Fortean Music

From 1947, could this be the first, 'flying saucer' song released?
The, 'Buchanan Brothers' again, this time from 1946.

Why, 'Fortean music'... had to think about that.. Arguably because, 'atomic power' was to some at the time, a perceived, 'anomalous phenomena'?

It didn't come from anyone but God, that's for sure!

Then, of course, a year later and before you know it, them doggone 'flying saucers' have arrived, as well...

Atomic Power

'Flying Saucers'... bad sign...

Was there ever a belief they might have benevolence... as in, 'Angels'?

For everyone disappointed at the Pentagon report today:

This was on the Top of the Pops repeat last night! Mostly the stuff with Mac from Mac & Me.
A short compilation of 'UFO inspired compositions through the ages'. :)

Now that the lockdown is all but over, I hope I can get out more..

Robert Gordon with Link Wray - Flying saucers Rock & Roll


Bloody Violence-Colares UFO Flap


"Black Triangle Blues"- Music Video- w/ Black Triangle UFO Sighting Compilation

From Goat. A video to make your eyes go funny and an epic guitar solo too:
Devo's new video looks/feels Fortean:
The video looks like it was rotoscoped.

I just came here to suggest this myself. The Night Monitor is fantastic.
I will also recommend Spacemen Mystery of The Terror Triangle:
As well as This House Is Haunted:
Bought all of them in one fell swoop a while back, which I've never done with anything before. Truly the perfect accompaniment for all your Fortean activities.
I just came here to suggest this myself. The Night Monitor is fantastic.
I will also recommend Spacemen Mystery of The Terror Triangle:
As well as This House Is Haunted:
Bought all of them in one fell swoop a while back, which I've never done with anything before. Truly the perfect accompaniment for all your Fortean activities.
I think I must have mentioned them somewhere but check out the Heartwood Institute if you dont know them. Another very Fortean inspired group.
Spotted in The Wire magazine recently - Fonolith Records - tick all the boxes for Fortean-themed music. An extract from the article:

Fonolith Records is where one man's obsession with occult folklore and vintage technology is recorded into dark electronic journals. Blackpool artist Neil Scrivin began the label in 2016 as a way to release music without restriction. "I'd been lucky enough to have had a few releases on Skam Records," Scrivin says. "But it had become a slow process, and creatively I was suffering from it.” On Fonolith, he regularly releases several projects a year under a cast of pseudonyms. There's Phono Ghosts, a project using the cassette tape to capture the sound of dreams, and Hyperlink Dream Sync, a collaborative effort between Scrivin and Eric Sferro that explores the digital big bang of floppy discs, AOL and CD-ROMs. Material under his own name is more wide-ranging, some of it recorded in the 2000s. His newest solo project The Night Monitor is a sonic research voyage through Scrivin's interest in the paranormal.

In the 1970s and 80s when paranormal media was booming like never before, a young Scrivin was exposed to curious magazines such as The Unexplained, Usborne's World Of The Unknown books and Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World television series. He consumed it all voraciously and remembers "being scared as a kid by things like the infamous Newby Church ghost monk photo, images of spontaneous human combustion or poltergeist activity and the creepiness of the alien encounters illustrated in The Unexplained. In fact, all these things still inform my creative mind today."

Through The Night Monitor, he transforms these early fascinations into albums based around specific cases of paranormal activity. The music hints at other artists - a whisper of Tangerine Dream, echoes of John Carpenter, etc. One element wraps it all together in the form of retrofuturistic synths that fuzz like an old TV playing an 80s murder mystery drama.

Check them out on Bandcamp:
Bit of a tenuous link to Fortean themes but some of the true folk songs are very fortean in the storys they tell (Long Lankin, 700 elves, Alison Gross etc).

This new box set sounds absolutely magnificent (remastered recordings all), and ends with a couple of rare live shows.

Steeleye Span - Good Times Of Old England: Steeleye Span 1972-1983 is a 12cd collection/
"The Ghost Of Flight 401" was released in 1979 on Bob Welch's Three Hearts album. I'd been a huge fan of Bob's first album, French Kiss, and was very excited when he finally released his second solo album in the winter of 1979. I thought the album was outstanding and this track was always one of my favorites on it. I just think it's an incredibly unusual and moody effort....the lyrics and vocals are just wonderful. The song, of course tells the story of Eastern Air Lines Flight 401, which was a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar 1 jet that crashed into the Florida Everglades on the night of December 29, 1972, causing 101 fatalities (77 initial crash survivors, two died shortly afterward). The crash was a result of the flight crew's failure to recognize a deactivation of the autopilot during their attempt to troubleshoot a malfunction of the landing gear position indicator system. As a result, the flight gradually lost altitude and eventually crashed, while the flight crew was preoccupied with solving that problem. It was the first crash of a wide-body aircraft and at the time, the deadliest in the United States. I don't think I've ever flown at night on a passenger airline and looked out the window that this melody hasn't crossed my mind.....those times of course I wish I'd never heard it!
I'm doing my own little project and researching every UK Top 50/75/100 Chart hit from 1976-1984 and the bonus is that the single gets a Top of a Pops performance by the band/singer to a video or Legs and Co and I have put it in sections with-
Punk/New Wave
UK Soul
Rockin (meaning the Rock'n'Roll Revival cum Rockabilly cum Psychobily.

Why I'm I doing it ?, well it goes back to a childhood of sitting with the family watching TOTP on a Thursday and then listening to the Countdown on a Sunday night and I remember being a lot of different styles of Music as above but also lots of different scenes like
Rock fans and Metal Heads
Mods and Scooter Boys
Rockabilly and later Psychobilly
Northern Soul
Southern Soul Jazz Funk
New Romantic
Post Punk
Anarcho Punk
Goth etc

When I finish then going to research if it's possible the charts of Indie, Rock, Soul/Disco and Reggae but going post a tune from a year and some top 30 hits that never get the airplay's and some hidden gems.
BTW There was a lot of boring same safe US Soul stuff and Ballads and forgot to say going to the John Peel Sessions from this era as well.
Coil were a group that covered a lot of Fortean areas. They were even interviewed in Fortean Times.

Talking about Bryan Ferry I was doing the whole Roxy Music albums and then Bryan Ferry's solo stuff and it struck me how out there and brilliant Roxy Music was but as the same time they started in the early 1970's Bryan Ferry also released his own stuff which a lot were covers versions a lot of his albums was just bland, I bit like Rod Stewart and The Faces could rock it yet Rod's solo stuff the same time period seemed commercial but plain.