"I Heard Of That Somewhere": My First (Printed-On-Paper) Book


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Aug 26, 2005
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At last! All that fortean reading was not a waste of time! From Troy Taylor's American Hautings Ink come my first genuine hard-copy book, I Heard of that Somewhere! Viz:

A hundred years ago, a young boy went out to the well to fetch a bucket of water and never came back. His family went to look for him; they found his tracks in the snow, but these ended in mid-stride as if he'd stepped off a cliff. The boy called for help as if from a distance, but he was never seen again.
You know, I heard of that somewhere. It happened in Indiana - or Alabama - or Wales.
In bustling, modern New York City a man dressed in Victorian clothing materialized in the middle of Times Square during the rush hour. He was immediately hit by a cab and killed. All the papers found on him were dated from the 1870s. An inquisitive police chief dug back through old records and found that a man by the same name had left home for a walk one night in 1876 and had never returned. At least, I heard of that somewhere.
We've all heard of mysteries historical and paranormal; we've all discussed "true" tales at parties, around campfires, and at other informal gatherings. We are all fascinated by strange, scary, and inexplicable events, yet when we collect them and pass them on, we forget basic facts concerning them.
In I Heard of That Somewhere author Michael D. Winkle traces famous and not-so-famous rumors, tall tales and urban legends to their origins, or as close as is feasible. Some old stories fade into fiction or hoax (though not as many as you might think). Others spread out in unexpected directions, bringing us to new, equally intriguing stories. Some actually become stranger the farther we search. And a few actually happened the way you heard of - somewhere.
I Heard of That Somewhere

. . . One thing that we couldn't quite accomplish was put in a Roget's Thesaurus-type index of themes, pointing the readers to specific stories when they have only a vague idea of what they are searching for, like "Boy or man walking to well vanishes," "Boy or man's voice still heard after vanishing." Click on the link, however, and you'll find the missing index on my website along with information on the book.

And in future months, I Heard of That, Too, should come out!
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Nov 2, 2017
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Congrats on getting published. That's no small feat.:bthumbup:


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Jul 14, 2014
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oh wow!!!!!!!!!