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Gonza the Spearman is a superb movie well worth the dosh, one of my favorites is lady snow blood. Great thread love the lone wolf movies and was it zatoitchi, the blind swordsman that had weird rhythmic bits throughout, that's my next buy when the dosh is right :)
morningstar667 said:

Good call. I checked and its £14.99 but...... is part of a buy two Japanese films for £15!!! ... 01&pa=prod

Ordering now....

If anyone is wondering about good picks: Uzumaki and Wild Zero would be a stonking combo. I'd also recommend Roningai (although I have the US release)

Anyone looking at using the deal for quite a lot of them including Lady Snowblood or Zatoichi films should bear in mind:

1. They are part of sets which are basically the films in cardboard boxes which work out cheaper e.g. Sword of Doom, Samurai Rebellion and Samurai Assassin are in on. There is also Lady Snowblood boxset is £11.99: ... tle=161671
and Junk and Wild Zero are in an excellent boxset for £12.99: ... tle=555430
so check when it says what other things the actors appear in ad you should be able to see if a cheaper boxset exists.

2. As described above (or elsewhere) the image quality is poor - if you can afford it the AnimEigo releases look a whole lot better.

It also looks as if once you have bought 2 the rest only cost £7.50 - so you don't need to buy 4 you can get 3 for £22.50 :)
Kichiku Dai Enkai (aka Banquet Of The Beasts) and the Sword of Doom would make an interestingly dark pairing. Looney revolutionaries and pschyo samurai. If only The Hidden blade was in there to go with Roningai..
Viewing Mirrormask (Very available on ebay)later, watch this space...
Sounds suitably nuts:

Samurai Commando in April - Artwork added

Momentum Asia have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Samurai Commando: Mission 1549 for 24th April 2006 priced at £15.99. Directed by the creative force behind three of the most recent Godzilla films, Masaaki Tezuka (2003's Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., 2002's Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla and 2000's Godzilla vs. Megaguirus), SAMURAI COMMANDO: MISSION 1549 is a big-budget reworking of the 1979 Sonny Chiba hit, G.I. Samurai, itself based on the successful sci-fi novel by Ryo Hanmura.

In 2003, a highly classified military experiment involving magnetic shielding goes disastrously wrong causing the mysterious disappearance of a squadron of Japanese SDF soldiers, along with several tanks and a helicopter. In their place appears a lone, injured man dressed in 16th century period battle dress…

Two years later, small black holes have begun appearing across the Japanese landscape. Capable of sucking in matter, energy and light, they threaten the very existence of the planet. Military research suggests that the 2003 experiment created a rift in the space/time continuum, effectively sending the soldiers and their weaponry 456 years back in time to Japan's Warring States era. Now it is believed their actions in the past are throwing time into disarray and causing history to attempt to repair itself by destroying the present. With an estimated 74 hours to go until the world ends, a second military squadron repeats the fateful experiment and travels back in time in an attempt to rescue their former comrades and restore the past. On arrival in the year 1549, they discover a country in turmoil, ruled by a power-mad Shogun tyrant in possession of modern-day weaponry – a man intent on destroying Mount Fuji and changing the course of world history forever. But this man is no stranger to the soldiers…

Features include: documentary (film compilation presenting insight into previous versions); making of featurettes (x2); SFX documentary; cast interviews; interview with author Ryo Hanmura.

Pre-order: ... ntmagaz-21
Gisaku - a Spanish animated samurai film (with what looks like werewolves - tell a lie its a weretiger or some such):

Somewhere in Spain, a Samurai waits patiently to complete his long-entrusted mission: to protect the Key of Izanagi from evil. The key, composed of powerful pieces, closes a door that gives entry to the world’s threshold. Gisaku is the story of a fight between good and evil, in which a group of very different characters will have to work together to stop Gorkan, Master of the Darkness, from accomplishing his objective: to invade the world with his demoniacal hordes. During their mission Riki, Gisaku, Yohei, Linceto and Moira will find themselves forced to overcome their internal conflicts and numerous difficulties. The final battle: Spain, 2005. How could you miss it?

Trailer form there too.

Hat tip (and various other sniippets and bits of info):
Just watched Bunraku with Josh Harnett and Woody Harlson. 2010 can't believe i missed this when it came out as its ok and certainly worth a watch.
I loathed it and it is def. not Jidaigeki. Not sure what turned me off so much. Maybe the attempt at asian pacing without the atmosphere and drama.