Inside No. 9

Anyone spotted the hare in this series?
In Simon Says the hare is wearing a face mask, and in Wuthering Heist, the hare is flung across the screen. I didn't spot it, but whoever did has incredible observation skills. I haven't seen it in the other episodes, so a second viewing is required! (Cheat sheet is to be found at the British Comedy Guide)


I'm currently reading the new book:
The insiders guide to Inside no 9;
By Mark Salisbury with Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith.
Link to the book:

I'm finding it really interesting, lots of background info to each episode, photographs taken on set and information for how the ideas came about for each episode and so on.
I admit that one or two of the episodes left me scratching my head, wondering if I'd quite understood entirely what the writers meant to portray and this has been a really interesting look at each one and now I'm going to have to rewatch them all again!
Entirely to do with my wandering concentration and being tired whilst binge watching them late in the evening after the little ones are in bed, I must add. The writers themselves are excellent and cant be blamed for my poor observance. After years of watching, I've only just found out about the hare!
I have never spotted the hare. Only seeing screengrabs do I notice it. For all I know they're photoshopped.
I haven't either. I probably still wont, even though I know it's in every episode somewhere.
I've noticed the hare but only by chance as I don't look for it.
Wonder what's in this series then, more football homophobia or vampires? :rolleyes:
Hey, they should have Diane Morgan on every week, she was great. No wonder Mark Gatiss returned to the League fold for this one. Really funny, leading up to a classical ending, which was odd, but it's an odd show, and 1/2 the characters were academic!

Didn't spot the hare... will listen to the podcast.
Listened to the podcast, Diane Morgan said it was her best job ever, and Jeremy Dyson was involved as well, so it really was a League reunion. I didn't realise that thing about the fireworks (will say no more for fear of spoilers).
Inside No.9 is getting ridiculous. In that it's ridiculous that it is writing at a level far above so many other more popular programmes, and it's still the "hidden gem".

"Merrily, Merrily" was one of the dark, quiet, human ones that gently stabs you in the heart. Reece and Steve could close in on Shakespeare in their adventuring through the human condition. And all under the shadow of comedy when they constantly wander outside that label. I wonder what they could do with a full-length play or film? Surely sometime down the line the BBC will ask them to do that?

It was awesome to see the League of Gentlemen back together, with honoured member Diane Morgan (please give her more and more roles, she's a wonder, though perhaps too preoccupied with Guinea Pigs!), and it was fun to hear Inside No. 9 reference itself
Definitely "folk-horror" this week. Just wonder what would have happened if Reeces character was
I kind of wish there was a moratorium on a certain British folk horror benchmark, but there were some good jokes here, and before it lapsed into the obvious I really enjoyed it. I'll have to check out the podcast now...
Oops. Really sorry about that.
I liked this one and a mix of Tales of The Unexpected and Wicker Man (which I haven't seen in full but will ) but then again last season Inside Inside N9 the first episode didn't do it for me but then the rest were of my top shows.
I appreciate that Inside No. 9 can have weaker episodes - and that sometimes the weaker ones can become a personal favourite. Let the episode breathe and it grows into itself. (weaker is relative when thinking about Inside No. 9)

Mr. King felt like it wanted to be something bigger, or maybe that was just knowing the Wicker Man and guessing at the thinking that went on when they wrote it.

As an aside, I want Reece and Steve to get together with Edgar Wright - what a world they would conjure. It would make Robert Eggers weep and Stephen King faint.
That was more like it, ultimate meta! Like peeling the layers of an onion. Maybe a touch of writer's guilt at all they've inflicted on characters down the years? Where does the responsibility begin? It's like nothing else on TV is trying this.
Terrific episode, great misdirection, jokes were funny and a top cast. Also, directed by Barry Shitpeas!
Just watched Nine Lives Kat and as ever a love Inside No 9 yet found this episode confusing....I'm quite a basic person or thick as FXXK LOL