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Jan 7, 2019
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Greetings, good people of this forum!

These are the books I've written after experimenting with magick in certain ways. I'm not too humble to say that the principles behind the books are unlike any I have come across so far. That is to say, while the spirits mentioned in the books might very well be familiar to a lot of people, the way in which they are put to work is genuine.

1. The Magick of Astrorelationships -

This book helps one improve his or her relationship with their lover, spouse, and even relatives, co-workers, bosses etc, should they choose to use it that way. Not only that, but it can be used on the self too. It is a book which can be read and used by beginners, as it covers the basic steps for conjuring spirits (mostly from a Golden Dawn and Thelema perspective - this doesn't mean, however, that people who use other systems cannot work with it; quite the contrary).

2. Mundane Body Magick -

- paperback version

This book helps in issues like losing weight and building muscles with the help of magick, as well as provides helpful information on how to deal with diseases. The book is for practitioners above beginner level, as it offers more advanced methods of conjuring spirits (again from a GD-Thelema perspective - as above).

3. Magick Pills for Hard Transits -

This booklet offers practical information on how to deal with hard planetary transits. This is a book for advanced practitioners because it doesn't provide any system for conjuring spirits, expecting the reader to be familiar with one.


If you don't want to buy my books from Amazon or LULU, you can pay less for a pdf version instead of kindle or paperback! Inbox me or email me at [email protected] - payment through or bank account transfer. I don't put all my eggs in one basket so bits and pieces of helpful information are spread around in all three books.

Thank you!
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