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This Ontario woman was shocked to be notified the cat she'd lost a dozen years earlier had been found.
Canadian woman reunited with missing cat after 12 years

An Ontario, Canada, woman whose cat fled from her home in summer 2010 was reunited with the missing feline when her pet turned up at a shelter 12 years later.

Christine De Castro, of Kitchener, said she received a phone call from Vaughan Animal Services on New Year's Day saying one of her pets had been found, and she was initially confused after verifying that her cat and two dogs were at home. ...

De Castro said her confusion turned to shock when the found animal turned out to be Loli, a cat that had fled from her home when she lived in Richmond Hill, Ontario, in summer 2010. ...

"When I saw her, her face looked a lot grumpier than what I remember which tends to happen with senior cats. Otherwise she looked exactly the same. She's still a very petite brown tabby that I had 11 1/2 years ago," she said. ...
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A New York woman's bulldog disappeared 5 years ago. It was recently found 1,000 miles away in Tennessee, and it's been reunited with its original owner.
New York woman's lost dog turns up 5 years later, 1,000 miles from home

A New York woman whose dog went missing five years ago was reunited with the canine when the pet turned up at a shelter 1,000 miles away in Tennessee.

Jen Costa said her olde English bulldogge, Azzurra, went missing five years ago, shortly after she underwent surgery to have a cancer on her tongue removed. ...

"My dad was watching her while I was in the hospital, but when I came home there, her and my other dog Bruno, they were there with me," Costa told WBBJ-TV. "About a month or two after my surgery she went missing."

Costa said Azzurra's disappearance contributed to a deep depression. ...

Costa said she was shocked when she was recently contacted by the Henderson City Animal Rescue in Tennessee and told that Azzurra had been found 1,000 miles from home. The shelter got Costa's contact information from the dog's microchip. ...

"I was sitting in my barbershop chair getting a haircut, and I saw an email and I just started crying. He had to stop and hand me a tissue. He had to wait to cut my hair," Costa said. ...

Costa made the drive from New York to Henderson and was reunited with Azzurra on Friday.

"She's going to get anything she wants. She's No. 1 right now, and she knows it. She'll know it soon," Costa said.
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An Alabama man lost his wedding ring 30 years ago during construction of his retirement residence. It was discovered by the house's new owner, 30 years later, and returned.
Wedding ring lost for 30 years found under carpet at man's former home

An Alabama man was reunited with his long-lost wedding ring 30 years later when the new residents of his former home found it while pulling up an old carpet.

Justin Dyar of Lake Homes Realty said a couple identified as Mr. and Mrs. Green, ages 93 and 92, contacted him to sell their home on Lewis Smith Lake in 2019, and it successfully sold in late 2021. ...

Dyar said the new residents of the home were renovating the house when they found a diamond ring underneath the basement carpet. ...

Dyar said Green had lost his ring during the construction of the home in the 1990s and hadn't seen it for 30 years.

"It has now been returned to the Greens and they can enjoy this special piece that has been gone for so long," Dyar wrote. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/0...arpet-Lewis-Smith-Lake-Alabama/3181643142794/
The badge worn by a Minnesota policeman killed in the line of duty in 1894 was discovered by his descendants and returned to the police department.
Police officer's badge returned to department 127 years after his death

A Minnesota police officer's badge was returned to his department 127 years after he was killed in the line of duty, officials said.

Hastings Police Chief Bryan Schafer said Officer Albert Jacobson became the department's only officer ever to be slain in the line of duty when he was shot and killed while pursuing a burglary suspect in 1894. ...

The city of Hastings said in a Facebook post that the badge is believed to be one of the first ones issued by the department. ...
FULL STORY (With Video): https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/0...olice-badge-returned-127-years/5391643233879/
A North Carolina high school dropout returned a technical book to his high school's library 43 years overdue. He'd cherished the book and it helped steer him toward an eventually successful career in spite of not finishing high school.
Overdue book returned to N.C. high school library after 43 years

A North Carolina high school said a book checked out from its library in 1979 was recently returned in the mail by a former student who apologized in a "heartfelt letter."

Bandys High School in Catawba said in a Facebook post that the book, titled "Basic Clutches and Transmissions," arrived in the mail recently. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/0...-overdue-library-book-43-years/1691643227748/

Couple renovating a 115-year-old building discover two 60-foot-long hidden murals

Nick and Lisa Timm purchased the building in Okanogan, located about four hours east of Seattle, at the end of 2021. This past week, they discovered 60-foot murals painted on canvases along its north and south walls.

As the plaster peeled away, they discovered a giant mural -- stretching 60 feet long and 20 feet high -- depicting a lake, cabins and trees.
One crewmember threw out the idea that there could be another canvas on the opposite wall. Lo and behold, there was indeed a matching mural.
Dating back to around 1907, the building had served as a movie theater, a pool hall and even a rooster fighting rink, according to Nick.

After the Timms' big find, the Okanogan County Historical Society was able to dig up a newspaper clipping from 1915 that reveals the original plan for the murals.

A local artist was set to paint the murals for what was the Hub Theatre at that time, according to the clipping, which was provided to CNN by the society.

"The new improvements at the Hub include 120 feet of panoramic landscape scenery in light tans," the clipping reads.

Now, that panoramic scenery will be cautiously taken down, refurbished and rehung. Nick said some sections of the murals have extensive water damage that they want to get restored as quickly as possible.

photo from 1918 when it was a theatre



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Dürer drawing bought for $30 at yard sale 'worth more than $10 million’

Boston-based art collector Clifford Schorer, who is a consultant to the gallery, told CNN Thursday that he came across the rare artwork, thought to have been completed in 1503, by chance on the way to a party in Massachusetts in 2019.

The bookseller told him his friend had a Dürer drawing and asked if he would take a look at it. Schorer agreed, but held out little hope, given that the last time an unknown drawing of "caliber" by the artist was discovered was more than 100 years ago, he said.

when he arrived to examine the artwork weeks later, he was taken aback by its quality.

Schorer said he told the owner, who wishes to remain anonymous: "I think it's either the greatest forgery I've ever seen or a masterpiece.”

Examined at a roundtable at the British Museum in London in December last year, where the drawing was examined by scholars in the field alongside other works on paper by Dürer, according to Schorer and Agnews.

"It's probably fair to say he's one of the greatest graphic designers that ever lived -- a pioneer in engraving and drawing. He was a maestro in black and white, and his famous prints ... inspired artists all over the world."
A Maine woman whose cat disappeared in 2015 has been notified the cat has now been discovered over 1,400 miles away in Florida.
Missing Maine cat turns up in Florida 7 years later

A cat who went missing from her owner's Maine home seven years ago will be reunited soon with her family after turning up more than 1,400 miles away in Florida.

Denise Cilley, of Chesterville, said her family's pet, Ashes, was strictly an indoor cat when the feline escaped from the house in August 2015. ...

Cilley said her family searched for the then-1-year-old cat, but there was no sign of Ashes. She said the family eventually came to believe she had been taken by a fox or other predator. ...

Cilley said she was initially confused when she recently received a phone call from a veterinarian in Longwood, Fla. ...

The veterinarian told Cilley the feline had a microchip from the Franklin County Animal Shelter that contained her contact information, and after receiving a description of the animal, she realized the cat must be the long-lost Ashes. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/0...found-in-Florida-7-years-later/3651643922835/
A Massachusetts man was reunited with the high school class ring he lost 40 years ago.
Massachusetts man surprised with class ring 40 years after he lost it

A Massachusetts man was surprised on his birthday with the class ring he lost 40 years ago.

"Never in a million years did I think I'd find it," Dan Halloran, a 1982 Lawrence High School graduate, told WHDH.com. ...

Halloran remembered losing the ring the same year he graduated high school.

"I used to take my (class) ring off before I'd go to basketball practice, and put it on the top shelf of my gym locker," Halloran told The Eagle-Tribune, adding this routine didn't prevent him from losing the ring after one practice in 1982. ...

Recently, a janitor clearing out space in the high school found it behind some lockers, and called Halloran's wife, Maria, who surprised him with the ring on Saturday for his 58th birthday. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/0...s-ring-found-lost-40-years-ago/4371644253135/

British tourist reunited with false teeth he lost in Spain 11 years ago

A holidaymaker who lost his false teeth while vomiting into a bin on a boozy night out in Benidorm was stunned when they turned up in the post 11 years on.
Paul Bishop, 63, said he "fell ill" after drinking cider during a night out in the Spanish party resort in 2011.

After Paul's dentures were found in landfill, Spanish authorities used DNA records to eventually track him to his Stalybridge, Greater Manchester home.

He said he was "gobsmacked and stunned" when he saw his long-lost gnashers.

He explained that his false teeth had been passed from the landfill site to authorities.

"Next thing you know, they have found my DNA and address from British records, and popped it in the post."

Paul described the whole thing as "unbelievable".

Isn't Bishop one of the surnames which regularly turn up in Daily Mash stories? Even the cats have surnames. :evillaugh:
Isn't Bishop one of the surnames which regularly turn up in Daily Mash stories? Even the cats have surnames. :evillaugh:
You could be right. He does look like he’s stepped out the pages of Viz.

And dentures found in landfill?.. Even if you were sifting through landfill, if you came across some dentures would you think ‘somone will appreciate getting these back, I’ll send them off for DNA analysis in the remote possibility ‘the authorities’ can track him down’? Or continue searching for the computer containing your bitcoin wallet which you inadvertently threw away.

Another and - is he a criminal of some sort, if not, why were his DNA record on file, & held by who, the police? What was he doing in Spain - hiding away? I reckon he’s probably an ex bank robber.

The more you look at it the more preposterous it gets.
You could be right. He does look like he’s stepped out the pages of Viz.

And dentures found in landfill?.. Even if you were sifting through landfill, if you came across some dentures would you think ‘somone will appreciate getting these back, I’ll send them off for DNA analysis in the remote possibility ‘the authorities’ can track him down’? Or continue searching for the computer containing your bitcoin wallet which you inadvertently threw away.

Another and - is he a criminal of some sort, if not, why were his DNA record on file, & held by who, the police? What was he doing in Spain - hiding away? I reckon he’s probably an ex bank robber.

The more you look at it the more preposterous it gets.
But wait - here’s the letter from the Spanish authorities..

A Maine Department of Transportation hard hat somehow ended up drifting across the Atlantic to be discovered on a beach in Norway.
MaineDOT hard hat discovered 3,300 miles away in Norway

A man in Norway discovered a Maine Department of Transportation hard hat more than 3,300 miles (5,310 kilometers) away from its home.

Sigbjørn Eide said he was collecting trash earlier this month along Norway’s coast when he came across the white hard hat buried in seaweed. Eide spotted an American flag and a MaineDOT logo on the hard hat, The Boston Globe reported Tuesday.

When he got home later that day, Eide said he found out the hat belonged to the Maine Department of Transportation and reached out to the department through social media. ...

A MaineDOT spokesperson said the department won’t ask Eide to return the hat and is planning to send him some items from the state.
FULL STORY: https://apnews.com/article/oddities...ansportation-9e945024340fb29f7640bf9d4c01eb59
Parents reunited with son 16 years after he was abducted from hospital as a baby

Mother Rosalia Lopez and father Yasir Macias, from Mexico, have waited the best part of two decades to see their son Salvador again.

According to the news site El Informador, Salvador was abducted from a hospital in the city of Guadalajara in Mexico by a woman pretending to be a nurse on 15th December 2005, when Rosalia was 22 years old.

After years of investigation, in September 2021, the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF) carried out a comparative facial analysis based on a picture of the minor to determine how he might look today.

Several months later, investigators came across a young, healthy man with very similar characteristics to the results of their facial analysis.

Officials carried out general tests on the teenager, as well as on Rosalia and Yasir, to verify their genetic relationship, and a 99.99 percent match was confirmed.
The State Prosecutor's Office said in a statement: "The Public Ministry agency obtained the results of the expert reports, which confirmed 99.99 percent that the minor is directly related to both the mother and father, who have already been notified."

Although the State Prosecutor's Office managed to locate the teenager, investigators are continuing to find out the circumstances behind his abduction nearly 17 years ago, as no one has ever been arrested for the crime.

The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, praised the relevant bodies for reuniting the family, saying: "From my heart, all my best wishes for this new life that begins today. All my appreciation to Forensic Sciences for their great work, to Security Coordinator @RicardoSBeruben and @FiscaliaJal for not letting go, and to everyone behind this great achievement."
Check your old bank books.

When six-year-old Carol Allison spent a year in Edinburgh with her granny, she was taken every week to the bank to deposit a shilling into her account.

More than 60 years later, she found the forgotten bank book while tidying her house in the city's Stockbridge area. She took it along to her bank, and found that the £2.50 she had deposited was now worth £250 - and that the money was still there for her to collect.

Carol is urging others to reclaim money from old accounts.

I discovered an old building society account a few years ago that I had forgotten about, went in to the branch (shows you how long ago that was) and found I'd more than doubled the amount I'd started with through interest. It was only about £70, but better than nothing.

British fugitive wanted over £1,000,000,000 fraud arrested while walking dogs in Spain

A woman branded one of the UK’s ‘most wanted tax fugitives’ has been captured after nine years on the run.

Sarah Panitzke vanished in May 2013 while she faced trial over an elaborate money laundering scam.

She was convicted and sentenced in her absence to eight years in prison.

Panitzke, originally from Fulford near York, had been traced to a town near Barcelona back in 2015. But she managed to flee in disguise after she caught wind of the looming police operation.

Authorities again caught up with the fugitive in February – this time in the small Spanish town of Santa Barbara in Tarragona.
After weeks of surveillance, the 47-year-old was arrested by an elite police team while out walking her dogs.

She remains in custody while extradition proceedings begin.

Panitzke is accused of laundering money through companies in Spain, Andorra and Dubai for a group that bought mobile phones abroad without VAT and resold them in the UK.

NCA international deputy director Tom Dowdall said: ‘Sarah Panitzke has been on the run for almost nine years.
‘Given the length of time, she might have thought we had stopped searching, but she remained on our radar.

‘Joint working between UK law enforcement and our partners in Spain led to her being apprehended, and we will now seek her extradition back to the UK to serve her prison sentence.

‘This should serve as a warning to others on our most wanted list – we will not rest until you are captured, no matter how long it takes.’
Spanish authorities claim she was the only member of a wider criminal gang who remained free, with 16 people already jailed.
Would the Spanish authorities address something to "Senor Paul" without a tilde over the n?
I don’t know. The plot thickens - has he mocked up the letter to get himself & his dentures in the papers?
A Virginia woman's aged poodle that went missing 5 years ago was discovered hundreds of miles away in Florida and has been reunited with its original owner.
Virginia woman's lost dog turns up five years later in Florida

A Virginia woman whose dog went missing from her home was reunited with the canine five years later when he turned up at a shelter in Florida.

The Cape Coral Animal Shelter said the 15-year-old poodle was brought to an animal control facility with matted fur and infections in his eyes and ears. ...

The canine was scanned for a microchip and identified as Snowball, a dog reported missing in Norfolk, Va.

Snowball's owner, identified as Kathy, said she cried when the shelter called her and said her long-lost pet had been found. ...
SOURCE: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/0...lost-dog-found-Florida-5-years/1291646255896/
A Michigan woman's lost dog was located and retrieved some 7 miles offshore on a frozen bay of one of the Great Lakes.
Michigan woman's missing dog found on the ice 7 miles from shore

A Michigan dog on the loose for nearly a week was reunited with her owner after the canine was found to have traveled 7 miles on the ice of a frozen bay.

Autumn Arsenault, of Gladwin, said her dog, Maehem, a 3-year-old kai ken, was staying with her father in Bay City in late February while Arsenault was visiting Ann Arbor. ...

Arsenault said Maehem escaped from her father's house Feb. 26 and fled ...

Arsenault launched a days-long search for Maehem, and ended up contacting T.K. and Son Ice Recovery after someone reported sighting the canine on the ice covering Saginaw Bay.

Arsenault received a message Wednesday from a man named Aaron Wolf who reported spotting Maehem on the ice.

Wolf remained nearby to watch the dog until T.K. and Son Ice Recovery arrived on the scene with Arsenault in tow.

Arsenault said the location at which Maehem was found on the ice was 7 miles from shore.

"We took three snowmobiles out with us on the backs and arrived at the location and there she was," Arsenault said. "We made sure to park the snowmobiles at a distance because of the fear she'll run.

"We walked up and called her and she came right up to us, crawling into our laps with lots of kisses. We slipped the collar on and rode back to shore with her in our arms." ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/03/04/lost-dog-ice-Saginaw-Bay-7-miles/8681646431108/
California police discovered a boat abandoned on a street, tethered to a "No Parking" sign.
Abandoned boat found tethered to 'No Parking' sign on California street

Police officers in California were left scratching their heads when a boat was found abandoned in a street -- and tied to a "No Parking" sign.

The Irwindale Police Department said in a Twitter post that an officer found the boat parked without a trailer at the side of Los Angeles Street. ...

The boat was removed by city crews and taken to the local tow yard. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/03/07/abandoned-boat-Irwindale-California/5501646687689/
A UK woman discovered a library book lying by the side of a road back in 1957. She took the book home, read it, and never got around to returning it to the library until now.
Book returned to British library 65 years after being found next to a road

An overdue book was returned to a British library nearly 65 years after a young reader found it abandoned at the side of a road.

The Portsmouth City Council said the book, "appropriately titled" Forgotten Submarine, was found by young Jill Davies at the side of Portsmouth's Fratton Road in 1957. ...

"As an avid reader, there was no way I was going to return the book until I had read it -- which I did, and thoroughly enjoyed. But the one thing I never got around to doing was taking it to the library," Davies said in a letter to the Portsmouth City Council. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/03/07/Portsmouth-England-library-book-65-years/5081646688353/
A WW2 USAAF bomber jacket lost at a Washington (state) restaurant over 60 years ago has been returned to the original owner's family.
WWII jacket returned to owner's family more than 60 years later

A World War II bomber jacket left behind at a Washington restaurant in the early 1950s was returned to the daughter of its original owner more than 60 years later.

Pat Nesbitt, who now lives in Molalla, Ore., said he was 5 years old and undergoing treatment for polio when his uncle gave him the leather bomber jacket he found abandoned at a Tacoma restaurant. ...

"When my uncle gave me the jacket, from 10 years old to 18, I put on the jacket because it gave me superpowers," Nesbitt told KATU-TV. "If he could do 40 missions in that jacket, I could sled down the cliff, and I did. Most people could come back after 25, but he didn't. This guy was a superhero, and this is a jacket a superhero would wear."

Nesbitt said he kept the jacket in good condition over the decades. ...

Nesbitt said the name of the jacket's original owner, Miles F. Blum, was written inside the jacket's lining, and in February he decided to enlist the help of friend Jerry Ferguson to try to find members of Blum's family. ...

Ferguson used Ancestry.com to connect with Blum's daughter, Teri Sargent ...

Sargent said her father died when she was only 14.

"My dad and I were joined at the hip. ... We were very much alike, and I loved my dad a lot," she said.

Sargent said Nesbitt was right about the jacket belonging to a "superhero."

"He flew B24 bombers in that jacket. He flew 40 missions in that jacket. He was all over Europe, France, and Germany," Sargent said.

Sargent received the jacket in the mail this month. ...

"All I could think to say was, 'Welcome home daddy.' Which is silly for a grown woman to say, but that's what I felt. I could feel him there. I put my hand in the pocket, and I could feel him there" ...
FULL STORY (With Video): https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/03/15/World-War-II-bomber-jacket-returned-to-family/5511647377316/