Dream-In for Steve Moore & Selene: Oct 5th 2017


Justified & Ancient
Aug 7, 2002
It's been a little while since Steve Moore passed, and after reading an interview I hadn't otherwise read with him (I think it was this one - http://forbiddenplanet.blog/2011/lunar-man-padraig-o-mealoid-talks-to-steve-moore/ I got to thinking that I really really want both Steve's Selene book (supposedly nearly complete) and the Bumper Book of Magic with Alan Moore no relation (mostly complete with an active partner still on this side of the veil) to get printed.

But more importantly, I thought it might be a good time to propose a Dream-In for both Steve Moore and the great dreamic moon goddess Selene. If you happen to go to sleep on or near the night of Oct. 5th, 2017, why not take a moment think a moment on the moon - Selene - dreams - psych music - and your favorite Steve Moore stories (or if you knew him personally, think of him). Maybe our dreams will reach wherever he's at now, good vibrations for a gentle soul. We might even be able to nudge the dream-a-sphere to letting the minds in place to complete those projects in their earthly form to completion.