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An iceberg with some well picked unexplained phenomena.


Nice collection of classic internet mysteries. Some are well known, but the summaries are good:
heh, #15 is one of those non-mysteries that ended up being mass-hysteria... or so I've gathered from youtube. Weird architecture, probably wasn't built to be a daycare, currently semi-abandoned since the person who actually ran the daycare died. o it USED TO be a daycare, now it isn't.
Now this is a weird (and interesting one) from 1995:

Adam West hosts: Ghost Cars at the Winchester Mystery House​

Join host Adam West, TV's Batman, for unexplained twists of fate, weird occurrences, haunted automobiles, bizarre tales, and the strangest car stories ever told at the Winchester Mystery House! See assassination cars; Bonnie & Clyde Getaway Car; Indy 500 Death Car; Phantom Corsair; Tucker Torpedo; cars of Elvis, Clark Gable, Al Jolson, Howard Hughes; Winchester Pierce Arrow; Bugatti, and more!

I've just stumbled across this vintage beauty. 1963 - Lillian Gish