Day Of The Animals: Tales Of Man Vs Beast (And Man Suffers)


Gone But Not Forgotten
Aug 3, 2001
lizards eat owner

Maybe David Icke is right?

Just read this in the Metro(London) Fri 18th 2002

Lizards Devour Their Dead Owner.

Pet lizards were forund feasting on the corpse of a man in his apartment. Ronald Huff's relatives called Police because he had failed to go to work. Officers arrived at his home in Newark, New Jersey, to find him dead on the floor - with seven Nile Monitor Lizards, the smallest two feet in length, feeding on his flesh.

I was just about to. Does it count if your name is in very small print? At least it's in FT:D
This tale has already been on the FT site.

In passing, is it relevent that Newark is an anagram of 'wanker'?
I guess "Lizards Wank their Dead Owner" would be even more

And who can say it didn't happen? :cross eye
What sort of lizards were they? When someone told me about it today, I was thinking along the lines of a Komodo dragon or something . . .

Lizards eating an owner is somthing new, if only because more people are keeping them now days.

It seems to be quiet common for dogs to end up eating their owner, at least I've noticed a newspaper report every several years of this happening.

If the pet is shut in with the owner, who then dies, the pet needs to do this to survive. Unfortunatly, in the case of dogs, when found, the dog tends to be put down.

Maybe, everyone becomes worried that the dog has now got a taste for 'manflesh'?
They were Nile monitor lizards,which get up to 5 or 6 ft.I,d worry about having as many as this guy did,the bigger monitors don't usually have the sunniest of personalities from what I've read.
david's right. Dogs and cats have been doing it for years. Not very "Greyfriars bobby" is it? I've seen some pictures of what the deceased looked like after 2 weeks with a hungry dog (and one, more bizarrely, with hungry rabbits). It's not pleasant.
I was more aiming at the link between lizards and David Icke:D
Did any of the lizards answer to "your majesty", or were they just an advance scouting party for the Reticulans who forgot their lunchboxes?
I would have thought dogs didn't do this. But I've heard cats do which doesn't surprise me considering how independent they are. I doubt a cat would have scrubles about eating it's "owner", even if it wasn't very hungry.
Just more bad press for us lizards .... reptillian space-folk of the new world order, the baddies in pretty much every video game ever ... bah ... s'unfair.
Lizards are actually, on the whole, very nice
Lion tears off zookeeper's arm,2933,52689,00.html

Surgeons Unable to Reattach Florida Zookeeper's Arm After Lion Tears It Off

TAMPA, Fla. — A young Busch Gardens zookeeper made a minor mistake that came with major consequences.

First-year zookeeper Amanda Bourassa, 21, stuck a finger into a lion's cage shortly after handling meat. The 364-pound African lion named Max grabbed her finger, clamped down on her arm with his powerful jaws and severed it at the elbow.

Surgeons were not able to reattach Bourassa's arm following the Sunday attack. Bourassa was in good condition Monday at Tampa General Hospital, spokesman John Dunn said.

"These are still wild animals, and they behave like that," said Glenn Young, the park's vice president of zoological operations. Young said zookeepers are forbidden from sticking their hands into animals' cages.

The attack occurred outside the view of tourists as Bourassa was giving a private tour available only to zookeepers' family members.

Bourassa had been feeding the animal meat as part of a routine training exercise minutes before she was bitten, investigators and park officials said.

Bourassa and three other more experienced handlers had been performing a routine training exercise with Max to encourage good behavior during routine health checkups.

The lion was called to the cage's bars and ordered to lie down with his tail extended through the bars, a position needed to safely draw blood from the animal's tail for health screenings, Young said.

No blood was actually drawn in the training session, and Young said the animal wasn't agitated.

During the training exercise, Bourassa rewarded the animal by tossing him bits of meat through the bars spaced 1 inches apart, Young said. Max has undergone such training since he arrived at Busch Gardens in 1997 as part of its "Edge of Africa" exhibit.

With the exercise completed, Bourassa sat down in a chair next to the cage. As she stood up a few moments later still wearing a latex glove used during the feeding on her right hand, she looped one lone finger around a bar, witnesses told investigators.

"That was enough to start the initial bite, and once it gets a hold it could have pulled her in," said Lt. Steve DeLacure, who is investigating the incident for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. "It could have been avoided if her arm hadn't been there," he said.

Bourassa was rushed to the hospital along with her severed arm, which the lion had left on the floor of his cage. Her distraught parents and about a dozen family members and friends gathered at the hospital. They declined comment and have asked that reporters not contact them for interviews.

Young said the 118 zookeepers employed by the park become very familiar with the animals in their care. He said a zookeeper's duties include feeding, cleaning and general maintenance.

While he is not considered a tame animal, Max has been touched by his zookeepers before and responds to them when they call him by name.

"There is a relationship between the zookeepers and this animal," Young said.

Busch Gardens officials said the 12-year-old lion would not be destroyed, but said the amusement park's safety policies would be reviewed.

State wildlife investigators found no violations during an inspection of Busch Gardens on Monday.

The theme park suspended the private tours, and Max was not put on display, Young said.

Otherwise, the park was operating normally as the investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and the U.S. Department of Agriculture continues.
And only 21 years old. If it was an experienced zoo-keeper he'd have known the risk and such. Maybe she will even loose the job over this.
Maybe she will even loose the job over this.

Not much chance of a golden handshake under the circumstances. ;)


Uncle Bulgaria
Re: Lion tears off zookeeper's arm

Ogopogo said:
The attack occurred outside the view of tourists as Bourassa was giving a private tour available only to zookeepers' family members.
Who of course wouldn't be nearly as upset by this as tourists would have been.
"Mommy, is this what Daddy does at work?" :rolleyes: :p
Re: Lion tears off zookeeper's arm

Ogopogo said:
"It could have been avoided if her arm hadn't been there," he said.
She should be fine next time then.

I was under the impression that once an animal of this sort (large predator) attacks a human they lose all fear of doing so and are considered very dangerous thereafter. Hence the term/concept of a "man-eater". But I saw this story on the news and they are not going to destroy the lion or even remove him from the park. Any opinions on this?
Re: Man-Eater?

Fallen Angel said:
.....Any opinions on this?

It's in a cage/enclosure.

Don't get close, don't get eaten.

Re: Man-Eater?

Originally posted by Fallen Angel
term/concept of a "man-eater". But I saw this story on the news and they are not going to destroy the lion or even remove him from the park. Any opinions on this?

I don't know about that man-eater stuff... sounds like an urban legend...
It was just a lion acting like a lion. Don't wrap your fingers around the bars near it! I'm sorry for the girl, but it was defiently her fault.
Re: Man-Eater?

Fallen Angel said:
I was under the impression that once an animal of this sort (large predator) attacks a human they lose all fear of doing so and are considered very dangerous thereafter. Hence the term/concept of a "man-eater". But I saw this story on the news and they are not going to destroy the lion or even remove him from the park. Any opinions on this?

I think that mostly refers to older animals in the wild, too slow to catch deer, but easily fast enough to catch people: also, unarmed (pardon the pun!) people are not half as dangerous to a lion as an antelope - humans can't kick and haven't got twirly pointy horns, either.

It's only cos humans tend to know where the lions are at any given time, and so steer clear, that more people aren't killed.
Frisky dolphin seeks loving partner

Dolphin luring swimmers off for sex

LONDON (Reuters) - Swimmers have been warned to stay away from a sexually frustrated dolphin off a seaside resort after it tried to lure unwary humans out to sea in a bid to mate with them.

The Times newspaper said on Tuesday that the bottlenose dolphin, nicknamed Georges, had arrived off Weymouth, Dorset, about two months ago after following a trawler across the Channel.

"This dolphin does get very sexually aggressive. He has already attempted to mate with some divers," U.S. marine mammal expert Ric O'Barry told the paper.


More here.
Birds stealing Cash from vending machine!

A Bird Story from Cyberspace
sent our way by Glenn Barlow

Change is in the Air!

[Not original title--
it came from cyberspace too!]

Bill owns a company that manufactures and installs car wash systems. Magic Wand Car Wash Systems just in case you want to buy one. Bill's company installed a car wash system in Frederick, Md. for a gentleman.

Now understand that these are a complete system including the money changer and money taking machines.

The problem started when the new owner complained to Bill that he was loosing significant amounts of money form his coin machines each week. He went as far as to accuse Bill's employees of having a key to the boxes and ripping him off. Bill just couldn't believe that his people would do that. So they setup a trap for the thief.

Well they caught the thief in the act! Scroll down to see the thief.

The bird had to go down in the machine and back up to get to the money!

That's three quarters he has in his mouth! (Below)

Another amazing thing Bill told us is that it was not one bird there were several working together.

Once they identified the thief, they found over $4000 in quarters on the roof of the car wash and more under a nearby tree.
dogs attack cars

from reuters (can't give you a link)

IN THE BAVARIAN CAPITAL, LEAVING A TRAIL OF DAMAGED VEHICLES IN Their wake and causing panic among residents woken by the disturbances.
Police said on Friday the pre-dawn attack on Thursday had caused extensive damage to the cars in the leafy Nymphenburg district. A spokeswoman said the dogs were
still on the loose despite a police search.
Residents said they saw boxer-like dogs biting and snapping at the cars at around 4:30 a.m.
Bumpers, mudflaps and number plates were all torn off by the canine onslaught. Police also found teeth marks on the body work and hubcaps of the car, which were
covered in blood and saliva from the dogs.
One man said the dogs had chewed off the bumper of his wife's Volkswagen bus and also caused damage to the wheel bearing. He told the Abendzeitung newspaper the
damage to his car alone had totalled some 1,000 euros (ê1,100).
"It sounded like the cars were being broken into," said Guenther Sailler, 63, a local goldsmith. "It was incredible. One of them leaped again and again with unbelievable
force into the side of a car and bit into it like a lunatic." "Normally dogs aren't interested in cars," Eva Voelkl, Munich police spokeswoman, said. "But if we see any
behaving in that way, we'll be sure to get them." REUTERS
Not being a zoologist or an animal behaviourist, my uneducated guess would be that the alpha male in that pack is a little un-hinged and the other dogs are just following his lead.

Dogs in established packs will do pretty much anything the leader does.
The dogs are getting organised and are almost ready to overthrow their human oppressors. This is the first in many planned acts of terrierism. Be afraid. Be very afraid.