Great White Shark Off Hayling Island


Abominable Snowman
May 1, 2006
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Contrary to what the story says this is not the first time a great white has been spotted off the UK coast. Fishermen saw a 15 footer off north Cornwall a few years back.

They "spot a Great White off the coast of Cornwall" every year that the tourist trade is a bit slow, I know a Cornish fisherman who has miraculously predicted sightings in the weeks he's finding it hard to make ends meet.
This is probably the only country in the world where a potential man-eater would attract people rather than keep them away from the coast.

Out of interest, I like to visit this website : now and again to see if there's anything interesting swimming our way which has been tagged (a couple of years ago, it looked a Great White was indeed crossing the Atlantic to terrorise British waters, but upon closer inspection was still many hundreds of miles away when it found something better to do)