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Kids used to sing 'What has a hazelnut in every bite? Squirrel shit!'

lol my husband taught me that one. i had never heard it before, it was a wee bit before my time, but since he taught it to me, we yell it at each other sometimes
The channel is fictional. Its a sort of folk horror thing with a really good 70s vibe. They made it look like it really was from that era. I recall tv in the 70s being just like this.
Oh, ooops, I fell for it

Check out the Flixton werewolf folks…
A little bit of cryptozoological tourism...

The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum and Flatwoods Monster Museum

I always enjoy watching footage of actual locations where sightings occurred and what they look like now.

Kids used to sing 'What has a hazelnut in every bite? Squirrel shit!'

I do believe the song was sung by Bill Oddie.
So great to see that again... and yes, we all did the "squirrel shit" version in the playground!
A fun 'Tube channel is Sky Life
My name is Sky and I share stories about wellness, spirituality, and alternative lifestyle with the intention to inspire personal wellbeing, curiosity, adventure, and unity.
Here are a few of the interesting ones:
Based on true events, August 21, 1955 started out as a typical Sunday evening in Kelly, Kentucky Elmer "Lucky" Sutton (Elmer Sutton Jr.) and family were entertaining their friends Billy Ray (Nathan Austin) and wife June (Madison Kimrey). As the sun goes down the family soon finds out what can lurk in the darkness. Story by Geraldine Sutton Stith Original Score by Jeromy Ficklin Co-Producer Emad Al Qadi Director of Photography David G Baker Directed by Joseph Aguon Drake Produced by White Door Productions
The determination of occult textual identities has evolved beyond editing and interpreting of key texts, but rather tracing commonalities, typology, and cultural relevance to contemporary bibliographic sources. Particularly, it populates aspects of magical commerce, proprietary accumulation, and recognition of posthumous spaces. It has also revealed the marginalization and failure of scholarship to recognize specific voices in occult book history. In this brief webinar, Kim Schwenk traces the nature of occult identities formed through marginalia, provenance, and art and design in print, with an effort to advocate for diverse narratives. Kim will be using examples of inscriptions, bookplates, and design features, intrinsic to occult practices and identities. For catalogers, bibliographers, and bibliophiles, the conversation will outline the need for advanced bibliographic description and cultural context for ‘hidden’ creators and relationships within occult materials to empower collection development and collaborative scholarship. Kim Schwenk (MLIS) is a rare book cataloger at UC San Diego, Special Collections & Archives Library and an antiquarian bookseller with Lux Mentis, Booksellers. She has a specialization in American and European witchcraft history, history of early printed occult texts, and bibliographic studies of magical curses using plants and objects. She also is active in occult sciences and the occult book community both as a researcher and a practitioner. As of 2019, she is researching “occult ex libris,” otherwise known as “hex libris” or occult bookplates.
Modern Chinese historic movie resynchronized with ancient Chinese pronunciation from that time. Done by scholars of ancient Chinese:
A great hour long documentary from the 'Small Town Monsters' crew on the creepy Bridgewater Triangle. A mysterious area in Massachusetts known for Bigfoot sightings, other mysterious cryptids, ghostly apparitions as well as being a place of mysterious disappearances and being a dumping place for many dead bodies over the years.
This is rather well done:

Now this is a weird (and interesting one) from 1995:

Adam West hosts: Ghost Cars at the Winchester Mystery House​

Join host Adam West, TV's Batman, for unexplained twists of fate, weird occurrences, haunted automobiles, bizarre tales, and the strangest car stories ever told at the Winchester Mystery House! See assassination cars; Bonnie & Clyde Getaway Car; Indy 500 Death Car; Phantom Corsair; Tucker Torpedo; cars of Elvis, Clark Gable, Al Jolson, Howard Hughes; Winchester Pierce Arrow; Bugatti, and more!

A fun 'Tube channel is Sky Life

Here are a few of the interesting ones:
Is that parody or satire?

This channel was good 3-4 years ago, but recently has become too political.

hmm I heard years ago that certain frequency bands can get bounced around the Earth's ionosphere for YEARS... hmm.... Sounds like every "contact" was made in a 3-day time period around the same time of day? Hmm also, while the voice was identified as Angela, we have no idea who Angela was. At no point was there actual communication. Yeah makes it seem to me like he was listening to a bounce of a transmission and not actually talking to anyone, ghost or otherwise.
Encounters with the West Virginia Wildman, the latest documentary from the folks at Small Town Monsters.
Some weird artsy niche games. Very interesting:
If it hasn't been covered already in this thread:
What was on TV in 1973? Mike Wallace, checking in with scientific researchers who study psychics and the mystery of psychic phenomena.
I can't stop watching this tremendously strange musical horror weirdness - Possibly In Michigan!
BY CECELIA CONDIT A musical horror story about two young women who are stalked through a shopping mall by a the cannibal named Arthur. He follows them home, and here the victims become the aggressors. It is a story of friendship, courage, frailty and fears that will not go away.
A Fortean song about hoodoo magic: