Objectophilia / Objectum Sexuality: Loving / Marrying Inanimate Objects


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Jul 19, 2004
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Even though this stunt doesn't involve a legal marriage, it's troubling because it indicates advertisers and promoters are willing to play the objectophilia card for publicity.
'I Dew': Fan to marry a can of Hard Mountain Dew in Vegas ceremony

Dew you love Mountain Dew enough to say "I Dew?"

If so, you could have a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas to get married this October... to a can of alcoholic Hard Mountain Dew.

Bachelors and Bachelorettes looking to wed an adult beverage must "express their undevoted love and passion for HARD MTN DEW in the form of an epically awesome proposal to be considered," a news release stated. ...

"To court the HARD MTN DEW can, fans must propose to HARD MTN DEW by sharing their love story and writing a legendary, personalized wedding proposal that shows the brand why they’re the “one” to spend a lifetime of happiness together," the news release stated. "Submissions will be scored based on imagination, originality, and most importantly, love of HARD MTN DEW." ...

The lucky winner will be flown to Las Vegas for a wedding ceremony at The Little Vegas Chapel. The fan and their new aluminum spouse will stay two nights in an "epic Vegas suite" and the wedding reception will be held at "one of Las Vegas's hottest clubs."

The winner will receive $1,000 and lots of HARD MTN DEW as a wedding present. ...

Mountain Dew partnered with the Boston Beer Company to produce cans of the 5% alcohol-by-volume Dew.

Those interested in proposing can do so at harddewido.com. The deadline to apply is Sept. 8.

"Submissions will be scored based on imagination, originality, and most importantly, love of HARD MTN DEW," the company stated.

No word on if the lucky winner will be allowed to drink their new spouse. The ceremony is not a legally binding marriage and people can still apply to marry the can if they currently have a spouse. ...
FULL STORY: https://thenationaldesk.com/news/fr...mountain-dew-bachelor-bachelorette-win-a-trip