Memories of UnConventions Past


Fresh Blood
Aug 25, 2009
Hi all

I'm writing a novel set in a convention very similar to Unconvention and I was interested to know anyone's vivid memories of events, characters, traditions etc that happened in past Uncons. I didn't just want to rely on my memories, I only managed to go to 4, the last 2 because I was reporting on them for FT itself. I have some great memories though but was hungry for more, especially from people who may have experienced it from other angles or viewpoints.

I'm not interested in lectures or staged events as such (I was lucky enough to be present for the infamous Ken Campbell water-shooting stunt and in fact stood next to the lady involved for the entire performance up to that point, wondering why she appeared to be wearing nothing under her suit jacket!) but for memories of characters and events that happened elsewhere in the proceedings, including any connected social events. For example I remember the small group of Unconners who met up at a pub nearby the venue when it was at South Kensington in 2003 and one chap who insisted everyone eat an almond from a bag he carried. Apparently this was a tradition. Any other traditions?

Also does anyone remember any subsets or groups who appeared to infiltrate Uncon with their own agendas? In fact I tried this myself along with a couple of others when I tried to drum up interest in an expedition to find the Geordie Bigfoot, an effort that lead to complete failure!

No memories too small or trivial or weird, all will be welcomed! Any that i use will be acknowledged in my novel.


Stu (Zavian Friday) Ferrol