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Junior Acolyte
Aug 10, 2001
I am going on a ghost watch in a the near future too a old castle with a group of friends. Just wondering as any one been on one and if so can you tell me some dos and donts. When it is over I will write and say if any thing happened.
Sounds interesting, wish I could come with you!

I for one will look forward to your report!

making the sign of the cross with your fingers doesn't work,and if you hear any music anywhere, don,t go into that bloody room !!AND FOR F***S SAKE, DON,T GO IN THE CELLAR
And never, EVER, volunteer to go outside into the woods alone to find out what that strange noise was. :eek!!!!:
Can I come?
Never done that.

I went to a famously haunt'd house in Conwy, Wales, once and we took loads of photos- no ghosts. However, as we left, Son#1 saw someone watching us through the special Haunted Window..... there was definitely nobody else there but us, as it was locking-up time.....

So I'd say, in my experience of seeing ghosties NOT when I'm looking for them, remember that you might not know until AFTER you've seen it. That's usually the case with me, anyway.
If all this talk of mobile phones killing off ghosts maybe taking one (if you have one that is) is a bad idea, though you should take one and just keep it switched off (for use in emergancies).