Osama Bin Laden Read Dune


Gone But Not Forgotten
Jun 5, 2015
After noticing that the Youtube posting of the original 1984 David Lynch directed first Dune movie, I noticed that the year of the "Awakening" was in the year 10191. After seeing Jean Luc Picard, (the Actor, not the character), yelling out for Jihad, as the attacked, and destroyed the Empire with long Worms, that could still be "Piloted", carrying troops on the back, in rows, some with tripod mounted 50 caliber machine guns, suddenly it all became clear. The "Worms" of Arrakis are Jets, and the Awakening was on 9/11/01. If you read Dune, it uses all kinds of words straight from the Koran, and it calls for a Universe wide Jihad, to bring things back to a human level, to destroy all things modern. In the second Novel, Dune Messiah, The Afghanistan parrallel of Arrakis has a Mecca, and Muad'Dib, or Paul Arrakis, from another World, where he lived in plenty, but gave it up to move to a desert planet that had never been conquered, ever. The only analogy for arrakis, and the Fremen, are Afghanistan, that helped bring down the Roman Empire, the Sob.viet Empire, and the American, and British Empires. The Spice, is Opium. Just as Paul Atreides, or O.B.L. at 26 years old, put in charge of 20,000 Muhajjadin Soldiers in Afghanistan. So I have researched. The follow up book features a Mecca, and a Hajj on Dune, as well as Pilgrims. Muad'Dib is Martyred, but Jihadist kill over a trillion across the universe, with tactics such as their women throwing their babies at the Empires guns, then the Fremen would use knives to kill, always, if possible. A recent production of Dune made in France, and financed by Saudi's, has a nice music video, by Silverstrain, called Muad'Dibs Jihad. It's on youtube. Watch it, and there will be no doubt. Then, just yesterday, I read about an attempt to fight Al Qiada in Iraq, by paying local Sunni's to fight them, in a program code-named,"The Awakening" in 2006-2008. In the music video, they have Fremen dressed up as Afghan Mahajjadin, with Soviet era RPG's and AK 47's, waving banners written in blood, calling for Jihad. made in 2012, with fancy CGI graphics showing FreMen suicide pilots flying into CGI twin Towers, the second one hit just overlays the real 9/11 explosion over the CGI future buildings. It is pretty clear. The Awakening, on 10191? For Osama, it would only work for him on 9/11/01
You've thought about this, haven't you? Do you think that maybe you're seeing correspondences that pre-date the rise of OBL, and then others that purposely reflect it in order to establish context?

BTW Jean Luc Picard isn't an actor, but Patrick Stewart is.
I never got to grips with Dune - I read all 6 books in sequence, but something about them confused and disappointed me. In frustration, I gave them away via this website!
It's there but it never struck me as significant, beyond it being a case of cultural appropriation to give a coherent feel to things. One of the other "religious" bits is the Orange-Catholic Bible if I remember it right! :)
Patrick Stewart was in Dune?

On the books, I hated the first one when I read it. Then I tried it again a couple of years later and LOVED it. They get progressively worse and more weird as they go on though, the last one is just about unreadable.
Didn't they cut his part almost to nothing?
Ages since I've seen this but, he is in it close to the beginning training Paul Atreides how to use a knife and body shield. Whether he re-appears later I can't remember.
Doesn't Patrick Stewart go charging into battle with a pug under his arm?
He does, then he grows a mullet and becomes a pirate (no really).
Never knew that. It's a long time since I watched it but I'm a big fan of the guy so seems weird I never noticed him.

It's easy to be distracted by Kyle MacLachlan in his leather suit. :D

As I recall the theories about the book of old, the Spice was oil, CHOAM was OPEC and so on.
I've heard it suggested bin Laden read and was inspired by The Foundation novels. Though much of that seemed to be simply based on Al-Qaeda meaning the foundation in arabic.
I've heard it suggested bin Laden read and was inspired by The Foundation novels. Though much of that seemed to be simply based on Al-Qaeda meaning the foundation in arabic.
Osama Bin Seldon