JC Johnson's Unlisted YouTube Doc On SKINWALKERS


your friendly neighborhood alchemist
Jul 15, 2018
For those of you who don't know, JC Johnson was a fairly prominent and independent Fortean investigator. He was a former exorcist, and became known for investigating cryptozoology, especially the lore and sightings of the skinwalker on the Navajo Nation territory. He died earlier this year at 53.

I had a brief correspondence with him in 2016, where he shared with me this unlisted documentary of his footage and eye-witness accounts about skinwalkers on the Navajo territory. There isn't any actual footage of the creatures in here, but it investigates the folklore and the mindset of the modern Navajo people relating to the skinwalker lore. They are still prevalent, spotted often by those on the reservation and remain alive and well in the folklore. Skinwalkers have been tossed around on platforms like Coast to Coast AM as well. Especially when considering the terror in the faces of the eye-witnesses that recount their stories, i found this documentary to be very compelling.

people don't experience trauma for nothing, and these people are recounting very traumatic experiences.

Johnson posted it to YouTube but kept it unlisted because he said he didn't want this to go viral. He saw it as sensitive subject matter that should be treated delicately. He thought that people should be given the option of deciding whether or not they wanted to know about these things. I find that respectable of him.

But now that he has passed, RIP, I figured I'd post this doc to this forum in hopes that it may live on!

Here it is:

Also, here is some night vision footage he took of an alleged encounter with a skinwalker. pretty inconclusive, but interesting nonetheless.