Day Of The Animals: Tales Of Man Vs Beast (And Man Suffers)

We haven’t had a cow trampling for a while. The presence of dogs seems to be the common trigger for these attacks.

Sharon Eley was crossing a public field with her friend and their two dogs when she was surrounded by 20 cows in the Pendle countryside, Lancashire.

Led by an agitated ‘ringleader’, the cows tossed her to the ground twice before repeatedly headbutting her.
Sharon suffered a catalogue of other horror injuries, including 15 broken ribs, a punctured lung, a dislocated and shattered left ankle, a broken clavicle and severe bruising.

The five-minute onslaught only stopped when other walkers entered the field and distracted the cows.

A mountain rescue team rushed to the field after her friend phoned 999, and she was taken to hospital.

Sharon underwent two surgeries on her ankle and a month later was finally allowed home in June.

‘They pushed me over, I was on my hands and knees and I didn’t know how to get out.

‘They’d got all around me and all I could see was hooves after hooves after hooves.

‘I stood up and then they pushed me down again. I was on my hands and knees again and then they were headbutting me on my back.

‘I was wearing a hard leather backpack handbag and they were hitting it. The next minute they’d snapped the arm off my backpack, that had gone round my neck and it was choking me.

‘I’m very lucky to be alive.’
Beware of the roos.

Residents in the small coastal town of Maaroom, on Queensland's Fraser Coast, can no longer enjoy their afternoon walks.

Key points:​

  • Several kangaroos have been removed from Maaroom following a spate of recent attacks
  • Residents fear they can no longer leave the house without a big stick
  • The Department of Environment and Science says there are no plans to cull the kangaroos

The quiet little town of around 220 permanent residents is under siege by a growing mob of kangaroos.

Perfectly manicured coastal lawns can at times be occupied by more than 15 kangaroos.

But it is not enough to deter keen fishers and grey nomads on their travels.

Caravan Park manager Karen Sutcliffe had to warn visitors to be cautious around the kangaroos.

"There are too many to count, really. They're constantly hopping around the park in between caravans," she said.
We probably had this here before:

But not this:

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Level 5 - the most severe of goose warnings. Goes from level 1 - goose gives you the eye & looks menacing, to level 5 - goose goes psychotic, violence likely.
Wonder if it has been specially trained to be part of the long-neck special forces unit on the Platform (level 5, Goose Branch line), a ground to air unit, which generally encourages fowl-play?
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Seal turns the table on marine biologist, exploring his habitat.

When Jenn Ross returned to her New Zealand home to find a few buckets out of place in the garage, she thought the family cat, Coco, might have brought in a bird.

Instead she found a seal in the hall. The young animal had got through two cat flaps to enter the house in Mt Maunganui, about 150m from the sea - probably in pursuit of Coco the cat.

Ms Ross' marine biologist husband Phil was unfortunately the only member of the family not at home at the time. He told the BBC he regretted missing his chance to shine, saying: "The big joke is that this is probably the one family emergency where it would be useful to have a marine biologist, and I wasn't there."

After posing for some photos, the seal - nicknamed Oscar - was collected by the Department of Conservation and returned to the sea.

Mr Ross said it was likely to be around 10 months old, and likened it to a "teenager".
A Spanish festival traditionally involves setting a bull's horns aflame. This year the flaming bull gored or butted a bystander with fatal results.
Gored to death by flaming bull: Man is fatally wounded by beast's flaming horns after it was set alight as part of cruel festival in Spain

Shocking footage shows Adrian Martinez Fernandez, 24, being smashed by the furious, burning beast in the town of Vallada in Valencia, Spain, on Sunday during an annual event ran as a tribute to a patron saint.

The animal whose horns had been set alight for the festival turned Fernandez over and then gored him as terrified festival-goers, standing mere feet away but protected by railings, looked on in disbelief. ...

The 24-year-old, who had travelled from Almansa to attend the festivities, was taken by ambulance to the hospital as a precaution with no immediately visible injuries.

But the attack had ruptured his spleen and caused several other internal injuries, leaving medical staff with no hope of saving his life.

The City Council later suspended the bullfighting night due to take place later that day, as well as another even scheduled for Monday ...
FULL STORY (With Video):
New York Woman Fights Off Rabid Fox in Her Front Yard

A woman was attacked by a rabid fox on July 25 while standing in her front yard in Ithaca, New York. Security cameras outside the house caught the surprisingly fierce attack on video.

“She is okay and has been treated appropriately. She sought medical attention immediately,” [ A relative] wrote on Facebook. “She did everything right.”

The video starts with the small fox trotting through the front yard as it heads straight for the woman. It’s around 2:30 p.m. according to the video’s timestamp. She’s talking on the phone and doesn’t even notice the animal until it sinks its teeth into her pant leg. The woman immediately shakes the animal loose and kicks it, which would usually be a strong enough reaction to send a fox running. But this isn’t your typical fox.


After the initial kick, the fox goes into attack mode, ferociously nipping at the woman’s legs as she spins around and then biting into her hand when she tries to pull it off. After about seven seconds of this, the two square off. As the fox charges with its teeth bared, the woman kicks it right in the rib cage and sends it flying. But even this isn’t enough to keep the fox at bay, and it makes another charge as soon as it hits the ground.

About halfway through the scuffle, the fierce little canid locks its jaws into the woman’s right hand. Still holding her cell phone in her left, the woman screams and spins around, trying to fling the fox off of her. Somehow, the fox hangs on at first but comes loose after the woman makes another flinging motion across the yard. One of her shoes flies off in the process.

The relentless fox then prepares to make another charge. However a man, armed with a stick charges in to the melee. As he comes up to whack the animal, the woman gets back into field-goal-kicking stance, and when the fox bends over to bite into the loose shoe, she takes her opportunity. The woman winds up and kicks, following through as she drives her foot into the fox’s jaw. The animal cartwheels and lands on its back. Seeing the man approach with the stick held high, the fox finally runs away.

The fox was caught shortly thereafter when it tried to attack another person in the neighborhood. “The animal tested positive for rabies after it was put down humanely.”

(Video at link.)

maximus otter
A bird crashing into substation equipment caused a power outage for circa 14,000 southern California residents.
Power outage affecting more than 14,000 blamed on bird

Utility officials in California's San Diego County said a power outage affecting more than 14,000 customers was caused by a bird that flew into substation equipment.

San Diego Gas & Electric said more than 14,000 customers lost power for more than 90 minutes Wednesday morning when a bird collided with electrical equipment at a substation in La Mesa. ...

The type of bird involved in the incident was not identified by the company.
Be careful where the antelope roam.

A zoo in Sweden has had to close its doors after one of its employees was gored to death by an antelope, according to local media.

The man, who was from overseas, was said to be taking the elands, the biggest antelopes in the world, into the stables after the park had closed for the day, local police said.

The incident happened at Oland Zoo and Entertainment Park, which is on the island of Oland off the south west coast of Sweden.

It is being treated as a "workplace accident", police added, though it is not fully known what happened inside the enclosure.
This Ohio man was pruning a tree when he cut into a bees' nest and was stung "thousands" (?) of times. He was put into an induced coma and placed on a ventilator, but he's expected to fully recover.
Man in coma after stung by bees 20,000 times, family says

A 20-year-old man nearly lost his life getting stung thousands of times by bees after accidentally cutting into a nest while tree trimming.

Austin Bellamy remains on a ventilator in a medically induced coma at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, as of Tuesday night, WXIX reports.

The 20-year-old was up in a lemon tree trimming branches Friday morning with his grandmother, Phyllis Edwards, and his uncle, Dustin Edwards, standing below. At some point, Bellamy unknowingly cut into a bee’s nest.

“When he started cutting them, that’s when the bees came out, and he tried to anchor himself down, and he couldn’t,” Phyllis Edwards said. “He was hollering, ‘Help! Help me! Help!’ And nobody would help him.”

Bellamy’s family members watched the entire episode unfold from the ground, unable to scale the ladder because they themselves were under attack.

“I was going to try and climb the ladder to get to Austin ... I seen how high he was ... but I couldn’t get to him because I was surrounded in bees,” Phyllis Edwards said.

Shawna Carter, Bellamy’s mother, says she passed out when she got the phone call.

“It was just too much for me to take,” she said. “It looked like he had a black blanket on his head down to his neck, down to his arms.”

EMS called UC Air Care for Bellamy. ...

Bellamy was stung at least 20,000 times, according to an online fundraiser set up by the family. Carter said he ingested around 30 bees as well.

“So he had bees inside of him, and they suctioned bees out of him until Sunday morning,” she explained. ...

Doctors said Bellamy will make a full recovery. ...
An Illinois road is closed (as happens each year) to permit amphibians and reptiles to cross it safely in their annual migrations.
Snake Road closes for fall migration

Snake Road in the Shawnee National Forest is closed for fall migration.

Forest Service Road No. 345 in the Shawnee National Forest, known as Snake Road, is closed September 1 through October 30 so that species of snakes and amphibians can safely cross the 2.7-mile-long road. ...

The road closes bi-annually for their migration to and from their summer and winter habitats. In the summer, they live in LaRue Swamp and in the winter they live in the limestone bluffs.

According to the forest service, sometimes the closure periods are extended due to weather.

While the road is closed to vehicles, it is open to people traveling on foot.

According to Forest Service wildlife biologist, Mark Vukovich, “The road closure is very important in maintaining the healthy population that exists there. Three species are listed as threatened in the state of Illinois. Twenty-three species of snakes have been documented in this area and it’s among the only areas in the U.S. to see so many different species in a small geographical area.” ...
It's not looking good for the turkeys...

Gang of turkeys attacks B.C. man, breaking both his hips and a finger​

A Shuswap man was seriously injured after being attacked by a rooster and turkeys.

On July 28, Chase RCMP was asked to check on the well-being of someone at a home in Celista. Upon arrival, they found a man who had been attacked by some angry birds. The man had already received medical attention.
It's not looking good for the turkeys...

Gang of turkeys attacks B.C. man, breaking both his hips and a finger​
Call me sceptical but I’m finding it hard to believe even a gang of turkeys could break both a man's hips unless he was on his roof & they pushed him off. The story is a bit light on detail to say the least. Maybe they were carrying baseball bats.

I’m suspecting payback for some kind of wrongdoing. Blame it on the poor innocent turkeys, then eat ‘em.
Suicidal saboteur squirrel denies electricity to circa 10,000 customers in Virginia ...
Squirrel knocks out power to 10,000 customers in Virginia

Utility officials in Virginia said 10,000 customers, including at least two schools, were without power for over an hour when a squirrel came into contact with substation equipment.

Dominion Energy spokeswoman Bonita Billingsley Harris said in a Twitter post that the power outage began about 8:45 a.m. Wednesday when a squirrel entered a substation in Virginia Beach. ...

"The squirrel got between a circuit breaker and a transformer causing a power surge that made the transformer fail," Harris told WVEC-TV.

The surge caused about 10,000 customers to lose power. ...
Not confirmed as yet, but this New Zealand tragedy is believed to have been caused after a whale surfaced underneath the boat causing it to capsize:

Five dead after fishing charter boat capsizes off Kaikōura coast​

Five people are dead after a boat with a group of bird enthusiasts on board capsized off Goose Bay in Kaikōura, police have confirmed.

The 8.5-metre boat - which had 11 people on board from all around the country - overturned at about 10am this morning.

A rescue operation in the area has now been completed and five bodies have been recovered from inside the vessel.

The six survivors were taken to Kaikōura Health Centre to be assessed, and one has been transferred to Christchurch Hospital as a precaution.

All six are reported to be in a stable condition this evening, police said in a statement.

Police are working to formally identify the victims, and notifying the next of kin. No names will be released at this time.

Police said the boat overturned after a "collision", but could not confirm what it collided with.

Kaikōura mayor Craig Mackle earlier said he believed the boat had collided with a whale.

"We have an upturned boat tipped over by a whale from what we can understand, come up from underneath.

"We've shut the harbour down so that they can carry on working."
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Not confirmed as yet, but this New Zealand tragedy is believed to have been caused after a whale surfaced underneath the boat causing it to capsize ...

In a thematically-similar story ... This British Columbia couple narrowly missed being capsized when a large sea lion jumped onto their boat, apparently attempting to evade some nearby killer whales.
Sea lion jumps onto boat to escape killer whales

A pair of boaters off the British Columbia coast received a shock when their small vessel was nearly capsized by a sea lion fleeing from killer whales.

Ernest and Viesia Godek said they cut their engine when they spotted a trio of killer whales near their boat while fishing at Pedder Bay, near Victoria. ...

The pair said they soon heard a banging on the bottom of the boat, followed by the appearance of a sea lion at the side of their craft.

The sea lion then jumped onto the side of the boat in an apparent attempt to escape the killer whales.

"It tipped the boat over to the point where we had to hang on to the gunnels, the water started pouring into the boat ... I was just hoping that we wouldn't totally tip over," Ernest Godek told the Times Colonist.

The boat righted itself and the sea lion plunged back into the water. The couple said it continued to follow them as they headed back to shore.

Photos and video of the encounter were captured by passengers on a nearby whale watching boat.

Mark Malleson, the vessel operator, estimated the California sea lion weighed 700-800 pounds. ...
Time for another cow trampling.This one not fatal.

Dog walker trampled by stampede of cows in Peak District

They were rambling in a field between Hayfield and Peep O Day in Derbyshire when the man was trampled in a stampede.

Mountain rescue, police and paramedics were called at around 5.20pm on September 11.

Due to the extent of his injuries, Kinder Mountain Rescue volunteers put him on one of their vacuum mattresses and used a stretcher to evacuate him from the scene.

They then transferred him to a waiting ambulance and he was taken to hospital.
This Toronto woman took her car to the shop because she thought it was acting oddly. When the mechanics opened the hood they found an elaborate squirrel's nest in the engine bay.

Toronto woman 'sick to stomach' after finding squirrel nest under car hood during oil change

A Toronto woman said she felt shocked and sick to her stomach after learning during a routine oil change that a squirrel had been nesting under the hood of her car.

Shahana Mirza told CTV News Toronto her car was sitting idle for a few weeks near her parent's home in North York after the birth of her child. Until this week, she said she hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary the few times she drove.

"Most recently though there was a shaking," she said. "So I called my husband on the road and I thought it was due for servicing. That sign came on that I need an oil change."

Mirza went to the dealership on Wednesday, describing the day as relatively carefree. She was looking forward to taking a tiny break from motherhood and perhaps napping in the waiting area—that is, until a service advisor approached her and said they found something unusual under the hood.

"He showed me these images, and my jaw dropped."

Hundreds of large walnuts, pebbles, and hay filled every nook and cranny around Mirza's car engine. The hood insulation, which absorbs the engine’s heat, had been completely chewed up and scrunched together to create a nest. ...

Mirza had to pay about $500 to replace the insulation and roughly $500 more for the employees to clean out her vehicle. ...
So... this woman never opened the hood to look or to top up the screen wash fluid...?
So... this woman never opened the hood to look or to top up the screen wash fluid...?

Apparently not ... According to the news story she noticed a "shaking" from the engine bay, but took the car into the garage for an oil change because the periodic maintenance alert was displayed. I got the impression she wasn't the type of owner to ever check under the hood on her own initiative.