Gone But Not Forgotten
Oct 25, 2001
Clamping down on naked soccer


Three students punished for playing in nude soccer game at Luther College

Associated Press

Published May 15, 2002

DECORAH, Iowa -- Three college students from Minnesota have been caught violating Luther College's new rules against naked soccer.

``They were seniors who had never played before,'' said Ann Highum, vice president and dean of student life. ``They are very nice young men who hoped they would get away with it.''

The three seniors are the only known violators of Luther's policy against naked soccer since announcement of the new rules and penalties against the games that have been a part of finals week since the early 1990s.

Campus security caught the three nude soccer players on May 8 during an impromptu game on campus, said Jerry Johnson, Luther's public information director.

In accordance with new rules announced April 24 by President Richard Torgerson, the three were each fined $250 and notified that they would be evicted from campus housing, Johnson said. They were also turned over to Decorah police, who cited them for indecent exposure.

Chief Tom Courtney identified the students as Noah Keller, 22, of Minneapolis; Michael Killeen, 21, of St. Paul, Minn; and Ben Rangstorf, 22, of Cosmos, Minn.

They have not yet appeared before a magistrate on the indecent exposure charges, Courtney said Tuesday.
Purely out of a fortean curiosity... why did the college decide to ban naked soccer? Were there previous offences, and are there pictures?

Well, at Princeton they also used to have that Naked Mile run.

So can anyone tell me why we have a law telling people how to dress? And at the same time we preach about the importance of freedom.
Xanatic said:
Well, at Princeton they also used to have that Naked Mile run.

So can anyone tell me why we have a law telling people how to dress? And at the same time we preach about the importance of freedom.
Because nude is naughty. And we cannot allow people to be naughty, can we?
And we most certainly cannot allow freedom to be unlimited!
But to me that is a symbol of that we can't call ourselves the free world. When we have a law against people doing such things. I personally don't want to run around naked, but I do want the right to do it. In most countries they won't even let people do it on the beach.
Careful Xanatic, you're starting to sound like Richard Madeley who wants to see more erections on TV.

Also, the company that brought you the Naked News are currently recruiting for a naked American football league. Applications for tight-ends and wide receivers are especially welcome.

I write all my own material, you know.
mejane said:
Purely out of a fortean curiosity... why did the college decide to ban naked soccer? Were there previous offences, and are there pictures?


Seems it's become a little tradition. More here:


Luther vows: Naked soccer is finished
Register Staff Writer
Luther College students might be stripped of their naked soccer games this year.

The school's president has vowed to end the games for good, and the Student Senate has formed a task force of nine students and six faculty members to help him do it.

"Naked soccer is an excess in the life of this community that places individuals in harm's way," President Richard Torgerson wrote in a letter to the college's 2,600 students.

Officials believe several seniors began the naked games in 1991. By tradition they are played on the library lawn during finals week each May. But participation in the games has escalated in the past three years, said Jerry Johnson, Luther College's director of public information. Games were played all eight nights of finals last year, with about 125 students playing and 600 people watching in just one night, he said.

"Some on-site drinking occurs," Johnson said. "Intoxication is common." Several students have been taken to the health center for alcohol poisoning, he said.

The task force was asked to decide sanctions for students who play in the naked games. It reported to Torgerson last week, and final recommendations will be released Friday.

This isn't the first time administrators have tried to stop the naked sport.

Six students were cited for indecent exposure in 1997 after officials asked police to videotape the games.

The next year, administrators held a pancake breakfast on the library lawn in the early morning hours when the games usually take place. Several students stripped down anyway and played in front of about 400 people who were eating or in line.

Luther College is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Naked run?

We're having a naked run at my college... RIT in Rochester, New York. Not sure what day it is, sometime this week... come, see, run naked!
I really don't know anything about it, I just saw a poster for it.
So shouldn't it be the drinking they clamped down on, instead of the nudity? But I guess it is a lutheran college and look at what they want to do to people that see their father naked.

As for erections on TV, it all depends on where you define porn. But yes, if people want porn it should be shown. Just keep your kids away if you don't want them seeing it.

Can anyone give me a good reason why we are not allowing people to run around naked in the streets? Except "You're gonna put somebody's eye out with that thing" :)
Nude models organize


Models Form Union

(AP) (PHILADELPHIA) May 23, 2002 10:00 am US/Central
Several dozen models who pose in the nude for art students have formed a union and are agitating for higher wages and improved benefits.

The fledgling Philadelphia Models Guild also wants a place to change other than in the bathroom, a place to hang street clothes and a screen for privacy in the classroom.

Cushioned floor pads wouldn't hurt, either.

"By uniting together, we could become regarded more as professionals and not as unskilled people off the street," said model Tomas Dura, a flamenco dancer.

Most professional artists' models in the Philadelphia area — a group estimated to be in the hundreds — make between $9.50 and $12 an hour. The models guild wants an hourly wage of $15, with some benefits, said Claire Hankins, one of the leaders of the group.

The models say they not only feel underpaid, but unappreciated. Littell said she was once asked to get on the floor of an unswept classroom filthy with charcoal.

"A comfortable model produces a comfortable pose, which produces a comfortable artist and a better painting," said Jym Paris, an opera singer and actor who has been modeling for 10 years.
There is already a "union" of life models here in the UK - the Register of Artists' Models , also trying to raise wages and improve conditions - not had much luck so far (I used to be a member until bad health forced me out of work).
Models Form Union

I don't see anything unusual about artist's models forming a union. In Britain and on the continent even prostitutes and workers in the sex industry either already have unions, or, are trying to form them.

A jobs a job, when all's said and done. Forming an association to try and protect the rights, welfare and incomes of workers seems pretty reasonable to me.

I've tried life modelling. It's not as easy as it looks.
A general thread for well news about nudity.

Au naturel is natural for Naked Yoga Guy

Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Prosecuting a nuisance -- even a naked one -- is turning out to be more than just a nuisance for the San Francisco district attorney. It's proving to be nearly impossible.

First, there was the failed attempt to silence the infamous Bushman, whose "Ugga-bugga!'' still scares the daylights out of Fisherman's Wharf tourists.

Now comes the Naked Yoga Guy (a.k.a. George Monty Davis), whose in-the- buff appearances have landed him in court today on charges of dropping his pants in public along the wharf.

From the looks of things, he'll walk, too.

Prosecutors, we've been told, plan to drop the misdemeanor public nuisance complaint lodged against the 58-year-old self-described naturist.

"Being naked in San Francisco is not a crime,'' explained D.A. spokeswoman Debbie Mesloh, "unless the gentleman had lewd conduct or was obstructing traffic.''

And proving lewd conduct isn't all that easy, according to prosecutors. Not after a California appellate court, ruling that nudity itself is not a crime, struck down an indecent exposure ruling four years ago against a 16- year-old Los Angeles County teenager who mooned passing motorists from the sidewalk.

The Naked Yoga Guy's journey into the legal system began a few months back when he started giving impromptu demonstrations at Fisherman's Wharf to plug his book and his nude lifestyle.

Davis, a onetime theology student who claims to have a trophy wife, 27- foot yacht and season tickets to the opera, said there was plenty of tourist reaction to the act.

Most of the T-shirt and fanny packer crowd, however, just snickered, shrugged or snapped a quick "only in San Francisco" photo.

Only a few showed any real interest in Davis' book or, for that matter, taking up naked yoga.

In short -- aside from a bit of press -- the nude demos have largely been a dud from a marketing standpoint.

"I'm basically an unpaid street entertainer,'' he said.

Unfortunately for Mr. Naked, some of those who caught the act -- like a shocked Stockton mom who was visiting the wharf with her preteen son -- started giving critical reviews to the cops.

Ever since, Davis said, police have been breathing down his neck.

On July 29, Davis -- after stripping naked near Hyde and Jefferson -- was cited for committing a public nuisance. The complainant, as luck would have it, was a clothing store merchant from the nearby Cannery.

"You have a man standing in front of the cable car turnaround doing yoga nude, with a bus full of children from a Christian school next to it," said the store owner, Harriet Gibson. "We don't need this in our city.''

Davis got a second citation Sept. 9 when a young man who hands out flyers promoting a Fisherman's Wharf restaurant signed a citizen's arrest form after a mother and her child complained to him about the Naked Yoga Guy.

And just last week, our guy was hauled off to the Police Department's Central Station after an elderly couple complained. He was later freed when the offended couple failed to show up to sign the complaint.

Central Station's captain, Stephen Tacchini, said that as long as Davis isn't doing anything overtly sexual, he can't be charged with lewd conduct or indecent exposure.

That leaves public nuisance -- a law mostly meant for offenses like blocking a sidewalk -- as the only real option.

"That's where prosecutors have to decide, if they go before a jury, whether they're likely to get a conviction,'' Tacchini said.

No easy task, for as Tacchini has learned over the years, "San Francisco is a very broad-minded city.''

As for the anatomy area that's upsetting so many people, Tacchini said, "I've seen the guy, and it's no big deal -- it's an infraction, not even a misdemeanor.''

Even with the charges about to be dumped, the Naked Yoga Guy said he hasn't yet decided if he'll return to the waterfront.

"I am making a political statement at the price of police harassment, which is a waste of both of our times,'' Davis said.

Still, he's not going away. His next stop: this weekend's Folsom Street Fair, a much more conducive environment.

By the way, it's not just San Francisco giving Davis a tough time.

At the recent Burning Man celebration in the Nevada desert, a bastion of nudity and free-spirited expression, the Naked Yoga Guy was told by a camp director that going nude was OK, but to keep his clothes on at meals.

"People were freaking out because your (privates) were too close to the buffet,'' he said.


Good for him I say!!

[edit: Although I would recommend he keep clear of the buffet too especially when I'm around - I tend to attack them and I'm sure he wouldn't really want a fork through his johnson as I lunge for the cocktail sausages ;) ]

the really desperate can follow the link to see a photo :eek!!!!: :eek!!!!:


14:13 Sunday 26th September 2004

Art lovers urged to strip off

Visitors to an exhibition of nudes are being encouraged to strip off to help
them to feel closer to the art.

Kevin Money is offering 25% off any purchases of works from his Bodyline
exhibition to anyone who bares all.

So far, locals at Gallery 39 in Swindon, Wiltshire, have been reluctant to take
the gallery owner up on his offer, reports Sky News online.

"I'm happy to close the blinds and if they want to take their clothes off, I'll
give them 25% off," he said.

"Buying art is a novelty in Swindon at the moment but I'm thinking I won't just give 25% off - they have to earn it.

"We had someone almost do it yesterday but they changed their mind at the last minute."

Encouraging customers to strip off is a way of helping them to experience the
art in a more profound way, Mr Money said.

"We're hoping that people will come in, look at the paintings and say `I've got
a body, I'm not ashamed of it'."


Mal F
Naturism still draws a crowd



Martin Wainwright
Tuesday October 5, 2004
The Guardian


Naked locals draw attention to Britain's changing cities

It began with The Full Monty, and then the calendar girls of Rylstone Women's
Institute in North Yorkshire. Now anyone can join in, and in the streets of
Leeds and half a dozen other cities, they have been; at dusk, on quiet Sunday afternoons and shortly after dawn.

The result will be published later this year as Naked City, a novel take on the
process of urban renewal in the last decade. Beside shiny new buildings sit - or stand or sprawl - comfortable locals with nothing on.

"We've gone beneath the fabric of the modern city," said Ian Daley of the
community publishing group Route, which has now also gone beneath the fabric on scores of enthusiastic volunteers.

Naked citizens have been photographed eating lunch in parks, shopping in arcades and - a newer urban phenomenon - gathering outside non-smoking offices for a quick drag.

"The result puts flesh on the glossy city brochures, in more ways than one,"
said Mr Daley, whose final sessions are now under way in Leeds. Most of the
pictures have been taken, but organisers are still happy to hear from anyone prepared to briefly defy the October weather, at their website

"It doesn't take long and it's all very discreet, with people keeping watch so
that no passers-by get upset," said Mr Daley. One picture, of two women
volunteers at a bus stop, was hastily postponed when a gang of lads appeared.

"We had dressing gowns ready and the car handy and no one noticed anything.
Apart from that, people haven't been bothered at all if they happen to be around during the photo shoots."

Naked City has roots in the work of Spencer Tunick, who specialises in mass nude pictures in unorthodox settings. The record is held by Cleveland, Ohio, where 2,754 volunteers got up at 4am for a Tunick session organised by the city's museum of contemporary art. The British project is more concerned with individuals, and each volunteer is asked if they have a story to tell. Route grew out of a community publishing initiative, Yorkshire Arts Circus, which helped "ordinary" people chronicle their lives."The photographs tell us something about the 'new regions' in Britain, but
individual accounts add an enormous amount about the sheer scale of change in people's lives," said Mr Daley.

"We all know now about the damage and the battering to the old economies... but there's so much to find out about the effects of the new world - cities full of new buildings, shops and clubs, hi-tech industries and the like.

"Some people are relishing it, some are confused and some are upset. We're
compiling stories from all of them."

Only one person has had second thoughts, a man pictured cheerfully full-frontal walking his dog across a bridge over the Aire in Leeds.

"He got a new job shortly afterwards and wasn't quite sure about what they'd think," said Mr Daley.

The book also features a nude long familiar in the city - the Henry Moore
Reclining Woman outside the civic art gallery. She appears with a companion who stripped off one morning in the Headrow before the buses started running.



(and thanks to suburban press / jamie reid for the title!)

Mal F
This bit amused me -
We had dressing gowns ready
Not dirty macs. So that's all right tnen. :D

A few years ago I saw a Guardian article on the 'Naked' calendar. Apparently a brave bloke (who's just called 'Naked' by the photographer) endeavours to pose naked, looking perfectly normal if sometimes a little cold, in famous places such as Trafalgar Square.

This was in well pre-'net days so I didn't hear anything more about it.

I have my university college's women's rugby team calendar here. :(
Librarian's semi-naked protest


(hope semi nude qulaifies -seems silly to start another thread!)


13:32 Sunday 10th October 2004


Librarian's semi-naked protest

A librarian in India has vowed not to appear fully clothed at work until his job is made permanent

For the last two weeks, Achal Singh has attended to his duties while wearing
only underpants and one slipper.

The 43-year old, who works at a government library in Morena, Madhya Pradesh, is still a temporary employee, despite having worked there for 12 years.

Visitors to the library react with shock when they see the barely clad man hard at work, according to the Deccan Chronicle

Mr Singh said: "I belong to the backward caste. Hence my job has not been regularised. I will not wear clothes until I get justice."

wish i'd thought of this when i worked in a library!!)

Mal F
Nude Bush painting 'unsuitable'



11:08 Saturday 9th October 2004



Nude Bush painting 'unsuitable'

(picture shown at URL above)

A painting of President Bush in the nude has been taken down from a Washington DC museum.

Artist Kayti Didriksen painted Man of Leisure, King George, which was on display at the City Museum.

It is painted in the style of Edouard Manet's Olympia but Didriksen's version shows a nude Bush on a chaise lounge.

Vice President Dick Cheney stands nearby, holding a cushion with a crown and a miniature oil rig on it.

The painting was part of a show called Funky Furniture that was set up in the museum last week.

But the show, including the Bush painting, was abruptly shut down after some of the artists' themes were considered unsuitable.

Myra Peabody Gossens, a public relations consultant for the museum, said the exhibit was not what had been expected.

"The museum is not an art museum," she explained. "It gets mostly groups of children, with teachers trying to tell them something about history."


Mal F
Why the fuss?
I mean, we've already seen the genitals of the Governor of California..........:rolleyes:
Going for gold in Japan's nude Olympics

By Ryann Connell
Staff Writer

August 19, 2004

Higher, stronger, faster...barer???

While sports fans around the world turn their attention toward Athens, where the Olympics, the greatest sporting event of them all, are currently taking place, some Japanese athletes are baring more than their souls in the quest for gold, according to Asahi Geino (8/26).

There's little doubt the Olympics are an object of beauty. Competitors overcome years of arduous training and pressure while pushing their bodies beyond the limits to strive for gold.

Little is as fascinating as watching their muscles ripple and sweat fly as they go about their feats.

Soft on Demand, Japan's biggest adult movie company and producer of a wide range of flicks featuring stars in their natural state, is aiming to reproduce such thrills with its release today of "Zenra Supotsu Senshuken (All Nude Sports Championships)," the latest in its considerable repertoire of movies featuring people carrying out everyday events while entirely bereft of clothes.

"Zenra Supotsu Senshuken" features naked sportswomen displaying their skills at competitions such as athletics, volleyball, fencing, soccer and judo.

SOD has in the past produced similar sports meets where all the competitors are naked, but little attention has actually been paid to their athletic abilities.

This time, Asahi Geino notes, "Zenra Supotsu Senshu" is far more demanding of its stars, requiring them to have been either ranked within the top four of national schoolgirl rankings for their sport, and MVP in Prefectural high school championships or being the target of scouts for a possible professional sporting career.

Early on in "Zenra Supotsu Senshuken," the women's competitive skills are limited to activities more in line with SOD's normal business procedures, such as competing to determine who can inspire the fastest ejaculation through oral stimulation.

But, their competitive spirit comes to the fore when the real games begin and they are asked to display their sporting prowess.

Faces clearly show their commitment to winning, with victors openly gleeful and the tears shed by losers the real thing.

In addition, scenes where the women change in and out of their team uniforms are apparently included in the movie for added thrills.

Asahi Geino claims that "Zenra Supotsu Senshuken" is more erotic than simply watching women in the nude and more enjoyable than simply watching high quality sporting events.

In a Game of Shirts and Skins, They'd Be the Skins

Published: November 3, 2004

CLINTON, N.Y., Oct. 28 - At a rugby game at Middlebury College recently, cheerleaders had taken the field to urge on the home team with timeless perkiness when they were silenced by a drove of naked students running a parade line through the middle of the field. At Connecticut College, a tour of the campus was conducted in the typical formation, with the guide walking backward, pointing to everything from the library to the dean's office. The only wrinkle was that those taking the tour, both men and women, were without a stitch of clothes.

Both proved victories under the belt of a team that doesn't wear any.

At colleges across New England and upstate New York, a band of naked students from Hamilton College, who call themselves the school's varsity streaking team (and consider themselves undefeated and ranked No. 1 in the nation, though it is not clear - or even probable - that there is any competition), has been spotted tiptoeing through college libraries stark naked, forefingers on noses, advising people to shush and running down campus hills in a Flying V formation, also naked, flapping their arms and making "caw" noises.

Proudly describing themselves as more narcissists than naturalists, the streakers, most of whom say they are on the fringes of campus life and washouts from youth athletic programs, are not authorized in any way by Hamilton College or the N.C.A.A., and they obviously do not have the more common trappings of team play, like uniforms. All they come equipped with is deadpan humor and sneakers.

Theater of the absurd, meet intercollegiate sports.

The streaking at Hamilton started several years ago, but it was a more loosely aligned group that did most of its streaking on campus, generally during school events. But at some point in the last year - no one is sure precisely when - they had a collective brainstorm.

"We kept referring to ourselves as a team," said Craig Moores, a senior studio arts major, "and then it dawned on us that if we were truly a team, we'd have to have away games."

What constitutes victory when they play other colleges is open to some discussion. Pete Holzaepfel, a lanky and affable senior government major with political ambitions, said that on the one hand, if a member of the other school joins them in streaking, Hamilton loses, or at best plays to a draw. On the other hand, he added, he has ambivalence about this as an accurate measurement of performance, because as they streak they shout to encourage others to join in.

Matthew Himmel, a biology major in his senior year, said the essential element of a victorious streak is that it be done in front of a lot of people. "After all, if no one saw you, did you, in fact, streak?"

As eager as the team was to test its mettle at other schools, some of the roughly two dozen members admit that they went the route of intercollegiate sports only because streaking at Hamilton had grown stale. Alex Klivecka, a junior majoring in religious studies, said that even when he ran in a mask, people on the school's paths were greeting him by name.

The team members still streak their own campus on special occasions, but their focus has turned outward. The team spent fall break in early October together in a 30-foot recreational vehicle, streaking at all the schools in Hamilton's athletic league, the New England Small College Athletic Conference. Three team members were detained by the police at Wellesley, but they have not yet been charged.

"They kept asking us what cause we were streaking for," said Mr. Moores, "so we finally had to start throwing some causes out there, but look - we're just not nudists for Nader."

As with varsity football teams and even the marching band, an away game offers the opportunity for team members to bond on the road.

Mr. Holzaepfel, who said he had a creeping feeling that this is just the sort of youthful discretion that will get him in trouble on a future campaign trail, is currently trying, with his teammates, to formulate some sort of catch-all to explain away his actions.

Sean Tice, a junior who is majoring in both English and religious studies, said that talk also circled toward how philosophers like Heidegger might interpret their acts before coming to the realization that harnessing Heidegger to naked sprints in public seems, at best, a reach. Said Mr. Tice: "It's just getting an adrenaline rush without having to play two and a half hours of sports."

Lauren Thomsen, who started streaking only this year, as a senior, concurred. She said she was more than hesitant at first, though intrigued, and figured that in her last year and with a career in architecture, not politics, in front of her, she had little to lose and a liberating feeling to gain.

The team starts by arriving on campus and formulating a plan of attack while fully clothed, disguised as that school's students.

At Colgate recently, they first figured that they would run through the main portion of campus, and two floors of the student center, before going into the woods to undress.

Mr. Holzaepfel gave the team a pregame talk, though it was a short and modest one. The team was fearful of being caught, not to mention somewhat chilly.

Off they went, imploring Colgate students to strip (none did), and then back to their cars, which, as bad luck would have it, were parked in a lot next to a building where Colgate's president was holding a meeting.

"We've done a lot of bad planning historically," said Lydia Kiesling, a senior comparative literature major. "That's usually the X-factor."

The team was hemmed into the parking lot by three campus security vehicles, backed by the Hamilton Village police.

Andy Glossner, a junior chemistry major, looked ashen. If this police matter delayed him, he would miss an exam in physical chemistry, he wailed.

"Physical chemistry?" repeated Ms. Kiesling. "As opposed to what, mental chemistry?"

Jeff Verry, one of the campus security officers, was on his first day on the job. One gets the sense that if it were up to him, the streakers would go free.

"It was probably a bad judgment call," he said, "but you are only young once."

Another security officer offered paternal advice. "Next time," he told them, "think before you act."

"That's the problem," answered one of the streakers, "we did."

Then the Hamilton Village police charged everyone with disorderly conduct.

Nude death rampage

Teen's death after naked rampage baffles father

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Star-Ledger Staff

A 17-year-old Berkeley Heights boy ran naked across Route 22 Saturday, then crashed through a window of a Mountainside home and rampaged through the house. He collapsed, bleeding in the kitchen, and died at a hospital the next day, police said yesterday.

Police are trying to determine if Cole Barrier had been using drugs. They cited "a possible drug overdose" in a statement about the incident. Marijuana and a pipe used to smoke the drug were found at the Mountainside home where Cole had spent the afternoon, Police Chief James J. Debbie said.

However, Cole's father, Philip Barrier, insisted yesterday that his son was not a drug user, but enjoyed sports and hanging out with friends.

"There was never any indication that there was drugs," Barrier said. "Teenagers experiment with things, but how would I know what he did?"

At Governor Livingston High School, where he was a senior, Cole was known for his sense of humor, friends said. He joked he would make millions by frosting both sides of Frosted Mini-Wheat cereal.

"He liked to make anybody laugh," said 17-year old Ryan Miller, also a senior. "He could turn any bad situation into a good situation."

In honor of Cole, dozens of students donned their friend's preferred mode of dress yesterday, coming to class in loose-fitting pajama pants.

Cole loved making movies, writing the script and acting it out with friends, his father said. One comedy was dubbed "The Spleen That Ate Berkeley Heights."

The teen worked at Chimney Rock Inn, a family restaurant in Gillette, until Halloween night. Manager Steven Reyngoudt said his departure was mutually agreed upon.

Cole had been accepted to Alvernia College in Reading, Pa., his father said. He planned to study sports management.

Cole was in a good mood Saturday morning, his father said. He was clean shaven and dressed nicely. He kissed his mother good- bye at about 10:30 a.m., when his 20-year-old brother, Beau, drove him over to a friend's house on Brookside Road in Mountainside.

Within a few hours, something went wrong.

A little before 3 p.m., Cole streaked across the street into the home of a pregnant woman, police said. He allegedly assaulted her before tearing through her screen door. The teen continued through the neighborhood toward Route 22, police said.

As he sprinted across the roadway, he forced a car to stop, pounding on the hood. The woman driver called 911, saying there was a "wild-eyed and out-of-control" man attempting to steal her car, police said.

Cole's behavior alarmed so many that Mountainside's emergency system was flooded, sending 911 calls to neighboring Westfield and Scotch Plains, police said.

After he jumped the median, Cole darted up to an unoccupied ranch home set off from the roadway. He broke through a large bay window, setting off the home's alarm, police said.

Next door neighbor Maria Wasyliszya said she heard the alarm and went onto her backyard deck, which looks onto the house. While dialing 911, she watched Cole trying to get out of the house through a second pane of the bay window.

"He was hitting the window and then he fell out," Wasyliszya said. A few seconds later, he jumped through a third window pane, overturning potted plants.

"It was not a guy who came to rob, there was something wrong," Wasyliszya said of his frenzied behavior.

Robert and Catherine Ross were not home when Cole smashed into their living room. But they decided to stay in a hotel after seeing the mess.

"Right now the house is uninhabitable," Robert Ross said.

Cole was treated at the scene by the Mountainside Rescue Squad and Atlantic Health Care Paramedics. He was rushed to University Hospital in Newark, but died Sunday just before 8 a.m.

An autopsy is pending.

If people want to cycle around naked, fine. I don't care.

Probably wouldn't ask to borrow his bike though.