finally had a dream with you in it. You were enthusiastically inviting ("A") to come along on a journey somewhere."

Secondly I sent the image/conversation to a friend in the USA. He replied that last night before bed he had the thought and intention of messaging me about my dreams to suggest he try to influence mine or vice versa as we did last year, and hoped this would take place between 5.30 and 6.30am his time. But he did not in fact go ahead with his plan to suggest this to me. Nevertheless he woke and found my account of a psychic dream (my first to him in many many weeks) at 5.18am.
It's been a while...the usual combination of falling out of the habit of recording dreams, not noticing new/unexpected people in the dreams i recall, and of course not getting any confirmation of a match on the rare occasions ive had reason to check with someone.

But yesterday after a very dream filled night i had 3 apparent matches in one night. Two from the same dream/recording, the other from a dream two hours later.

Unusual/intriguing features in this bunch. The same theme connects More evidence of a shared unconscious reaching out searching for associations? And the two principle subjects/recipients are both bare acquaintances. Facebook friends who ive only ever met briefly, once each, many years ago, and with no recent or ongoing exchange of messages.


It's interesting to speculate that the reason for my sister's real life scolding of her bf - packing too many clothes - may have leaked into my perception of the link between shoes and Chris, the main recipient of my message, - ie that he may have too many.

Then in the next recording 2 hours later, this involving another acquaintance.

New, straightforward one. Friend whose lived in london for years but originally from Chester (and no, i had no reason to know anything about any family issues)

I wonder if all of us have someone with whom our dreams connect, but we don't usually meet them in real life? After my dream about whispering to someone in the dark 'turn the light on' and my daughter saying that somewhere there was someone who dreamed they walked into a dark room and heard someone whisper 'turn the light on' - maybe there's something in this?
A new twist. Apparently successful remote viewing! A friend in Australia expressed a desire to turn up again in one of my dreams. So I suggested ways we might try and induce him to appear in one. But no luck . So this morning ( obviously evening in Oz ), awake but eyes still closed and relaxed I tried a different tack. I tried to casually imagine seeing through his eyes in real time. At first an image of running behind someone entered my mind but I dismissed it as he'd mentioned running around that time yesterday. So I tried again ..

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Taking this to be, by my standards, a clear hit, it's instructive to observe the conditions that enabled it and which ought to be repeatable.

Attempts at such things during the day, or even in bed at night are patchy to useless. I struggle to visualise on command or under ( self) pressure to "see" something.

So I think it's the novel set of circumstances ...still in a sleep mode/position in the morning whereby I could drift back into dreaming, but nonetheless awake to consciously direct my intention. Simultaneously the target being in Australia where it was early evening means they're ideally placed to be doing "something" , rather than being in bed like me or just at home eating their breakfast.

So inevitably I'll try it with him again tomorrow.

To prove my point at 1.30 in the afternoon I lay down in bed, closed my eyes and tried to see if I could repeat the exercise with a different antipodean I know. But all that was in my mind's eye were random shapes in the darkness and an image of the person himself ( whereas the subject this morning never appeared .. I'd had a first person point of view perception of surroundings). This is typical when I try and do it consciously.

So that "still able to drift into dreams" state in the morning may be key to replication.
3 more dream "hits" this week.

The first is a clear hit (background clarification: I have no plans to travel to Japan with the recipient of the message. But its a possible trip we've mentioned over the years. I was under the impression, from public postings a few months ago, that he's going next year with another individual. It's therefore not a current or recent subject of discussion at all. )


The next one is a little frustrating as the recipient is someone i don't have regular contact with but has appeared in a number of dreams over the years. When ive reported them to him he's tended to either never read the message or else respond in a way that suggests it was a hit without offering any further details or clarification, even with prompting. This new one is an example of the latter.


The third one is also instructive. The person's initial response (omitted here) was to joke and then to say no the dream meant nothing. But when i told him why i report such dreams to people and how sometimes they just fail to make the connection, a lightbulb seemed to go off and he offered a different answer.