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Jordan Peterson

If you don't earn money writing you are not "professional". What do you really mean?

Peterson's point in the video @Mythopoeika was responding to is that the critical skills learnt through good writing make one such an effective individual that wealth and opportunities will almost fall into one's lap as others put faith in you.

He was not talking about 'earning' and Mythopoeika did not claim he earned no money, rather he was disputing the claim that the two things necessarily go hand in hand on the grounds that he personally has not had investors and backers hammering on his door with lucrative offers ('giving him money') despite his professional writing skills.
I know we try very hard (and generally succeed) to avoid politics on here, but.... I'd describe myself as "hard left" yet really don't see myself in a lot of the descriptions of what constitutes "hard left" in this thread
The thread is literally titled "Jordan Peterson" so what does Haynes have to do with it?
@JahaRa, this post is 7 years old. It may be that this thread was spun off another thread. I don't think that the poster you are asking is on this forum any longer.
@JahaRa, this post is 7 years old. It may be that this thread was spun off another thread. I don't think that the poster you are asking is on this forum any longer.
Thanks. I had not read the thread before and always forget to look at the dates.
Wow, I'm agnostic about Jordan Peterson, but he really has interesting side quests :)

Do you like bad poetry about children who are horrifically abused? Well, have I got a book for you today. Aside from the shocking nature of the material, I, along with some friends, go into detail on why this particular book is poorly written slop. The work of an amateur who is using his profile to pretend he has any sort of artistic talent.

And some comments are hilarious:

Jordan was a simple boy
Who fancied himself a scholar
He ranted, raved and cried a lot
And made a pretty dollar

But to his fans, he's a beacon of light
A guru in a world of chaos and strife
His message echoes, but to others' fright
It sounds like the ramblings of a madman's life
Reads a bit like someone trying to pastiche Gorey - and not quite succeeding.
Saw this on Twitter. Probably BS. But interesting conpiracy theories. (Maybe I should not repeat such unfair comments like these, but it's an interesting example of how people like to hate their heroes.)

jordan petersons run from 2016 to 2018 was hall of fame stuff.
the dude had 14 year old atheists listening to 3 hour long lectures on the book of genesis.
feels like so long ago

It was his daughter who brought him down
Once he started making money they had to keep the machine cranking
And she literally broke him

Yeah, she probably poisoned him & his wife to get them out of the way, so she could take over the Youtube channel & make herself a celebrity.
Nobody else could stop him, but he was blind to Munchausen's in his own daughter.
She met with Tate, Tate's dad was CIA, idk

It's true. He was a few-in-a-generation intellectual powerhouse for a while there.
And *it's the impact of his benzo-withdrawal illness* that has since caused the decline (which I'm not sure he himself sees). I don't know why more ppl can't see that.

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