Couple’s Chairs Grow On Trees


Gone But Not Forgotten
Mar 1, 2002
PETER Cook has chairs, beds and tables literally growing in his garden. The Swanfels man said while his living furniture may not be like your conven- tional sofa, it was a growing craze about to be showcased to the world.

“Furniture growing has been hailed as the new art- form of the 21st Century and later this month we will be taking it to Japan for World Expo,’’ Mr Cook said. “It will be the first time my partner Rebecca and I have launched our work and un- less you see it, it is really hard to believe.’’ Mr Cook said after fine- tuning theart for more than 17 years he was now widely regarded as the best in the world. “A man in Japan re- searched and could only find about five to 10 others doing it in the world,’’ he said. “We use a style known as Pooktre and we have already been on Japanese television with our work. “My latest venture is shaping people-trees with hands, heads and hair.’’ Mr Cook, who is better known around Warwick as the man behind the Jackie Howe centenary sculpture in Albion Street, said the couple primarily used plum trees for sculptures. “We will continue farming the trees and plan to start selling them soon,’’ he said. “We have even been approached to shape a house.