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Psyber said:
Being so skeptical, you apparently have evidence in refutation of prehistoric cities and/or a rise in sea level.

I just haven't seen anything very convincing in the last thirty years. I'm still waiting for the sort of proof, images, structures, or artifacts, that are unequivocal in their authenticity.

I'm a bit too long in the tooth to fall for wish fullfilment, that's all.

I remember the pleasure I got reading, Ignatius Donnelly's 'Atlantis: The Antediluvian World,' as a lad, way back in the early Seventies.

I also remember reading von Daniken, back then, and the sort of liberties he took with his evidence, to make it fit his theories.

So, when someone makes posts, such as,
Originally posted by Psyber
Of course, many other mysteries exist from mankind's distant past such as out-of-place artifacts and pyramids of an unknown origin. The implication is that records were either destroyed or are undiscovered. Especially when considered together, the evidence is much more than suggestive of a large human civilization existing prior to 10,000 years BP.
It seems natural to ask for some sort of references to such wonders.

A grab bag of hyperlinks as a "small taste" doesn't really cut it.

So, ponder this: There are accusations of a cover up in the archæological world, to hide the truth about our ancient origins. In order to maintain the status quo, l'ancien régime, or what ever.

Now, if the Indian and the Cuban Governments, had such paradigm shifting, ancient sites on their territory, what power on Earth could stop them from investigating these sites and presenting findings and proof that would blast the West's version of the past to smithereens, to the greater glory of their own prehistoric past?

I await further developments, with interest.

One more point: Where do you get the fact that, "humans are at least 600,000 years old as a species." ?

Since most authorities reckon on 'homo sapiens sapiens,' or modern man only having been around for some 200,000 years (maybe 300,000 at the very outside). Although 'homos sapiens,' our ancestors have been around for some 400,000 years. I'd be interested to see your evidence, as long as it's not just another long list of links.

'Hominid Timeline' :p


I don't have all the links in one place and could supply many more gradually. Also, I don't want stretch your credulity. Because it seems as if we may have read some of the same books, you may be aware of some of the relics that I mentioned. Similarly, I had the presumption that those who read and posted on the board also had read likewise.

The 600,000 year figure comes from finds in 1997 on the Plain of Afar in Africa. While the evidence was found several years ago, only recently were bones finally assembled and such and the conclusion made that humans existed in that time-frame. Unfortunately, I am unable to find that report at the present time.

As to my other assertions, I realize that the burden of proof is mine. Fortunately, the resources are virtually immediate for us. I guess I thought it would be fun to share ideas on the board, but feel bogged down with tediousness at this juncture.

One of the books I read decades ago was "Book of the Damned" by none other than Charles Fort. In fact, I still have it though haven't read it in thirty years. That original "Forteana" was full of conspiracy theory, as I recall. While such hypotheses are proliferate in the tome, little proof of them is offered.




In an effort to fortify my credibility, I am including links germaine to my prior assertions. Namely, I contend that a global civilization flourished prior to the current geological epoch (>10,000 years ago). Unfortunately, little exists in central locations regarding out-of-place artifacts and other evidence of my contention. Because I am very interested in the topic, and have been since reading "Beyond Star Wars" and other books in the 1970's, my inquiry is highly piqued. As can be noted in consecutive posts of mine with Androman, neither of us is satisfied that the assertion is irrefutably true. Hopefully, I may help to remedy that. To start out, I reference the ancient and very similar histories accounted by the Sumerians, Egyptians and Hebrews. The following references are not necessarily concerned with those but the ancient histories provide "historical" accounts of events in "prehistory." Also incorporated by reference are links previously mentioned on the board. In compiling the following, a great deal of winnowing was accomplished to try to separate evidence from the merely speculative. As a caveat, the list is by no means exhaustive.











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Feb 9, 2003
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rynner said:
Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age (C4 last night), presented by Graham Hancock....
.......This episode focused mostly on Malta, above and below water, and the 'Bimini Road'. Intrigueing stuff.
To bring us full circle the lasted work on Malta suggest that the mysterious grooves in the limstone bedrock were the work of farmers, artficial growing beds on a landscape with very thin soils.

Still doesn't tell us who the temple builders were though.


It wasn't little green men, just farmers scratching a living

Maev Kennedy, arts and heritage correspondent
Saturday October 4, 2003
The Guardian

The mystery of a prehistoric site cited as, variously, a launch site for little green men or the tracks leading to Atlantis, could be finally solved.
Known as the Maltese Clapham Junction, the expanse of scrubby fields and barren rock is a bewildering complex of tracks believed to be up to 6,000 years old, gouged into solid limestone of the island whose megalithic temples are the oldest stone buildings in the world.

Now an Australian archaeologist, inspired by the evidence of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, has demolished both the myths and the con ventional explanations. Claudia Sagona, from Birmingham University, suggests the site may be simply a relic of stone age agricultural enterprise.

Like Stonehenge and Avebury, the Maltese temples are magnets for alternative theories and new age believers, who see the island as a centre of goddess worship, and the builders as creators of solar, lunar or star observatories or giant stone calenders.

The tracks which can be seen all over the island, forming a traffic jam at Clapham Junction, have been called "cart ruts". Failing any expert agreement, alternative theories have rushed in to fill the void. The wildest include the tracks of outer space landing craft, or coded messages to the gods scrawled in runes across the landscape. Because in places the tracks plunge into the sea they have also been embraced as evidence that Malta was the lost Atlantis.

One of the most distinguished archaeologists in the field, David Trump, who has been excavating on the island since 1954, has called the cart ruts "one of the most intriguing problems in Maltese archaeology".

The conventional explanation has been that the ruts were worn by heavy carts or sledges, moving tons of stone miles across the landscape. However, there are problems with this theory: the tracks continue up steep slopes, across deep fissures and chasms, and to sheer cliff faces.

At an international conference in Malta, Dr Sagona offered a more prosaic explanation. She suggested that as thunderstorms and torrential rain washed away up to a metre of soil from exposed sites, the farmers 6,000 years were struggling to feed a growing population from the scarce poor soil of islands which are basically solid rock.

Her clue came from the Aran Islands, where generations of farmers created fertile fields out of sand and rotted seaweed, protected by dry stone walls, through generations of backbreaking work.

Dr Sagona suggested the Maltese farmers built up similar fields, and also scored channels into the rock to channel away and save rain water, and protect the precious soil.

Her theory could also explain the greatest mystery on Malta, what happened to the temple builders. They appeared 7,000 years ago, and over the next 3,000 years manipulated slabs of limestone into temples decorated with elegant carvings of animals, spirals, and the statues rudely described as "fat ladies".

The three stories underground Hypogeum mortuary temple, needed an estimated 22,000 tons of rock to be picked away with antler and bone tools.

Having created what one architect speaker called "mankind's first great architecture", the temple builders apparently downed tools, stopped work, and vanished from the face of the earth around 4,500 years ago.

Dr Sagona believes the farmers had pushed agriculture to its limits, so that minor climate change could have caused catastrophic crop failures.

Recent floods left suggestive stripes in modern fields on the island. "It may be that where we see cart ruts we are seeing failed and abandoned fields."


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Aug 18, 2002
More on the study of these cart ruts:

Web posted on October 24, 2004 at 9:30:00 AM CET

Study on significance of cart-ruts

Juan Ameen

Heritage Malta yesterday launched a project entitled "The Significance of Cart-Ruts in Ancient Landscapes" which will document and interpret two archaeological sites.

The project is part of the EU Culture 2000 Project Application and Heritage Malta is the Project Leader.

Three principle partners are involved in this programme: The National Museum of Archaeology, the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of Urbino, Italy, and APROTECO, an association for the economic development of the Lecrin valley in Granada, Spain. The local partners in the project are Restoration Unit, University of Malta and Malta Environmental Planning Authority (MEPA).

The study of cart-ruts is critical for the understanding of past human interaction with certain landscapes across Europe. The project aims to document and interpret two archaeological sites which have cart ruts.

One is Ghar Il-Kbir in Rabat, Malta and the other is Camino des los Molinos, Granada in Spain. These two particular sites were chosen as they are still largely untouched by present development and therefore may shed new light and clearer evidence on the real use, function and date of the cart-ruts.

Among the speakers present at the launch were Herman Bonnici, co-ordinator of the Restorative Unit, Dr Mario Tabone, chairman of Heritage Malta, Anthony Mifsud, permanent secretary in the Ministry for Resources and Infrastructure, and Minister for Resources and Infrastructure Ninu Zammit.

Mr Zammit pointed out that this is not the first collaboration between the Ministry and Heritage Malta. The project will "provide an important tool to historians and archaeologists interested in the study of this phenomenon. Furthermore, it will help to instil greater awareness of these sites".

The project will be completed in a year, starting this October and finishing in September 2005. It involves a total budget of euro296,906, of which 49.14 per cent shall be funded by the European Commission.

Mr Bonnici said that during the first phase of the project the "formulation of suitable documentation techniques" will take place and is expected to take three months. The vast experience acquired in this field by the University of Urbino will be utilised, with the help of the experts in both Malta and Spain. The second phase will analyse and interpret the data from both sites and should take about four months. During the eighth and ninth months workshops for the experts will be held in Italy, Spain and Malta. The final phase will be dedicated to a travelling exhibition which will be hosted by the participating countries.

The technology which will be used in the project was developed by a team of experts from the University of Urbino. It will consist of aerial and ground surveys using the latest techniques including photogrammetry and laser scanning. The data from the cart-ruts in the Maltese landscape will be documented and correlated with the results of the data collected from the site in Spain. The scientific data will be used as a basis for a study of those features which have puzzled experts for centuries.


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Mar 18, 2008
rynner said:
Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age (C4 last night), presented by Graham Hancock.

Couldn't see any other thread mentioning this, so here's one for your comments.
My book and 4 videos are about the great flood. Which I say is produced by the catastrophic build up of enriched ice in the upper atmosphere; at the height of glacial growth.

www.H2onE2.com to wake up

Pyramid and Eye Secret Solved Pyramid and Eye Secret Solved
http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1073586/p ... et_solved/

Exodus Uncovered as a Climatic Switch

Proof to Evolution Found in the Two Promoting Conditions http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1131578/p ... onditions/

The Simplicity of Space
http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1105639/t ... _of_space/


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uair01 said:
Reminds me of this guy on Flickr. Strange esoteric ideas:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
I think you've been smoking too many Clysma cigarettes.

If any of the stuff on that page is relevent to this thread, you should link to it directly, and not expect us to wade through all the links.

And what's 'esoteric' about underwater archaeology anyway?


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That Flickr bloke does have weird ideas: he can see faces ('portraits') in aerial photos. That's not the 'alf of it though. :shock:

You could spend days on that page. Thank you VERY much, uair01. :roll:



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Just been reading about the underwater pyramidal structure some 40 metres below sea level off the Azores:


coincidentally, 40 metres is estimated as how much lower the level of the Atlantic would have been 10,000 years ago:


So it is possible that any stone age or possibly early bronze age inhabitants of what is now the Azores could have walked around or climbed on this feature. Hope subsequent investigations prove it is artificial!


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Don't hold your breath ... :cool:

To the best of my knowledge, this whole 'Cuban Atlantis' storyline died over a decade ago. More details on the background to its demise can be found in this ATS (Above Top Secret) thread:


Here's a summary of my recollections from years past ...

There was supposedly a return expedition circa 2005 / 2006, but it found nothing noteworthy before technical problems with a submersible(?) caused its termination.

There also seemed to have been some wrangling with potential sponsors / publishers over funding levels and rights to any documented results, leading to the original discoverers (the Canadian survey folks) dropping the matter.

It didn't help that there were two pesky facts that apparently dampened potential funders' enthusiasm:

(1) The imagery purported to illustrate megalithic-style structures wasn't direct sonar output, but rather computer-generated images derived from sonar data (thus raising concerns the anomalies were artifacts of data processing rather than artifacts on the sea floor).

(2) The depth of the alleged structures was 'way too deep to be accounted for by anyone's estimates of sea level changes since the last Ice Age(s).


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Aug 7, 2001
I'm putting this in here as it does look at several major Floods:


From earthquakes to tsunamis to volcanic eruptions, natural disasters are both terrifying and fascinating - providing endless fresh material for documentary makers. But how well do disaster documentaries keep pace with the scientific theories that advance every day? To try and answer that question, Professor Danielle George is plunging into five decades of BBC archive. What she uncovers provides an extraordinary insight into one of the fastest moving branches of knowledge. From the legendary loss of Atlantis to the eruption that destroyed Pompeii, Danielle reveals how film-makers have changed their approach again and again in the light of new scientific theories. While we rarely associate Britain with major natural disaster, at the end of the programme Danielle brings us close to home, exploring programmes which suggest that 400 years ago Britain was hit by a tidal wave that killed hundreds of people, and that an even bigger tsunami could threaten us again.


First shown: 9pm 13 Jul 2017: 60 mins