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Captainess Sensible
Nov 1, 2015
From Bristol Evening Post 7/8/2023 https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/man-says-tom-hanks-could-8660092:

Man says Tom Hanks could be a time traveller who met his grandad in WW2...Tom Hanks is known for his interest in history and World War Two. He starred in Saving Private Ryan and created the TV epic Band of Brothers, for starters.But now one man reckons his interest in the period might have gone a step further. Chris Lopez found a photo of someone who looks a lot like the 67-year-old actor and director in his grandfather's war photo album.

The former United States Navy man took to Facebook to post the picture in a popular time travel Facebook group in 2020, but the images have now resurfaced. At the time, he wrote: “I think TOM HANKS might be a time traveller.“Check out this old photo I found going through my grandfather's WW2 scrapbook. He took this photo in 1944-45 while stationed on the island of Tinian in the South Pacific.”

For those unaware, Tinian is one of the three main islands that makes up the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands....

He was snapped on one of the Northern Mariana Islands

(Image: Daily Star)
Riiiiiiight. Because people who look like other people has never been a thing. Someone must really have wanted to get their name in the paper.
And Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan were set in Europe that guy was serving in the Pacific.
Q: Is Tom Hanks a time traveller from World War II?

A1: No, but in World War II, he was a time traveller from 2023.

A2: No, but he will be.

A3: No, but one day last week his twin will have was been.

A barely passing resemblance to a person in an old photo is scant evidence for such an extraordinary claim.
Image from the Daily Star. The Dailly Star? Do we make judgements regarding the varacity of some news outlets?

Besides! Where's the mobile phone, modern camera and sports shirt or sunglasses from a later era. Then again Tom hanks is a doctor [honorary] I'm told.

These 'photo of a time traveller' stories oft pop up and some are quite entertaining. Next week the headline will be something like 'PHOTOGRAPH PROOF OF TOM HANKS PAST LIFE' [as in past life regression].

I'm not knocking any of the ideas about time travel or past life [or news outlets] - just having a bit fun!