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Most Haunted: Bumper Compendium Thread

Most Haunted Live - Edinburgh

Has anyone been watching this?

Its currently on night 2 of the vigil, night 1 was poor, so naturally they have to step it up a gear for night 2, so far Stuart and John have both been scratched, Stuart on his back and John on his leg.

Ive seen more convincing wounds on an episode of Casualty, how poor can this show get?

Shocking stuff.
Yep -- I've been sucked into it. Stuart attacking Carl on night one
was something -- I'll bet he's been wanting to do that for years! :lol:

At one point they were dropping like flies -- I think 3 of them
passed out (including Yvie) within a few minutes time. Live!

They have to do something without Degsy to liven up the show.

Should be called: "Most haunted dead" surely? ;)
It made me smile, that leg wound was funny... lovely great gash on the leg with blood around it yet no blood at all near the actual wound itself the wound was clean with no blood within an inch of it...now thats weird :p
I'm glad I'm not the only one suspicious about the nature of the wounds, how come the ones Carl recieved were barely superficial? Why did Stuart feel the need to strip off his top on live camera if he had no previous idea about what was on his back?
I watch just on the off chance that they manage to get some real uneqivocal evidence. The whole Most Haunted circus is packed full of interesting psychological phenomena never mind the para-psychological!
Most gullable more like!

I think that show is definitely "preaching to the converted"
If they want to step it up a notch then they should stick someone in the Mackenzie Poltergeist tomb in Greyfriars.

That said, I’ve been on that tour many a time and have never been a victim of anything other than a bird pooping on me. :| A few other people have been scratched but you never know just how much attention they want in life. :)

I want to point out I don’t have cable… so can’t watch it… and I probably wouldn’t anyway.

MX (never seen a single episode)
I knew someone at uni who was in a team who 'gained access' to the crypt part of the Mackenzie tomb (this was before it was vandalised/desecreated) and saw all the coffins/skeletons. He didn't seem frightened of it :)

However, I would rate that as the top scary place in Edinburgh, far above the Vaults and especially Mary King's - discounting, of course, places like Niddrie or Jacob's Ladder. Now that's somewhere you wouldn't want to be in the dark. :shock:
Most Haunted Midsummer Murders ……

Sorry I had to watch…… :shock:

I have been watching Most Haunted since its beginnings and still watch it today, when it first began I thought it was ground breaking but now not so, but wait – a NEW most haunted series Midsummer Murders so I set my sky plus and settled down at a convenient time with my other half and a can of cider only to be greeted with that stupid historian Lesley bloody Smith – boy does she really get on my T*T* . :evil:

Anyhoo Half the time I had no clue what was going on, something about a murdered pedlar that the stupid woman kept saying was killed in a drunken brawl by a highwayman and dumped in a cave.

Nothing to exciting usual crew can’t wait for the guest frauds … um I mean mediums, roll out Johnny Fury (from the last series and MH LIVE) boy was she Cr@p everything she threw up was vague or boring and she sat and just agreed with everyone.

Saw a game show once where they had to do tasks in a loony asylum for money and had cameras strapped to them – very good stoned ;)
Yeah it was pretty shite?! Saw the one about the soldier that was poisoned by his mistress?! *probably.

Could not understand the VO person at all, or speech was rather Muummbly, so lost a lot of info, if there was any! And found her tone very teacher child like?! Felt like I was watching an odd episode of Rainbow or playschool! "Now Kids which window shall we look through today, YES!! The Phsychic window!" :) "I wonder will our friends see who ran over the cat, from our last exciting story!".

I have watched them, looking up from the knitting, and I am left wondering are they really hunting the solutions to real murders???

It seems that the murders are little more than rumour, folklore and old tales. There has been very little in the way of actual written statements of bodies found, questions asked, any form of inquest or judicial enquiry (they did exist in a form quite early on in history).

Also it now appears that Dr. O'Keefe has become an expert on criminal psychology using it to reinforce the statements of David Wells.

I'll continue to watch as it keeps the cat amused (he watches avidly, his tail switching!!)
tilly50 said:
I'll continue to watch as it keeps the cat amused (he watches avidly, his tail switching!!)

Oops! I assure you no Cats were harmed in the posting of my previous mail! :)
Most Haunted...LIVE!!!

Oh God, Ted!!!

It's Most Haunted Live on the Television again and that Yvette woman's just been followed by a "frightened young boy"...so says Mrs.B from Bristol (who, incidently, has also just bought some SuperWash detergent on PriceDrop.tv...excuse my channel hopping).

Yvette has just asked the camp medium if he thinks they have a "negative energy" with them. His reply? "Well, it's either a positive or a negative energy..."! Christ, even Degsy could've made that up! He was either stood up or sat down when he said that but I wouldn't want to be too specific...

Yvette's now asking for a loud noise or for something to be thrown. I'd throw the lot of 'em right the feck out...if it wasn't for the cash money all this is bringing in. Quick, go get my Orb producing/Whistle replaying box!!!

Ah such cynisism....someone leap to their defense!!!
I gave up on MH quite a while ago - see my pontifications on various MH threads passim. I'm sure deep down they really do want to capture something tangible on camera, but if they don't they'll make it entertaining anyway - and this, along with Deggsy's little moments and the discovery that it's scripted is what screws any credibility they may ever have had.

It's fun and all, but I'm tired of watching the same pantomime time after time.
I couldn't agree more. I too gave up on MH a long time ago but last night, well...okay, I was very drunk and MH looked like a good idea at the time.

It was comforting to see all the same tricks used to rubbish effect.

Not for the first time I told myself "never again" when I awoke... :D
...and as for Ghostwatch, Jeeeeepers! That was truly time to hide behind the settee when I saw that as a kid!! :shock:
I used to watch MH years ago, only the weekly shows, didn't even know they did the live ones at the time. I found the show quite entertaining and as it was near their start, they still had some respect, many thinking it was research etc.

Then i watched a live one, it was the last time i watched the show, the live version really put me off, with their desperation to coerce the viewer into believing, and making things out to be a million times more interesting, with regards to proving the existence, etc.

I watched all five live shows this week for Halloween, just wanted to give it a try now that Derek isn't with the group anymore, totally disappointed, that so called 'cynic' should be ashamed of himself. I kept watching night after night, moreso for entertainment value, and cringeworthiness (is that a word?), after the first night and realising they hadn't learned anything since Derek.

I much prefer Ghost Hunt and Ghost Hunters. Two very decent shows.
dan_fi said:
It was comforting to see all the same tricks used to rubbish effect.

C'mon now! The crapping ghost was a first! :lol:
stuneville said:
It's fun and all, but I'm tired of watching the same pantomime time after time.
It's behind you!!!!
Most Haunted got boring after Derek Acorah was found out to be a fake. [We all knew he was before it was confirmed, but still.]

And the live shows were boring anyway.
I watched for five minutes. When a viewer sent a text in saying that he foresaw the team having difficulty with a devious trickster I gave up.

Somebody should be recording the webcams with the amount of "activity" people are seeing :roll:
baker8 said:
I watched for five minutes. When a viewer sent a text in saying that he foresaw the team having difficulty with a devious trickster I gave up.

Somebody should be recording the webcams with the amount of "activity" people are seeing :roll:

You know, were I the sysadmin in charge of those webcams, I would be very tempted indeed to install a few image processing systems to introduce a few ghostly shadows or mysterious orbs on them, served to only a few of the incoming connections, just for the laugh.

I wouldn't be telling the producer about the tricks, either... :twisted:
This has got to be the most idiotic show on TV. All I've seen is infrared camera shots of everybody's faces and hear them all screaming. Then, the fact they can get a "spirit" to throw items on command is very fake! I have yet to see any proof of anything here. Anybody could make this show like this. Very unprofessional!
I agree but it still gets thousands of viewers and their message board is heaving with those who think it's absolutely fantastic, completely serious and utterly factual.
Then again, the MB quickly throws out anyone who casts even the slightest doubt on the veracity of the show.

And as far as the twerps who text in during the live shows ... :roll:
I just love the 'psychic drawings' some people send in. :lol:

And Derek Acorah being possessed and saying 'Mary loves Dick, Mary loves Dick' was a highlight of the show.
i love paranormal shows, especially if they are live, but most haunted just seems a little to fake and im sure im not the only one who thinks that it was ok to begin with but then when Derek Acorah was found out as a fake and Yvette Fielding took over it has got worse but i know thats just my opinion.
Know what u mean but Der was great entertainment! Yvette tries too hard sometimes. I think it's interestng that they ssem to have moved th emphasis from objects beign thrown to noises and voices - what do you think?