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5 Disturbingly Shocking Discoveries on Google Maps, Earth & Street View

This creepy '5 of' set starts off with a village returned to by an old lady in China. She felt lonely because everyone she knew had either died or moved away so she recreated them as dolls in the locations she remembered them preferring .. like you do ..

Anyone else watched Hellier on YouTube? I’ve just finished the fifth and final episode. Somewhat anticlimactic despite an interesting start to the series. It seemed like an investigation wanting to be a film, or perhaps a film wanting to be an investigation.

I'll put in a recommendation for TRUTHSTREAM MEDIA. They specialise in hidden history, anti-corporate meta-politics, drugs, mind control and conspiracy, but that's not everything. I could provide a link through any of their videos (usually very well produced), but I may as well post this one that I'm halfway through:

The Real Secrets Hidden In Antarctica:

Here are a few others:

This last one is bonkers: insulting and praising rice?
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This one's fun, 5 cursed videos if anyone fancies getting cursed tonight .. from 'Nuke's Top 5' youtube channel

From the Top5s channel:

5 Eerie Cases of Disappearances in Vermont's 'Bennington Triangle'
Yes, been onto that for a year or so now. Always HQ.
if you like that yuotube channel, check out Beyond Creepy, Merc, Lutch Green, and IMO the best of this genre ~ The Paranormal Scholar.
Vintage BBC 2 documentary about ghosts in the UK (1989)

Ghosts on the underground:

Superior quality of the same?

Enfield Poltergeist footage:

The Ghost Hunters (1975), with the legendary Peter Underwood:

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I had to confirm that I was willing to like this post, I confirmed that I like this post.

What is that?
I had to confirm that I was willing to like this post, I confirmed that I like this post.

What is that?

That's an odd glitch which a few people have reported in the past, but we can't deliberately reproduce it and we can't prevent it!
Real-Life UFO encounters retold through vintage Japanese Animation (1975):

The Ghosts of Port Arthur (Tasmania) - from the Australian t.v show The Extraordinary that screened from 1993-1996. I remember watching this at the time when there was not much on that delved into such things.
Tim the Yowie Man, The Series:


Tim's a write, a journalist, a sometimes t.v presenter with a thirst for the paranormal, the unusual, the Fortean and the unknown. Known for his sighting of a Yowie in the Brindabella Ranges on the outskirts of the nation's capitol, Canberra, he brings us his adventures in the dark and mysterious past history and current goings on in Australia. He's an interesting bloke, I've got one or two of his books and chatted with him occasionally online. These clips are worth a look.
I couldn't be more pleased to pass on the news that the Report of the Week (ReviewBrah), fast-food reviewer extraordinaire, has turned to the subject of hairy bipedal cryptids for his latest podcast (VoRW: The Voice of the Report of the Week:).

A soothing nocturnal ramble (Starts: 20:00)