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Sep 18, 2001
Inside a starship, watching puny humans from afar
Why's she singing 'I'm the man, the man of the hour'?

I wouldn't put mushrooms like that in my salad.


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Mar 11, 2008
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With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound
He pulls the spitting high tension wires down

Helpless people on a subway train
Scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them

He picks up a bus and he throws it back down
As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town

Oh no, they say he's got to go go go Godzilla
Oh no, there goes Tokyo go go Godzilla

History shows again and again
How nature points up the folly of men


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Aug 2, 2001
The Flying Saucer, Billy Cotton Band, 1950

Not sure how I had avoided hearing or at least knowing of this novelty number, which comes from quite early in the craze and before most of the Sci-Fi movies. Those "two little men," turn out to be very camp! :abduct:

The music is by Arthur Pitt, the lyrics are by Elaine Wise.

The original lyrics are more extensive and US-oriented than the version Billy Cotton gives.

It seems Ella Fitzgerald, no less, recorded it the following year.


Billy Cotton was something of a phenomenon himself, according to this piece! His Southport connections were something I had forgotten - or maybe never knew!
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Aug 2, 2001
Dare we investigate the other side of that record? We might as well, while it can be found on Youtube.

Charles Randolph Grean: The Thing, Alan Breeze, The Bandits, Billy Cotton Band, from Decca F 9583, r. 1950

The song has its own Wikipedia page, which lists a number of versions in the wake of the Phil Harris original, though it misses out this Billy Cotton version.

Wikipedia says the song was aired a lot during the period when teaser-ads for the 1951 Howard Hawks' picture, The Thing From Another World were running but this seems to be coincidence. The lettering, however, on the sheet music does reflect the style used in the posters for the film:


The tune is essentially The Linconshire Poacher, which has Fortean form in its baleful Number Station incarnation. There is nothing too scary in this song, which uses three knocks to designate an unknown Thing in a box. It is essentially an old-fashioned comedy number with an element of innuendo. :band:
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Nov 12, 2017
I'm pretty sure the Fall song "Before the Moon Falls" is a deliberate reference to Hanns Horbiger's cosmic ice theory.

Someone's already mentioned in this thread that The Fall have a fair few Fortean songs, but by far the creepiest has got to be "Impression of J. Temperance".

A never-seen dog breeder
This is the tale of his replica



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May 30, 2010
Spandex V

Helvegen -----------The way to Hel

Hvem skal synge meg—————————————Who shall sing me
i daudsvevna slynge meg———————————-into the death-sleep sling me
når eg på Helvegen går————————————When I walk on the Path of Death
og dei spora eg trår er kalda, så kalda—————and the tracks I tread are cold, so cold

Eg songane søkte——————————————-I sought the songs
Eg songane sende——————————————I sent the songs
då den djupaste brunni———————————when the deepest well
gav meg dråper så ramme—————————gave me the drops so touched
av Valfaders pant——————————————of Death-fathers wager

Alt veit eg, Odin———————————————I know it all, Odin
var du gjømde ditt auge——————————where you hid your eye

Hvem skal synge meg—————————————Who shall sing me
i daudsvevna slynge meg———————————-into the death-sleep sling me
når eg på Helvegen går————————————When I walk on the Path of Death
og dei spora eg trår er kalda, så kalda—————and the tracks I tread are cold, so cold

Årle ell i dagars hell—————————————-early in the days end
enn veit ravnen om eg fell——————————--still the raven knows if I fall

Når du ved Helgrindi står ———————————When you stand by the Gate of Death
og når du laus deg må riva———————————And you have to tear free
skal eg fylgje deg———————————————I shall follow you over
Gjallarbrua med min song—————————--across the Resounding Bridge with my song

Du blir løyst frå banda som bind deg!————You will be free from the bonds that bind you!
Du er løyst frå banda som batt deg!—————You are free from the bonds that bound that you!

Quote from Håvamål -- The High Ones Speech, Poetic
Edda Døyr fe, døyr frender———————————--Cattle die, kinsmen die
Døyr sjølv det sama——————————————---You yourself will also die
men ordet om deg aldreg døyr——————————but the word about you will never die
vinn du et gjetord gjevt—————————————-if you win a good reputation

Døyr fe, døyr frender ——————————————-Cattle die, kinsmen die
Døyr sjølv det sama———————————————-You yourself will also die
Eg veit et som aldreg døyr————————————-I know one that never dies
dom om daudan kvar——————————————--the reputation of those who died



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Jul 18, 2016
'The lovers of Gudrun' is a good Icelandic saga.

Once you get into the flow of it.



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Sep 4, 2004
Nick Mason's three "solo" albums have just been re-released in a boxset, reminding me of this one from Fictitious Sports (1981) Written by Clara Bley, vocals by Robert Wyatt...



Dec 22, 2014
Wessex and Mercia
Of course, there's always 'Gloomy Sunday' but I ain't linking that.

You mean you wouldn't want to feel responsible for forumists topping themselves?

Was browsing a book this very lunchtime, featuring the mystery / legend of Gloomy Sunday. The Wikipedia article plays down the woo factor, but it's still a very unsettling story:


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Jun 3, 2004
Valaskjalf (Ex. pat.)
Here's a Norwegian medieval song from probably 11th - 13th century. It's about a girl's love affairs with a mythical creature called jotne/jötunn and a human boyfriend. Expect a big scandal when she gives birth to children after the affair with the jotne. Her human boyfriend tries to help her and get the children baptised, but they dies soon after the baptizing.

English translation
Margjit and Targjei Risvollo
Margjit walks in the northern hillsides
she blows in a gilded horn
this Jon i Vaddelio hears
and it increases his grief
- it was me and never you
who jala* here beneath the hillsides -

"I would have given a horse with saddle
fairest in the whole grove
if you Margjit were to love me
like the leaf burns in the flame"

"Harken Jon in Vaddelio
you must not speak like this
I am to be married to Tarjei Risvollo
I have no say in the matter"

They lay together in the summer night
by each other's side
the night ended and the sun rose
they parted with sorrow and pain

They lay together in the summer night
in each other's arms
the night ended and the sun rose
they parted with sorrow and anger

Mistress Margjit came home
she tapped on the side post;
"arise, Kristi, my maiden
you must let me in!"

At this the maiden Kristi answered,
angered by the words;
"it is not becoming for a virgin/maiden
to wander in the woods"

"I got lost on the mountain plateau
around a goblin's Stone
if God had not directed my way
I would not have found my way home"

"Harken, you Kristi my maiden;
you must not increase my sorrow;
you have not seen your birthday
wrapped in a corpses sheet*

(It was) Targjei Risvollo,
came riding to the farm
outside stood the maiden Kirsti
receiving him sweetly

Targjei Risvollo spoke
he leaned against his sword
"where is the mistress Margjit
who is to brighten my journey?"

To this Kristi answered
-she answered him angrily:
"you deserve better, rich Targjei
than to be the groom of Margjit"

"Let the groomsmen go into the house
and drink mead out of cups!
I will go up in the attic
and here her own words!"

He parted the bed covers
both yellow and blue
He became aware of two beautiful sons
that lay upon each arm.

"Harken Targjei Risvollo
do as I beg you:
Will you take these two boys
to be baptized for me?"

"Yes I will have them baptized,
it won't take long
and no one will find out
until they are two grown-up boys"

Targjei let himself be dressed in women's clothes
with a child in each hand.
It was Margjits greatest joy
that no one there knew Targjei

Targjei stood by the wall of the Church
carrying the boys to be laid in the earth.
He felt as if underneath his clothes
he were cut by sharp blades.

"Harken rich Targjei,
what I must ask you;
where did you leave the children
which I gave birth to yesterday?"

"Harken mistress Margjit
do not be sad:
the preacher baptized them in secret,
they sleep in consecrated ground"

Fair was the horse
which brave Targjei rode
even fairer the horse
he had intended for his betrothed

(It was)Targjei Risvollo
he left with sorrow and pain.
The horse of the bride runs riderless
behind Risvollo.

Margjit og Targjei Risvollo
Margjit gjeng i lio nor
ho blæs i forgylte honn
høyrer 'a Jon i Vaddelio
det aukar honom sorg.
-Det var mi å alli di
som jala her under lio -

Eg sill' gjeva ut hest og sål'e.
venast i lunden gjeng,
var du Margjit så glad i meg,
som lauvet i logjen brenn

Høyrer du Jon i Vaddelio,
du må inkje tala så;
eg skò hava Targjei Risvollo,
eg må meg sjølv inkje rå.

Dei låg i hop den sumarnotti
innmed kvòrannans side,
notti lei og soli kom,
dei skjuldes med sorg og kvide.

Dei låg i hop den sumarnotti
oppå kvòrannans arm,
notti lei og soli kom,
dei skjuldes med sorg og harm.

Heimte kom Margjit fruva,
ho klappa på durakinn;
statt upp Kristi terna mi
du slepper meg fulla inn!

Til så tala ho Kristi terna,
av ordi bleiv ho vreid;
Det sømer ingjo jomfruve
å gange på skogjen ei.

Eg for vilt på viddan hei
ikringum en dvergestein
rår no Gud fyr minne færen
eg ha' snær 'kje hitta heim.

Høyrer du det, du Kristi terna;
du tar'kje mine sorgjine auke;
du hev'kje sett din fø'esdagjen
sveipt'e i heljelauk'e.

Det var Targjei Risvollo,
kom seg ri'and i gård,
ute sto ho Kristi terna,
ho blidt honom fagnar då

Om tala unge Targjei,
Han studde seg på sit sverd;
hòre er no Margjit fruva
som skrøyte sko minne ferd?

Till svara Kristi terna
- ho toss vera stadd i vande:
du er' kje laga, rike Targjei
til brudgom med Margjit stande.

Dé gange i stoga, dé brudemennar,
dé drikke mjød av skål!
eg vil meg i høgeloftet
å høyre på hennar mål!

Så breidde’n upp dei dynune
både gule og blå
Blei han vare to vene sønir
på kvåre armen låg.

Høyr du Targjei Risvollo,
du gjere de eg be'e deg:
vil du no lata kristne
desse tvei Drenjgin’ fyr meg?

Ja, eg skò lata kristne dei,
Eg drygjer inkje lenge,
Og ingen skò få det vita,
Fyrr dei er tvei vaksne drengjir

Targjei let´e seg kvende kle
Med bån under kvåre hende;
Det var Mrgjits støsste gle´e
At ingen Targjei kjende

Targjei stende under kyrkjeveggje,
med drengjine moldi båre
så var det honom inna kle´es
som eggjine holdi skåre.

Høyrer du rike Targjei,
hot eg spørje deg må;
Hór gjorde du av bonni dei
som eg fødde i gjår?

Høyrer du Margjit fruva,
Du bere ingjo kvide:
Presten i løyndom kristna dei,
dei sova i moldi vigde.

Ven´e var no hesten den
han sjave Targjei rei,
endå venare gangaren
han akta sinne møy.

Det varTargjei Risvollo,
reiste med sorg og sut;
laus løyp´e brurehesten
etter Risvollo ut.
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May 30, 2010
Spandex V
Like it, and I haven't even listened to it yet. : )

ed; Now I have. It's beautiful. More of the same, please.


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Sep 4, 2004
How the death of a Cryptozoologist inspired a Rap concept album...
Cryptozoologist Chris Orrick died last March. The Detroit vocalist with the same name woke up and read the news of his namesake’s death. This sparked a journey into a subculture of folklore and undiscovered cryptid species. That seed grew over the months into a dark, industrial, and abstract record: I Read That I Was Dead.

Christopher Kenyon Orrick of Raleigh, North Carolina died on March 1, 2019. He was born April 7, 1949. Members of the Cryptozoology community are beginning to hear about his passing.