Know Any Haunted Dolls?



Okay, I remember, a couple of years ago, seeing a show on either the Discovery Channel or TLC... it was something about a haunted doll... and I've been trying to remember its name for forever. It was made for a kid by like a Haitian woman or something, and it had the same name as the kid... and its on display somewhere now, and its creepy as hell. I wanna look up more information online...
But thats all I remember. It was possessed or something, reports of seeing stuff move in the window, talk, etc.
I *think* it was in the US, but I'm not sure.
Anyone recall?

This is probably not the case you are talking about, but there was a similar case on UK TV a few years ago. The doll had apparently originated in West Africa, and the person who ended up with it reported the doll moving in the middle of the night, and the other thing I remember was someone associated with the doll getting hit with a flying hubcap (!) :eek!!!!: and getting scarred where the doll had a mark. I know it doesn't exactly sound convincing but there was more to it than what I can remember. As I said it probably isn't the case you're looking for but thought you might be interested.
Sally found it...

The story matches my memory... the picture of the doll doesn't quite, I distinctly remember its mouth... but maybe thats a bad picture. I'll do some looking. I don't know WHY I'm so interested in a stupid haunted doll, but, oh well.


Don't know if this is relevant to the thread but this is my haunted doll story.

When I was seven I made a doll out of a yoghurt pot which mysteriously disappeared from where I had put it.

A few days later I was standing at the bottom of the staircase and saw the doll that I had made appear at the top of the stairs and float around of its own accord. (The staircase in our house was always pitch dark even in the middle of the day which made it more frightening). Then the doll started coming down the stairs towards me really fast, still floating it mid air. I was too afraid to run away and just stood there paralysed. There was also the somnd of a bell ringing and two eyes suddenly appeared out of the dark above the doll. When it got closer to the bottom I realised it was my cat (who was black & had a bell on its collar) carrying the doll in its mouth.

God it was scary, especially as I never saw my cat carry anything in its mouth before or since. (Well I was seven)
I remember a story of a woman who was unable to have children of her own, she started to shower love and affection on a porcelain doll. After a certain amount of time strange things started to happen around it. It would be found in different parts of the house and strange breathing noises were heard. Obviously freaked the woman got rid of it. My theory was that she put so much emotional energy in to the doll that she gave the doll "life".

Years ago a friend of mine purchased some worry dolls. Soon after a run of bad luck hit the house she was living in. She was adamant that the dolls were causing it, so she threw them away into an empty bin. A day later she started to find the dolls in very unlikely places. As you can imagine she was somewhat bothered about the whole episode.

My theory was that she put so much emotional energy in to the doll that she gave the doll "life".

i agree with you. it kinda echoes the story of the little mixed race girl talked about before in this topic. she was distressed, and had no one to confide in, but this doll. i think she focused all her anguish in the doll, and the doll managed to ( i can't really describe what i'm tryin 2 say here, so bear with me) umm, kind of 'live' these emotions.
but can emotions be so strong as to bring an inanimate object to life? ancient chinese emporers tombs usually had an army of warrior statue 'dolls' to kill intruders, so they probably believed it.
also, a lot of people believe objects can be possesed by evil spitits, and dolls, which are formed to look like people are perfect to be haunted. and there are reports of teddy bears (surprising) being haunted in a similar fashion. if you think about it: teddies, dolls, these things are always nearer to pre adolescents, and it is this age group which is almost always the centre of paranormal activity. basically, what i'm suggesting is that the owner of the object may make it do strange things...or maybe the makers have more sinister things on their minds than making kids happy? i mean, we dont really have reports of Barbies behaving strangely...but then kids with barbies are probably likely to be less emotionally distressed???? if anyone is STILL readin this, plz reply!!
I ran across an "evil" doll that a man was attempting to sell on ebay...
He and his wife and daughter had attended a yard sale and the dtr found a rag doll that she immediately fell in love with. Just a normal rag doll EXCEPT it's body was entirely covered with strange writing and symbols (the man thought is was Arabic as the woman running the sale seemed to be Middle Eastern). Just as they were paying, a man ran out of the house and began screaming at the woman not to sell the doll. The little girl wouldn't let go of it and the family ended up driving off with it. Soon after, terrible things began happening to this family. And the little girl claimed that the doll "talked to her". The man tried throwing the doll away but his dtr threw such a fit he got it out of the garbage. He even went back to the house where they bought it but of course, the people were gone. So, he was trying to sell it on Ebay!! I emailed him and told him to burn it, bury it, etc. but I never heard the end of the story!!!
Who in the hell would want to buy the thing after hearing it's background? lol
Zoe, I was getting creeped out reading your story. All I have to say is that I loved the ending. Thank god it was the cat. Sweet relief! :)
Give life to our toys...

I wonder if it's possible that we 'fire' energy around - and by that i don't mean something bland, meaningless, but rather a sort of 'thinking' sort of thing, but 'positive' and/or 'negative' in an emotional sense. It doesn't have to be at toys (I still have a thirty+ years old teddy bear who seems just as conscious and alive as anyone I know - don't laugh) necessarily but any object, be it a picture or building. This might be why we pick up odd feelings from places where lots of people go, or why we feel happier in places where lots of people are happy, for instance, or, with the aforementioned evil dolls, why some toys/objects have 'something about them'.
moral tale

when i went to america a read a kids book about a living doll. it wasn't fortean, just a moral story type thing. a little girl visited her granny, and she was very demanding indeed, and then granny said, i'm out for a bit, play with the doll. and then the doll came to life, and was very demanding indeed, and then the little girl stopped being so horrid. :rolleyes:
Not strictly haunted dolls, but pretty scary all the same:

Sky Kids

Imagine one of those in the corner of the room. Could you happily watch TV and not imagine it moving outside your peripheral vision...?
Orbyn said:
Not strictly haunted dolls, but pretty scary all the same:

Sky Kids

Imagine one of those in the corner of the room. Could you happily watch TV and not imagine it moving outside your peripheral vision...?

Oh, God.

Oh. My. God.

Dear God. Save us.

I shall never be the same after beholding that horror.
Orbyn said:
Not strictly haunted dolls, but pretty scary all the same:

Sky Kids

Imagine one of those in the corner of the room. Could you happily watch TV and not imagine it moving outside your peripheral vision...?

I WANT ONE! :madeyes:

no, not really. imagine watching telly when one of dem things turns around and says 'peek a boo. i see you'
i suppose they were invented for the childless insane
My word, they are scary aren't they. I have a real thing against realistic dolls, that and clowns. I know it doesn't make much sense, but there it is.
hallybods said:
My word, they are scary aren't they. I have a real thing against realistic dolls, that and clowns. I know it doesn't make much sense, but there it is.

same with my please don't laugh!
shes 25 (i think) and as long as i can remember she has had a proper PHOBIA of dolls! apparantly she had a little black doll (no racism intended...) that she was holdong when she was little and she claims it KICKED her in the belly...her mum put it in the oven (incidentially, this is the same mum who used to sit on me and force food down my throat at my terrible twos stage)

one day on the tube, a little girl got her dolly was a realistic type of doll. and my cousin was so freaked out she ran outta the tube crying and it wasn't even her stop. it may sound funny but it aint.

u shoulda seen her during 'chucky':eek!!!!:
I think what is really terrible about those shy kids is that they are faceless!!!

Scary dolls

I posted a message on another thread recently about objects like dolls picking up bits of 'us' - bits of our 'energy' (whatever you want to call it!) , and perhaps never letting it go. I had the idea it might explain why lots of places/things give off certain vibes... (vibe being a word I only ever use on the net and would never think of using in the real world!) - that a certain response to them has sort of built up and gotten very intense. I suppose i was thinking of stone circles, certain buildings, things that look a certain way. It needn't be bad, either - I was saying how an old Teddy bear of mine which was so um, cherished when I was a child now seems almost alive, daft as that sounds.
As a postscript I had a cousin who hated dolls too. As a kid i stayed with ther and the rest of her family and we all had to sleep in the same bed. She was lying on the edge and it was pitch black, and i saw it as 'fun' to say there was a doll walking up to her, reaching out to her...
She didn't take it well.
(anyone remember those dolls in 'Barbarella'? Jeez!)
Shy Kids

Oh my God. And I thought my Mom's life-size porcelain doll was creepy... :eek!!!!:
Haunted Doll Head

I recently won a supposedly demon-posessed doll head in an eBay auction. Painting 1:6 scale Japanese fashion dolls is a hobby of mine. I was intending on ordering a blank white-haired head from the company that makes them, but I managed to get this one on eBay for $0.50 less than I would have normally paid. AND it comes with a bonus demon! Um... horray?

I seem to recall another "haunted doll" thread here on FT where it was mentioned how you never hear reports of haunted Barbie dolls. So maybe I'll have the first ever haunted fashion doll? :p

I know I seem to be taking this rather lightly, but the story sounds a tad crazy, so I'm not sure if I really believe it. :rolleyes: I'll let you know if anything should happen.

Does anyone else here own any "haunted" objects? Did you buy it because it was supposedly haunted, or was it just lying around? Anything you've ever had to burn? :p I'd love to hear. :)

I wasn't sure where to put this thread (I guess it's sort of a note?), so feel free to merge or move.
The story the seller posted on the auction:

Below is the series of events (divided into two parts) which took place around the possession:

Part one: The Possession

10:00 PM
I scrape off the old, dorky-looking eye decals (with a craft exacto knife) from the Noix de Rome elf head ( ) I rooted a year earlier, with the intent of giving it a unique, custom paint-job. I cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol, and penciled on one eye and eyebrow.
I was unsuccessful at mirroring it for the other side of the face, so I asked my mom to help me (moms are great!).
I then began painting the head using toothpicks, as they were more suited to the task than paintbrushes.

10:30 PM
I am almost finished the job.
The elf now has thin, almond-shaped eyes. One is canary-yellow, the other is scarlet red.
Looking at the eyes begins to make me feel uneasy.

11:00 PM
I add details to the eyes; pupils, highlights. Also, I add a watered-down gray as shading around the eyes, and add a touch of black to accent the slit of the mouth.
Looking at the doll's face gives me severe 'danger' prickles in the back of my neck.
I scold myself for being creeped-out, then tell myself that it's all in my head, and I should be very ashamed for being afraid of a silly chunk of vinyl.

11:30 PM
Finished the face.
I now have a strange, icy feeling from where I was touching the doll head.
Put it down on the work table, and sat on the couch (five feet away) to catch a comedy program on TV.

12:00 AM
I notice a soft, mechanical breathing (unlike anything I've heard before) coming from the direction of my work area.
Sharp terror-chills are pricking the back of my neck. If you've ever been followed by a really scary person, this is how it felt, only magnified.
I try to settle myself, but failing at that, I pick up the doll head and get sharp, cold chills down my forearm.
I notice the breathing is coming from within the doll head, as I suspected.
Being seriously creeped-out, I place the doll head face-down on the table, and go back to my TV watching.
I can no longer hear the breathing, and the terror-chills calm down a bit.

1:00 AM
The terror-chills increase to an unbearable level. All I can hear is my own heartbeat pounding rapidly in my head, and all I can feel is the prickling, icy sensation all over my skin. I am suffering too much shock to act for several minutes, and nothing I can tell myself will calm my nerves.
With a desperate solution, I race over to the worktable, grab the doll head (my hand becomes tense with the icy prickle), and I pick up the knife I had use to scrape off the eye decals.
I manage to quickly scrape off the painted eyes. Almost instantly, I feel the terror-chills calming down.
I return to the couch to rest and calm my nerves.
Several minutes later, I experience an apparition which I will not repeat in words, due to the fact that I wish not to relive it in my mind.
I will sum it up by saying that it left me curled up on the couch, hyperventilating for at least an hour.
There were no other occurrences that night.

Part Two: The Exorcism (somewhat)

Monday, at School:

Block 2:
The topic of ghosts and other spooky occurrences come up during conversation during my spare, and I tell my friends about what happened with the doll head on the weekend.
I ask around for somewhat who's had experience with this sort of thing, and the lovely Mitra agrees to take a look at the doll head.

That Evening, at home:
I toss the doll head into a small, clear plastic bag, and add Solomon's triangle (used to bind evil spirits) into the bag as well. It seems to help, but I still get nauseated from holding the doll head.
Into my backpack it goes.

Tuesday, at School:

Lunch hour:
I show around the doll head. I gotta admit it; possessed things are kinda cool.
Some report the upsetting feeling of deep nausea from handling it, even in the bag with the triangle.
Talking with one girl, as she handles the doll head (looking a little pale), I jokingly say; "Well, at least it's stopped breathing." She holds it to her ear, and asks me in a serious tone of voice; "Are you sure about that?"
A boy then takes the doll in it's bag, and twists the opening shut, "NOW it'll stop breathing!" We all have a good laugh.
Mitra examines the doll head. I'm very anxious to get a diagnostic from someone more experienced than myself.
"[The spirit's] mostly gone," she says.
"Will I still be able to use the head? It's so cute and I put a lot of effort into it..." I say, hopefully.
"It's tainted. You can never use it," she responds, telling me that someone of our caliber cannot properly cleanse the doll head.

Block 3:

Art class. I had brought my camera to school, and decided to take the opportunity to snap a couple shots of the doll head, in the morbid hope that I might catch something cool and creepy on film :)

That evening, at home:
I become aware of an overwhelming sense of nausea from being in the same room as the doll head.

I really want to hold onto it, because it's such a novelty, but I don't feel safe with it around, and I want it out of my house.

And here's a question somebody asked, along with the answer:

Q: what did the apparition look like? was there a change in temperature during this time?.. was a NAME invoked or spoken by the apparition? was any of the events reported to someone that would keep a record of such events? last, why sell it on ebay when you can destroy it thru burning , or have it exorscised by a priest? would be more in line with a white witch to have the item destroyed , rather to pass it on to someone else , who may not know how to deal with it

A: To answer your questions: The apparation was a humanoid with pure white skin and several dozen red eyes in its ribs. There was no noticable change in temperature. The apparition only appeared for a short time and said nothing (I do not have the ability to receive clairvoyant messages). I know of no-one who keeps records of such events so, no I did not report it. Burning was not needed, as the spirit(?) was bound from causing harm; there is no nearby priest with the experience required to excorsise it. I am not a white witch; I'm an Angelic Summoner (we have quite different customs). I'm selling it on ebay in the hopes that it will be passed on to someone who WILL know how to deal with it, because I don't.
Great story.

My thought apon reading was the same as the person who asked the question 'ehy not just destroy it?' - but I guess then they wouldn't have been able to make money off it on ebay . . . makes sense.

I'm assuming from your post that you haven't received it yet, you'll have to post when you do to let us know if black gunk oozes out of keyholes or anything like that.

Angelic Summoner, eh? I'll leave that one alone.

Why would any demon want to possess a doll head?
I mean, that's dumb.
If you were a demon, what would you rather possess?
A bulldozer or tank perhaps, but not a doll head.

Sorry Breezilla, I'm not rubbishing the evil doll head - I'm just pointing out that some demons haven't made sensible life choices.
Mythopoeika said:
Why would any demon want to possess a doll head?
I mean, that's dumb.
If you were a demon, what would you rather possess?
A bulldozer or tank perhaps, but not a doll head.

Fair comment but surely a white demon with eyes in it's rib cage would be far more interested in an "innocent" (a child) than causing absolute mayhem with a bulldozer. (Which we'd all blame on mechanical fault anyways!)

Large vehicles must be difficult to possess as this is the second "possessed" doll's head I've heard about. Never heard of bulldozers or tanks...saw a bad Stephen King movie once about it though!

Got any pics of it all Breezey?

Letting it go for less than 50p indicates someone who was in a hurry to get rid of thing and also someone who didn't make a lot of cash!
Mooksta said:
Large vehicles must be difficult to possess as this is the second "possessed" doll's head I've heard about. Never heard of bulldozers or tanks...saw a bad Stephen King movie once about it though!

I have a sudden nostalgic urge to go dig out The Devils of D-Day by Graham Masterton. Except the tank wasn't exactly possessed... just had a trapped demon in it.

Angelic Summoner? sounds like something the writers of Charmed would come up with. :err: