Group Mind Experiment


Fresh Blood
Oct 2, 2017
New England, USA
I posted a few stories on Fortean Times over ten years ago: my interests still align with most of the people here. The link below could be deemed spam, but I'm posting it anyway because I have a legitimate purpose in mind. I created a group mind experiment years ago on the web page below. It's been designed mostly for entertainment, but has never been tested on an actual basis, as far as I know. The point is to visit the target page on a specific day and time, and to concentrate on influencing the result of a random online generator.

I have tried doing it on many occasions at odd moments, but never achieved the desired results. Only once I got, in perfect sequence, 22, 23, 24, 25. But the target goal is supposed to be 01, 02, 03, 04. The odds of success are like one in 10,000, but theoretically, the success rate could be enhanced if hundreds of people attempt the same goal at the same time, on their separate computers.

For those interested in such things, follow the directions on the page below. The generator is the product of a cut-and-past script that I adopted for this purpose. No one has ever told me they were able to influence it. But to my knowledge, it's never been tested on a large scale, as it was meant to be. Yes, there are ads. But it's a clean site designed for fun, and to enable curiosity.